Computer-aided biological experiment in the teaching of_603

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Computer-aided biological experiment in the teaching of_603

Computer-aided biological experiment in the teaching of


     First, the significance of teaching computer-aided

    biology experiment

     Second, computer-aided teaching of biological

    characteristics of experimental

     Third, computer-aided teaching biology experiment should pay attention to the problem

     Key Words

     Computer-aided biological experiment


     Biology is an experimental basis in the natural sciences, experimental teaching in the classroom teaching occupies an important position. With the continuous improvement of teaching conditions, many schools are equipped with advanced multimedia computer classrooms, a modern teaching method is very easy to enter the classroom. Biological experiments using computer-assisted instruction can help students develop biological concepts, understanding and mastery of biological

    knowledge, to develop students of observation, attention and thinking ability. Practice has proved that, the computer will become the experimental teaching students an important way.

     First, the significance of teaching computer-aided

    biology experiment.

     The 21st century is information technology and biotechnology, the rapid development of a century in all areas

    of the community will have a profound impact. Computer can help teachers to conduct biological experiments in teaching

    activities, through a network of modern biology to help students to consolidate knowledge and to stimulate their interests, mobilize the enthusiasm of students, training students the basic skills test, and improve the students to explore and innovation.

     1, the consolidation of biology.

     Biological experiments are divided into two categories: exploratory experiments and validation experiments. Exploratory experiment is for students to explore the unknown world of the activity; validation experiments for students to

    research a certain understanding of the object and put forward the hypothesis after hypothesis for the proposed experiments confirmed the theory. In biological experiments carried out in the majority of teaching is to verify in nature. Computer

    experiments demonstrate a remarkable feature of intuitive, it can be difficult to help students understand abstract knowledge and concrete, figurative, to enable students through observation, using a variety of sensory access to perceptual

    knowledge, and then, on this basis, by teachers to explain to form a correct concept and grasp the knowledge points, students understand and accept them much easier.

     2, to stimulate their interests, mobilize the enthusiasm of the students.

     Interest is the best teacher, students are only learning has a strong interest in biology, will produce motivation to learn, put all the passion, relish in love with biology. Using computer technology to simulate the natural world, life and physical biology some of the rules, resulting in a variety of real world phenomena similar to or directly on nature of life phenomena, reproduced the experiment for students to observe. In this way, than teachers scripted, be applied mechanically to better stimulate students interest, mobilize the enthusiasm of students, the students attention and observation, there will be significantly increased.

     3, training students the basic skills of biological experiments.

     Students must master certain experimental skills in order

    to ensure the successful completion of the experiment. Therefore, teachers are conducting the experiment time, with a purpose and a plan to develop students basic skills. In most cases, biological experiments are the first be the teaching of

    teachers in the process of demonstration experiment on the podium to introduce the experimental attention of the problem and then action by the students. However, due to the lab is too large, too small experimental apparatus limitations, teachers can not cover everything in the demo, there will always cover the part of the students to observe the line of sight, students can not clearly see that the experiment will be impossible to regulate land operation of experiments. Application of computer technology, the standard course of the

    experiment made courseware, larger images, all-round display,

    students can clearly see the whole experiment, and can master the standardized operating procedures. In this way, not only to train the students the basic skills of biological

    experiments, but also for biology students to further study has laid a solid foundation.

     4, to improve the ability of students to explore and innovate.

     To stimulate students to analyze a fact of life or phenomena, to develop students ability to innovate is the

    quality of the education requirement. Many biologists, the results are also predecessors have experienced numerous times after the acquired exploration and research. The use of computer-based exploration activities are entirely different

    from the traditional teaching of exploration, he asked students to independently search for, collect and organize relevant information, presented in specific content areas assumptions and expectations, looking for material to simulate the experimental operation, test hypotheses, thus access to biological principles. In this way for the students sound scientific quality, strong willpower, the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts have an important role.

     Second, computer-aided biological characteristics of

    experimental teaching.

     The traditional biological experimental teaching mode is programmed, standardized teaching model, although this

    teaching to meet the educational needs, but greatly restricted the freedom of students, ignoring the student's own

    initiative, is not conducive to individualized education and the cultivation of the spirit of innovation. Compared with computer-aided instruction, with its own unique


     1, intuitive.

     Biology is a very profound subject, its development based on a variety of experiments. However, by the school conditions, we are unable to understand the changes in micro-

    biological body, and this change is a static wall charts, the model can not interpret. The use of computer technology, the

    meat looks less than the micro-biological phenomena, with

    dynamic graphics displayed, intuitive greatly enhanced, and the experiment a clear result at a glance. For example, the use of animation of plant stem phototropism experiments. In

    the unilateral light irradiation, growth hormone from the light side to the backlight side of the transfer, making a much backlight at the side of the distribution of auxin, backlight side of the longitudinal elongation of the cells faster, resulting in a fast-growing stem toward lateral

    bending, also towards the light source side of the bend. This vivid visual teaching methods provides students with a wealth of perceptual knowledge, which has strong appeal, can greatly stimulate student interest.

     Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2, time-saving nature.

     High school biology experiment is time-a relatively

    strong form of teaching, which requires an experiment as much as possible in a certain period of time. Without prejudice to

    the premise of teaching effectiveness, we must give due consideration to choose time-saving approach. For a long time

    span test, and sometimes can only observe a part of the experiment. In this way, not only help students to master the entire experimental process, is not conducive to students to develop a whole way of thinking. Some classic experiments to develop students thinking for the very helpful, but it is very difficult to reproduce the process, it is impossible to conduct the laboratory in secondary schools. The use of

    computer technology to enable it to reproduce. For example, Mendel's hybridization experiments, the real test after eight years of time and using a computer simulation of the process will be out within a few minutes can be reproduced. In this

    way, only to allow the students to some extent, "experienced" the experiment, but also perceptions of science development is a difficult and winding journey.

     3, repeatability.

     The key step is the design of experiments must be

    repeatable experiment, while the experimental courseware happens to meet this requirement. For example, the observation of onion root tip mitosis of the experiment, the experiment can be designed courseware, using mouse clicks instead of the experiment, and micro-photography and animation technology

    integration to various periods of mitotic chromosomes characterized by the gradual change in broadcast Teachers can be retrieved at any time, students can be repeatedly observed, repeated practice, and can judge for themselves the extent of

    knowledge to master. In this way the experimental application of a wide range of review, but more obvious results.

     4, low-cost nature.

     The computer has a huge storage capacity and reliable, fast and accurate calculation of processing power, repetitive but variable working methods and a variety of human-computer

    interaction function. Experiment using the computer-assisted

    teaching system, you can create a variety of situations, providing a large number of experimental tools to establish a

    fully functional laboratory, its functions and settings on the sound experiment is more perfect than the average, its cost and the maintenance of the economy have greatly reduced. And the computer can also direct simulation experiments, in

    particular, a number of costly or impossible to simulate in the laboratory to complete experiments. This feature saves a lot of manpower, material resources, thereby reducing the cost of teaching.

     3, computer-assisted biological experiments should pay

    attention to the problem.

     1, strictly designed to ensure scientific accuracy.

     In biological teaching, we should ensure that the use of computer courseware content no scientific errors, it is to use the courseware a basic requirement. Biology is real life of

    the individual, in displaying these creatures exist objectively, we must pay attention to authenticity. Photos of plants and animals must use in-kind photographs, but do not

    use art photos; for micro-biological phenomena, need to adopt

    the model to enlarge and to license or microscope equipped with in-kind photographs, so as not to mislead the students. Experiments in the design process, to use the appropriate test equipment, laboratory materials and experimental methods to

    make presentations more effective results significantly. On the possible effects of experimental factors and the different experimental results, we should fully estimate that full consideration and requested the students to analyze the causes of a scientific attitude, find the answer by taking into account to ensure scientific accuracy.

     2, strengthen management, close attention to the students.

     The computer is an infinite variety of machines, it can be for students of imagination and creativity to provide

    unlimited space. However, when students are attracted by its novelty, mystery of the laments, they will gradually revel in this microscopic world, and forget the original intention. Thus, in the use of computer-aided experiments, teachers

    should teach students how to advance the proper use of computer animation and design background to select the appropriate time, the color should not be too bright, the sound will not be too harsh, teachers must strictly control the rhythm of a good experiment, where appropriate, When

    stopped, allow students to analyze and discuss.

     3, appropriate use, do not replace the experimental courses.

     Although the computer-aided experimental teaching has

    many advantages, but it can only be a part of the teaching

    experiment is a strong complement to experiment. It can build a platform for experimental teaching and provide any necessary experimental apparatus, but it is not a substitute for experimental courses. Biology is an experimental discipline,

    any analog and assumptions are not a substitute fresh experimental materials, such as the operation of experimental equipment did not come true. Therefore, computer-aided

    teaching, while doing a good job should be based on the teaching requirements, to actively create conditions to

    strengthen the teaching of biological experimental courses.

     In summary, computer-assisted biological experiments will be implemented play a better role in the teaching experiment, to achieve the desired purpose and effect of teaching so that

    students really love biology, fell in love with biology.


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