Health professionals willing to undertake clinical supervision in

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Health professionals willing to undertake clinical supervision in

    Call for Expressions of Interest

    ‘2010 Working with Learners’ Program

    To increase health workforce capacity, the Department of Health has funds available in 201011 to assist Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) within Victoria to host more student placements.


    Workplace learning is an essential part of training for all health students. It supports the development of clinical skills, professional orientation and integrated learning. The ‘Working

    with learners’ program is intended to help people working in ACCHOs/ACCOs develop their skills in helping learners learn.

    Hands on clinical experience of working in an ACCHO/ACCO is one of the most effective ways of learning the cultural ways and issues of Aboriginal people within their local community. More students who can complete their placement in an ACCHO/ACCO may result in more qualified people choosing a career in Aboriginal health and well-being. The program will also build capacity within the ACCHOs/ACCOs, improve job satisfaction and assist in keeping existing staff.

    Feedback from various completed projects and consultations undertaken by the department has identified that the availability of appropriate supervision is a significant barrier to clinical training capacity.


    The aims of the program are to:

    ; provide opportunities for skills development for health and primary care staff, from

    Aboriginal Health Workers, medical, nursing and allied health, within ACCHOs/ACCOs by

    providing up to $10,000 per organisation in funding

    ; support training at all levels, from basic to advanced

    ; increase the number of ACCHO/ACCO primary care staff undertaking supervision training

    and supervising clinical/student placements

    ; increase the number of students undertaking clinical placements in ACCHOs/ACCOs ; improve students understanding of Aboriginal Health issues and working with Aboriginal


    ; strengthen capacity of ACCHOs/ACCOs to accommodate student placements through

    small infrastructure improvements such as computers, desks and medical equipment. Scope

    As different supervision and teaching skills may be relevant at each stage of a health professional’s career, this funding will support training at differing levels of supervision competence. Options include local workshops, single accredited units or full qualification courses. The program will also consider ideas related to other methods of professional development delivery. Funds are also available to support small infrastructure improvements.


    It is expected that this funding will initiate or increase the capacity of ACCHOs/ACCOs to host student placements. An application can be from more than one ACCHO in a joint training arrangement and can include mainstream partners.

    Funding must be used to facilitate the completion of an identified course that will improve the health worker’s ability to teach, supervise, assess and/or develop course programs in a professional environment. The grants may be used to pay for:

    ; course fees

    ; study resources (books, e-resources)

    ; study leave

    ; accommodation and/or travel expenses

    ; backfill for the participating learner.

    Which health clinicians are eligible to access the training?

    The health clinicians undertaking supervision training must be:

    ; currently employed by an ACCHO/ACCO organisation for a minimum of 15 hours a week on

    a regular basis

    ; qualified in their area of employment or clinical practice

    ; interested in and committed to participating in a supervision training program ; prepared and willing to undertake supervision responsibilities.

Please see Attachment 1 for examples of relevant training programs.

    Selection criteria

    Expressions of interest will be assessed initially by the department in relation to how well each proposal meets the aims of the program. Following this initial assessment, shortlisted organisations will be contacted to discuss project proposals and budgets further. Endorsed proposals will then be subject to consideration and approval by the department. Submitting expressions of interest

    Applications using Attachment 2 must be submitted to:

    2010 Working with Learners’ Program

    Sue Davey

    Sector Workforce Planning Unit

    Department of Health

    Level 16, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000

    Phone: (03) 9096 7869

    Facsimile: (03) 9096 9190


The closing date for applications is Monday 22 November 2010

    Further information can be obtained by contacting Ms Davey by phone or email as above.


    Attachment 2





    Contact person:


    Postal address:


    Email address:

*Name of Trainee (if


    Current position/role

    of trainee:

    Changes to role that

    training will enable:

    Eg: Professional Supervision Workshop Name of Qualification

    to be undertaken

    Name of intended

    Registered Training

    Organisation to

    provide training:

    Please note:

    ; Multiple trainees may be included in one application. Repeat the table above for each

    trainee. Maximum grant per Organisation is $10,000.

    ; Limited small infrastructure grants of up to $15,000 (per organisation) may be available

    for organisations prepared to host clinical placements. If applicable please itemise

    equipment (such as desks, computer or medical equipment) in the budget section



Selection Criteria

    Please provide a statement addressing the selection criteria in 400 words or less.


    Item Total Cost

    (including GST)








    Add additional rows as required.

Please indicate which financial year you anticipate you will expend the funds

201011 ? 201112 ?

Application approved by Manager/CEO

    ______________________ ____________________ ____________________ Name and title Signature date

    Closing date for applications is Monday 22 November 2010

Please submit completed application forms via email to:

For assistance in completing this form or any queries please contact Ms Davey on:

    (03) 9096 7869.


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