Helping at home

By Debbie Ramos,2014-09-16 16:01
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Helping at home

    一、 Teaching analysis: This lesson is from Foreign Language

    Teaching and Research Press Book 5. The content center on

    helping at home spread out. This unit mainly tells us

    housework and asks for or offer help. We will use listening,

    speaking and writing to study this knowledge.

     This lesson is aimed at grade 5. Students

    in grade 5 have more powerful understanding. So the teacher

    should not only teach the content of the book, but also can

    teach them grammar. This lesson we have too much words, so

    we can do more games and practice.

    二、 Teaching aims: Knowledge: Grasp the new words and review

    the words we have learned. Speak some normal English.

     Technical ability: Use the sentences of asking

    for help and offering help.

     Emotion: Instruct students help their parents

    do much housework. Deepen their relationship.

    三、Teaching keys and difficulties: Important sentences: Can I help?

    Can you……? How do you help at home? I...

     Difficulties: Too much new words and phrases. Use and

    understand nouns with its plural forms.

    四、 Teaching strategies: The instruction method. The interpreting

    method. The talking method. The practicing method. Activity

    and homework method.

    五、 Teaching tools: Tape, pictures and cards.

    六、 Teaching time: Forty minutes.

    七、 Teaching steps:

    1. Leading in: 1) ask students a question: In the family, what do

    you do at home? E.g. read a book, clean house, do my

    homework, watch TV, set the table, put away my books, pick

    up the trash, etc.

    2) Look at the picture one on page 51. Let students answer

    what they can see in the picture. Write the words they learned

    on the blackboard. Let students read after me. Then ask

    students questions in the book.

    3) Look at the picture two. Ask one student go to stage and fill

    in the blackboard. Other students answer me and write in the




     2. Pretentions and practices: 1) ask a question: How do you help

    at home? Listen to the tape. Let students try.



     2) Study the first dialog. Look at the first picture. We can see

    Mei Ling and grandmother are in the kitchen. What are they say?

    Mei Ling say: Can I help? This sentence teaches us how to offer

    help. 主动去帮助。Grandma answer: OK. Can you wash the

    dishes? This sentence is the way of asking for help. 要求别人

    帮助。 Except wash the dishes, we also can say wash the

    vegetables/clothes/a red scarf. Let students spell these new

    words. Read after me!

     3) Study the second dialog. Look at the second picture. We can

    see Mei Ling is washing the dishes. Mei Ling asks Dongdong:

    How do you help at home? Dongdong answer: I water the

    plants. Then Mei Ling says: Can you sweep the floor? Except

    water the plants and sweep the floor, we should know other

    housework. E.g. dust the furniture, fold the clothes. Spell and

    read them.

     4) Teach students grammars. 集体名词!clothes, furniture,

    people, family. 不可数名词!milk, water, bread, food. 特殊的

    单复数同形!sheep, people, fish.

     5) Ask three students act the dialog. One student act Dongdong.

    One act Mei Ling. Let three groups play the dialogs. ?设计意图!情景表演可以巩固知识,增强学生记忆力?

     6) Listen to the tape and answer my question: Whats

    Dongdong doing? Let students try. Study the dialogs. When we

    ask how someone is, we can say: Hows everyone? Other

    sentences they have learnt before. Ask two students act the

    dialogs. Two group. Read after the tape.

     7) Let students review what we have learnt.

     Play a game. Ask students act the behaviors, let others guess. If

    students can guess it, I will give this student a picture.


    八、 Summary: New words: dish, water, plant, sweep, floor,

    vegetable, clothes, scarf, everyone, dust, furniture, fold.

     New phases: water the plant, dust the furniture,

    fold the clothes, and sweep the floor.

     New sentences: Can I help? Can you…….?

     How do you help at home? I……. Hows everyone?

    九、 Homework: 1. Offer help to parents. Prepare a paper and write

    down how you help at home. Who do the best, I will give

    students presents.

    2. Prepare for the next lesson.

    八、Blackboard design:


     Lesson 1 words I know

    dishes water the plants 集体名词!clothes, furniture, people, family Can I help? a photo

    vegetables sweep the floor 不可数名词! milk, bread Can you wash the dishes? a comic book

    clothes dust the furniture water, food How do you help at home? shoes

    a red scarf fold the clothes 特殊单复数同形!sheep, I water the plants. a guitar

     people, fish Hows everyone? a hat

    十、 Teaching thinking: From three classes, I think when teach

    students we should use many ways let them take part in. If

    students foundations are very solid, teacher can teach them

    more grammars.

    十一、The advices of guider : 1. Let students spell the words twice.

    2. Pay attention to the pronunciation of wash.

    3. Each class has different situation, so you should use different


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