Authentidate to provide web-based healthcare documentation process

By Lillian Freeman,2014-06-17 04:17
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Authentidate to provide web-based healthcare documentation process ...

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    Authentidate to provide web-based healthcare documentation process to LifeCare Solutions

    24. August 2009 08:59 Authentidate Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: ADAT), a worldwide provider of secure Health Information Exchange and workflow management services, today announced that LifeCare Solutions, Inc., a leading Western U.S. provider of home healthcare services and medical equipment, selected Authentidate's Inscrybe(TM) Healthcare web-based service to simplify completion of healthcare documentation with physicians. "We believe that Inscrybe will help us to enhance communications with our referring physicians while accelerating the completion of healthcare documentation for services, equipment and supplies for their patients," said Tom Robbins, President and CEO at LifeCare Solutions. "We look for systems like Inscrybe that streamline operations, reduce costs and support the growth of our business." Inscrybe Healthcare facilitates information exchange with referring physicians for a wide range of healthcare transactions and care documents required for the authorization of medical equipment and patient care. The web-based service automates manual workflow processes and efficiently tracks the status of those communications, reducing the approval cycle time with referring physicians. The streamlined workflows improve the efficiency of clinical and administrative processes, reducing costs while reinforcing best practices.

    As a web-based platform, Inscrybe is inherently scalable and easy to implement, providing for business expansion at minimal cost. And Inscrybe Healthcare can also interface with billing and clinical EMR systems to further reduce errors and costs of transaction processing.

    "Inscrybe Healthcare will help LifeCare Solutions to accelerate and manage care documentation for medical equipment and services for patients. The best-in-class workflow efficiencies and enhanced communications capabilities of Inscrybe help to build community and loyalty between providers like LifeCare and their referral sources," said Zachary Madrigal, Director of Sales Western Region at Authentidate. Source:


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