Unusual ways to save fuel

By Gene Marshall,2014-11-29 17:22
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Unusual ways to save fuel

    Unusual ways to save fuel Cars

    This car has a lower cross sectional area perfect if you ride with a maximum of two persons.

The next is only in theory

    The list of mods are:

    1) Wiper delete

    2) Rear wheel skirts

    3) Front wheel skirts

    4) Boattail

    5) Side mirror delete

    6) Front boattial

    We will wait curiously for the outcome because its so much prettier that this one.

    If we look at some minor modifications we find this:

Going for studies we see similar:

    And guess what this design is found here in practice: Here is an older attempt:

    here is a bigger car of the same quality

    here I thought about Tigerente but ist called Tigergen

    If you like to improve details only: Some apply deflectors

    You might also close some gaps:

or do the cone

Some go sharky

    Going expensive you find this under hood pan


    As for trucks there is something in the pipeline too.

    Some are perfect for cylindrical semi trailers only.

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