Dimensions Fall 08 - Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group

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Dimensions Fall 08 - Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group

     Allegheny Hardwood

    Utilization Group, Inc.

    Fall 2008

    Quarterly Partnership Meeting The AHUG Wood & Lumber Partnership held it’s quarterly meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at the Red Fern in St. Marys. Project Manager, Amy Shields, welcomed all of the members. Amy reviewed the highlights from activities

     held in 2007/2008.

     The partnership membership has grown to 55, which includes 39 hardwood companies, 8 logging operations, 18 sawmills, 8 secondary processors, 7 education institutions, 9 service providers and 5 others. Plans for the 2008/2009 years were outlined. They include possible programs to be offered such as LEAN Manufacturing, FSC Certification, New Technology, Green Building, Integrated Trucking, Basic Skills and Employee benefits. The partnership will continue activities on career awareness and distribute the new career DVD.

     Amy urged members to take advantage of our new Career Display for career fairs, etc.

     The Human Resources Best Practices handbook, by Jenna P. Stites & Judd H. Michael has been completed. This handbook can be downloaded at the AHUG website, We are continuing work with the Lumber Heritage Region on the Career Ladder project. A Training Needs Survey had been sent out to members with several ideas coming back with training that was needed, such as NHLA Certification, Saw Filing, Hardwood Bucking Optimization Training, Welder Training, Combustible Dust Training,

     Stewardship Plan Writing, Supervisory and Management Training. Partners will be notified of specific dates and times for all training.

     The Partnership will hold quarterly meeting in February, May, August and November.

     Wood & Lumber Resources Seminar The AHUG Wood and Lumber Industry Partnership and the Northwest PA Industry Resource Center (NWIRC) co-sponsored a half-day Wood & Lumber Industry Resources Seminar on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at the Holiday Inn in Warren, Pa. The seminar brought presenters offering information, grant opportunities, and resources for programs specific to the industry. Topics included “LEAN for Lumber”, presented by Vic Bowser, CEO of Bowser Enterprises; “Energy Saving Opportunities”, by John Pletcher, Forest Products Technical Specialist with PennTap; “IT Programs”, by Susan Hileman of NWIRC, who substituted for Brad Moore, Director of Marketing of eBizITPA - Center for eBusiness and Advanced IT; and “FSC Certification”, by Jason Shuey, Forest Products Marketing Coordinator for PA Certified Forest Products Initiative of the Rainforest Alliance. Vic Bowser spoke about concepts in LEAN manufacturing and the steps necessary to build a high- performance organization. John Pletcher talked about how businesses can save a considerable amount of money by improving problem areas that relate to compressed air, boilers, steam, hot water, pipes, lights, and motors. He also distributed a handout with potential funding sources for energy assessments that are available through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Susan Hileman explained how eBizITPA links talent, technology, and expertise of regional colleges and universities with their client companies in need of IT solutions. Barb Conti, from Matson Lumber, was on hand to give testimony on how well the program worked for her company. And lastly, Jason Shuey described the process companies undergo to become FSC Certified and he also sparked a discussion on green building and LEED’s credits for wood products. Amy Shields of St. Mary’s Lumber stated how becoming FSC Certified has influenced her company. If you are interested in any of the presentations, they have been made available on the NWIRC website by

    going to and clicking on “Resources”.


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