HR 35 Application for approval to undertake outside work

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HR 35 Application for approval to undertake outside work

    Before undertaking paid outside work, members of staff Once completed the document should be filed in the must complete this form and have it approved by their staff members personal file with local Human Resources. Head of Department. Detailed guidelines on paid outside Enquiries regarding this form can be made to local work can be found at: Human Resources.

    All fields on this form which are marked with an asterisk

    (*) are mandatory.


    Employee No Academic Level

    Family Name Given Names

    Organisation Unit


    NOTE: Approval must be sought for all paid outside work proposed to be undertaken by a full time or part time

    academic staff member which is associated in some way with his or her employment with the University of Melbourne. Short explanation of nature of

    work to be undertaken

    Dates on which work will be


    Please advise any conflict of interest that may arise

    between the proposed work and your duties for the

    University. Please specify proposed arrangements to manage the conflict.


     I have the necessary insurance and level of insurance cover in place for professional indemnity and third party liability to provide cover for the nature of the outside work I propose to undertake. I agree these will remain in

    force for such time as is necessary to maintain cover, including “run off” insurance. I agree to provide a certificate of currency as required. OR

     Alternate arrangements for insurance cover as approved by the Vice-Principal and General Counsel are in

    place.(Approval attached)

    4. TIME RELEASE (Full-time academic staff only)

    I seek time release of days to undertake paid outside work

    The following arrangements have

    been made to cover my teaching or

    other duties

    Time commitment from to

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    I acknowledge that I am undertaking the paid outside work in my personal capacity and not in my capacity as an employee or agent of the University. In consideration of the University agreeing to my application for approval to undertake paid outside work, I acknowledge that I have no claim or rights enforceable against the University now or in the future arising as a result of any injury, accident, illness, death or damage to or loss of property suffered by me or members of my family or persons for whom I am otherwise legally responsible. I fully and unconditionally release, to the extent permitted by law, the University from any such liability should it transpire for any reason that such a claim or right is enforceable by me against the University on any basis whatsoever.

    I have fully assessed and understood the personal and legal liability risks, where relevant, associated with my undertaking this paid outside work, and I have been given an opportunity to obtain independent professional and other

    advice where I have considered it necessary or appropriate to do so, including any governmental warnings or advices relating to travel to foreign destinations.

    Signature of Date



    The Head of Department may approve time release of up to 13 days per quarter

     The work to be undertaken is compatible with the professional status of the applicant

     Time release being sought will not interfere with the proper discharge of the applicant’s University duties

    And, either/or:

     There is no conflict of interest between the work to be undertaken and the applicant’s University duties.

     There is a conflict of interest between the work to be undertaken and the applicant’s University duties and the

    following arrangement have been made to manage that conflict:

     Arrangements have been made for any proposed use of University facilities, equipment or services and will be

    charged to the applicant in accordance with University policy.

     All necessary insurance, indemnity and third party release arrangements are in place and, where necessary, have

    been cleared with the Vice-Principal and General Counsel.

     The work proposed is consistent with the staff member’s obligations under the University’s Intellectual

    Property policies.

    Signature of Name

    Head of Dept

    Date (Level 2 Delegation)

    7. APPROVAL BY DEAN (where applicable)

    The Dean must approve all applications for time release which are for more than 13 days per quarter which

    are averaged over two quarters. Deans have the delegation to approve paid outside work for Heads of Departments.

    The Provost has the delegation to approve paid outside work for Deans.

    Signature Name

    of Dean

    Date (Level 3 Delegation)


    Information collected on this form will become part of It will be stored securely and only used or released in

    your employment record. accordance with the University’s privacy policy which is

    available from:

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