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Approach Archive Index 1990s ...

    Author Issue Title

    Hogue, William L. Jan 1990 Bravo Zulu Worthington, J.R. Jan 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Jan 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Nelson, J.R. Cdr. Jan 1990 Bravo Zulu None Jan 1990 1989 Approach Index Livingston, Donald Jan 1990 Bravo Zulu Edwards, Mark Ltjg Jan 1990 Bravo Zulu Boal, David Lt. Jan 1990 Fire In The Cockpit Washington, Glen L Jan 1990 Who Turned Out The Lights? Joslin, R.E. Capt. Jan 1990 Moments From Disaster-Part Ii Ballard, Jay C. En Jan 1990 Cleared For Chaos Graham, Carl Lt. Jan 1990 Body Fod Schork, J.F. Cdr. Jan 1990 Guest Editorial-Mr. Murphy Was An Aviator Mellecker, Dan Lt. Jan 1990 Only The Spare Roorda, T.J. Lt. Jan 1990 "The Chaplain Is Coming Over To See You" White, Timothy A. Jan 1990 Good Habits Don't Kill Sadlowski, M.E. Lt Jan 1990 Separation, Not Slamming Liske, Hans P. Lt. Jan 1990 In The Dirt At The Edge Of The Envelope Pernotto, Ed Capt. Jan 1990 How To Write For Approach Magazine Loriz, Mike Lt. Jan 1990 Birdstrike Weekend Driver, Paul Lt. Jan 1990 Non-Standard Ops Giddings, Gavin J. Jan 1990 The Trees Got Much Larger

    Sandberg, Steven L Feb 1990 Stab Of The Hornet Segars, Scott Lt. Feb 1990 Rag To Riches?...Not Always Burge, J.K. Ltjg. Feb 1990 Bingo:It's Not A Game Bolcar, J.A. Cdr. Feb 1990 Heck, I Always Wanted To See The St. Louis Arch, Peters, Mark Lt. Feb 1990 Charlie On The Ball Herbig, James Lcdr Feb 1990 Piece Of Cake Hudsspeth, Gary Cd Feb 1990 Don't Get Hosed Baker, E.G. Lt. Feb 1990 Tanker's Turn For Trouble Hale, Miles Lt. Feb 1990 Expect The Unexpected: It Will Keep You Out Of Th Jennings, Neil Lt. Feb 1990 Have You Got A Loose Rung? Ingersoll, John Lc Feb 1990 The Missing Link Walker, T.J. Lt. Feb 1990 Late Night Confessions Vasina, Scott Lt. Feb 1990 Tanker Or Target? Killing, Paul Lt. Feb 1990 When Is A Bingo Not A Bingo? Defy, Ed Lt. Feb 1990 What Tanker Pilots Hate Bowden, Brian Lt. Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Feb 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Rohde, Todd Aw3 Hs Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Gallagher, Greg Lt Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Jones, Robert Ens. Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu None Feb 1990 1989 Approach Writing Awards Renninger, J.B. Cd Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Garver, Mark Awaa Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Lawson, Neal Aw1 Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu Bridgham, Henry Lt Feb 1990 Bravo Zulu

    Mcgarath, Pat Lcdr Mar 1990 This One'll Kill You! But Seriously... Dolan, T.J. 1stlt. Mar 1990 Brief The Crew Chief Wallis, L.A. Lcdr. Mar 1990 My Mercy Mission Cain, Phillp Capt. Mar 1990 Six Inches From Being Heroes Mccormack, Brian J Mar 1990 The "Brakes" Of Naval Air Johnson, Randy Lt. Mar 1990 Helos Never Bingo.

    Tooker, W. Michael Mar 1990 Preflight...Again Service, Bruce E. Mar 1990 Stallion In The Canyon Dreyer, Royce Ltjg Mar 1990 A Matter Of Trust Downs, Jr. Lawrenc Mar 1990 The Best Pilot In The Squadron Macconnell, A. Rus Mar 1990 A Det Oinc's Nightmare Palermo, Joseph S. Mar 1990 Dome De Dome Dome! Tribbie, M.K. Lt. Mar 1990 When The Giant Fan Stops, Or Spasmodic Shudders A Bader, John T. Lcd Mar 1990 Good Winds, Bad Winds Winchell, James Cp Mar 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Mar 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Story, Douglas Cpl Mar 1990 Bravo Zulu Ebert, Joe Lt. Mar 1990 Bravo Zulu Drake, David O. Ca Mar 1990 Bravo Zulu Rouse, Michael Aw2 Mar 1990 Bravo Zulu

    Miller, Thomas H. Apr 1990 Reflections Shepard, Jr. Alan Apr 1990 Reflections Cunningham, Randal Apr 1990 Reflections Driscoll, William Apr 1990 Reflections Engen, Donald D. V Apr 1990 Reflections Feightner, E.L. Ra Apr 1990 Reflections Bush, George H. W. Apr 1990 Reflections Glenn, Jr. John H. Apr 1990 Reflections Stockdale, James B Apr 1990 Reflections Hauck, Frederick C Apr 1990 Reflections

    Mikko, Troy Cpl. U Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu None Jun 1990 Letters Carroll, Ward Lt. Jun 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Starnes, George Lc Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Kauphusman, Jetty Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Gonzalex, Frank Aw Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Conway, Gregory En Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Dahl, Mark W. 1stl Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Davin, William J. Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu Jones, Herb Sgt. U Jun 1990 Bravo Zulu None Jun 1990 Anymouse Abel, Edwrd G. Lcd Jun 1990 The Elevator Approach Clawson, John A. A Jun 1990 A Numbers Game Lillard, John Lcdr Jun 1990 Egress Under Duress Taylor, Pete Capt. Jun 1990 I Wonder If Willard, Robert Cd Jun 1990 The Briefer Knows Something You Don't Lindstrand, C.E. L Jun 1990 Nugget Indoc Yukish, Michael Lt Jun 1990 Aborted Takeoffs The Hard Way Lewis, Timothy B. Jun 1990 Those To Whom I Give Thanks (On A Black Night) Cooper, Gary T. Lt Jun 1990 We've Lost The Ship Benkert, F.M. Lcdr Jun 1990 Is Your Pre-Mishap Plan Working? Sanford, C.E. Lt. Jun 1990 Pinned! Benson, Mark Lt. Jun 1990 Landing Checklist: Don't Say It Again, Do It Agai Bason, Robert Cdr. Jun 1990 What You Don't See Can Kill You Carroll, Ward Lt. Jun 1990 The Shadown Knows Or How Do You Like Us So Far? Darby, Mike Lcdr. Jun 1990 Killer Cockpit Fod

    Peters, John Lt. Jul 1990 Third Time's A Charm Schrader, Bob Lt. Jul 1990 Jbd Strike! Henderson, William Jul 1990 Hoover Horror Roorda, Tim Lt. Jul 1990 Just Hangin' Out

    Bruce, Rich Lcdr. Jul 1990 Decision To Eject-Made In Advance Cowan, George L. L Jul 1990 The Viking Can Kill You, Too! None Jul 1990 Wild Ride Kerber, Charles W. Jul 1990 Out Of The Lion's Mouth Conn, Michael Lt. Jul 1990 Know Your Priorities Bodine, George Lt. Jul 1990 Choosing Life Ruth, Mike Cdr. Jul 1990 Soggy Milk Run Liptak, Chris Lt. Jul 1990 The Worst Day Of My Life Morris, "Magic" Cd Jul 1990 One Last Loss Of S.A. Mann, Tracy Aw2 Jul 1990 Oh, My God! Eject! Eject! Bayes, H.S. Lcdr. Jul 1990 Night Landing Ejection None Jul 1990 Anymouse Carroll, Ward Lt. Jul 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix None Jul 1990 Letters Waddingham, Phil L Jul 1990 Bravo Zulu Graham, Jeffrey Lt Jul 1990 Bravo Zulu Ditullio, Peter C. Jul 1990 Bravo Zulu Coker, Al Capt. Us Jul 1990 Bravo Zulu Gardner, Murray A. Jul 1990 Bravo Zulu

    Hodges, John Lt. Aug 1990 Cruiser's Rules Danielson, Mark Lc Aug 1990 A Midair Donch, James Lcdr. Aug 1990 Requiem For A Naval Aviator Fox, Lenny Lcdr. Aug 1990 A Tale Of Two Ready Rooms Reid, John Cdr. Aug 1990 Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery Shaulis, John Lt. Aug 1990 How To Screw Up A Throttle Bonsak, S.M. Amec( Aug 1990 Playing Russian Roulette Glaeser, Karl Lt. Aug 1990 A Passenger Brief Saved My Life None Aug 1990 Callsign: "Baggage" Mccormack, Patrick Aug 1990 How We Bombed Our Playmate Worthington, J.R. Aug 1990 Safety Is Paramount! Oh, Really? Mcgown, Doug Lt. Aug 1990 Gloc? No, Nordo Cossette, Ted Lt. Aug 1990 The Lso Has Control Petri, David Lt. Aug 1990 The Best Slider I Ever Had West, Wilk O. Lt. Aug 1990 Heavy Weather Ridley, Frank Lt. Aug 1990 What's In A Call Sign? Driver, Paul Lt. Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu Mccarty, Kevin Lt. Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu Potter, Jimmie L. Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu Mcbride, Eugene T. Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Aug 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Lukas, J.M. Capt. Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu Whisman, Eric At1 Aug 1990 Bravo Zulu

    Payne, Steve Ens. Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Williams, Rush Lt. Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Joller, Walt Cdr. Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Muir, J.L. Lt Va-7 Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Wheelus, Jr. Charl Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Eggemeyer, Larry A Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Sep 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Goodly, Baxter Lt. Sep 1990 Bravo Zulu Hunt, Jeffrey Ltjg Sep 1990 Needles To The Moon Wheeler, R.P. Lcdr Sep 1990 Back In The Saddle Again Hunt, Peter Lt. Sep 1990 Breaking Down The Plane Captains Howe, Dave Lt. Sep 1990 Be The Laser Oliver, Gordon Lt. Sep 1990 Touring The Canadian Northwest, Eh?

    Lso Class 3-89 Sep 1990 Rig The Barricade! Dailey, Steve Lcdr Sep 1990 What Should We Tell Them? Walker, T.J. Lt. Sep 1990 A Gene Kelly Kind Of Day Lefon, Carroll Lt. Sep 1990 They're Both Ugly! Varland, Guy L. Lc Sep 1990 "Brief On Guard. Everything Else Is Sop" Disher, Eric Lt. Sep 1990 Are You Comfortable, Yet? Smith, Andrew Bilt Sep 1990 The Right Side Of The Island Worthington, J. Cd Sep 1990 Ignorance Is Bliss Mckeon, Paul Lt. Sep 1990 Too Close For Comfort Weber, Gliff Lcdr. Sep 1990 The State Of The Art Miller, Tim Lt. Sep 1990 If It's Not One Thing... Akerlund, Paul Lt. Sep 1990 Signed Tomcat

    Stoney, Bob Lt. Oct 1990 Sucked In By Night Space Myopia Ruttenberg, John J Oct 1990 Through The Mountains And Into The Goo Raymer, Ronald Lcd Oct 1990 The Day The Wind Stood Still Phelan, Thomas P. Oct 1990 "Follow The Van You Just Hit!" Bason, Robert Cdr. Oct 1990 Escape Summary For Calendar Year 1989 Walker, Norman Lcd Oct 1990 Note To Maintenance: Hook Checks 4.0 Hansen, Eric W. Lt Oct 1990 Clearing Turn...At Night? Danielson, Mark W. Oct 1990 It Always Hurts To Lose A Friend Gozzo, Steve Lt. Oct 1990 Heads Up! Long, Darryl Lt. Oct 1990 Cold Weather Survival Boyne, Matthew Lcd Oct 1990 A Flaps-Up Cat Shot-Almost! Cochran, Steven M. Oct 1990 Well, Blow Me Down...Or Sideways! Shulz, Marty Lcdr. Oct 1990 Lightning Closes A Runway-With A Little Fod From Mclane, Robert Cdr Oct 1990 If The Eagles Can Hack It, So Can We Devita, Eric E. Lt Oct 1990 Bravo Zulu None Oct 1990 Anymouse Kudwa, Robert P. L Oct 1990 Bravo Zulu Bierschenk, Monte Oct 1990 Bravo Zulu Hamilton, Douglas Oct 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Oct 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix

    Braham, Mike Capt. Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Plominsky, Paul J. Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Fandey, Dennis F. Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Ellis, William D. Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Nov 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Mongeau, Sandra Ac Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Murr, Bruce Ac1 Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Buckelew, Michael Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu None Nov 1990 Letters Smith, Jeffrey "R" Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Barr, Guy Ltcol. U Nov 1990 Bravo Zulu Kelly, Mark Lt. Nov 1990 One On One Lewis, Check Lcdr. Nov 1990 Rolling Gs Driskill, Cliff Lc Nov 1990 Oocf:The Backseat Perspective Fields, Jack Lt. Nov 1990 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Bowen, Paul Capt. Nov 1990 Cutting The Hard Deck Danielson, Mark Lc Nov 1990 The Sun Also Rises Hall, Pat Lt. Nov 1990 An Adversary Pilot's View Shan, Jim Capt. Us Nov 1990 One Engle, Over Easy! Saxon, Steve Lt. Nov 1990 Engaged Stall Lamanna, Robert Lt Nov 1990 Gloc:Tips From The Incredible Hulk Lefon, Carroll Lt. Nov 1990 "In A Real Flight, You'd Be Dead!" Hoeffer, Graig M. Nov 1990 "I've Got It, I Think"

    Kriner, Leland P. Nov 1990 Controllability Checks?

    Carney, R.A. Capt. Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Bennett, Ted Lt. Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Dec 1990 Brownshoes In Action Comix Mckown, Bill Lcdr. Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Colloca, Joe Ltjg. Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Glover, Terry Capt Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Davila, A.T. Cpl. Dec 1990 Bravo Zulu Shivell, W.R. Lt. Dec 1990 Don't Push Your Luck Darden, Karl Lt. Dec 1990 A Brief Encounter With Vertigo Molano, Walter Lt. Dec 1990 "Ummm-M, I Think I'm Sick" Lohmann, Fred Lt. Dec 1990 You Can Pick Your Friends, But You Can't Pick You Lipphardt, C.M. Lt Dec 1990 Procedures, Procedures, Procedures! Mersky, Peter Dec 1990 Mcfat-You Deserve A Break Today!Or Fast Food, Wha Burbank, Dan Ltjg. Dec 1990 In Your Ear! Craig, M.S. Maj. U Dec 1990 "Hello, Skipper?Could You Send Us A Canopy?" Litwiller, S.W. Lc Dec 1990 A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anyone Bolcar, James A. C Dec 1990 Turkey Birdstrike, Or What Do We Do With The Left Butler, Fred Lt. Dec 1990 This Is What I Always Wanted To Do, Right? Whitten, Jon Lt. Dec 1990 Nugget's Night In The Barrel Foloyd, Chan Capt. Dec 1990 What's All The Flap?

    Dimarco, Paul Capt Jan 1991 Out-Of-Control Iut Renner, G.M. Lt. Jan 1991 My New Best-Est Buddy Cox, Ed Cdr. Jan 1991 Interpretations Of Natops-(An Observation) Butler, Dave Lcdr. Jan 1991 More Shocking Oversights Dunham, Mark Ltjg. Jan 1991 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time Mcnamara, Daniel L Jan 1991 Touch & Go...Or Stay? Rathert, R.J. Lt. Jan 1991 Like The Teenager Who Dented Dad's New Car Zeisler, Robert M. Jan 1991 A.C.T. For The P.C.L. Mcharg, Rick Lcdr. Jan 1991 40 Feet From History Wickliff, P.M. Lcd Jan 1991 Bugsmasher At One, No, Three, Make It Seven O'clo Sunzo, R.A. Ams1 Jan 1991 My First Real Sea Story Knehans, William L Jan 1991 Back, Back, Back, Back! Chennault, Steve L Jan 1991 Coordinate, Aviate, Or, How I Got Act'd Cosnell, Glenn Lt. Jan 1991 Thor's Wakeup Call Mcglamry, Clifford Jan 1991 Near Hummer-Bummer Molter, Steven Lt. Jan 1991 Calm, Cool...And Ejected Crooks, Charles P. Jan 1991 Bravo Zulu Branagan, Donald A Jan 1991 Bravo Zulu Wells, Claudia Lt. Jan 1991 Bravo Zulu Aiken, Bob Lt. Jan 1991 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Jan 1991 Brownshoes In Action Comix

    Carroll, Ward Lt. Feb 1991 Brownshoes In Action Comix Scott, Henry C. Lt Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Engel, Michael D. Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Gaddis, Chris Capt Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Blaylock, Mikel F. Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Schermerhorn, Gary Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Keller, Kenneth T. Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Ferrari, Gus Lt. Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Fenning, Scott C. Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Klauss, Mark F. Cd Feb 1991 Bravo Zulu Benkert, F.M. Lcdr Feb 1991 And Now...For The Rest Of The Story Carleton, Bobbie J Feb 1991 Paos At The Mishap, Or: You Can't Run From Bad Ne

    Gluck, Dave Ltjg. Feb 1991 Helo Dunker Training Saves Lifes In Ferry Mishap Sullivan, E.J. Cdr Feb 1991 The Big Sky Theory Ude, C.S. Lt. Feb 1991 We've Got A Bird In The Water." Oliver, Shawn P. L Feb 1991 Pop! Goes The Mainmount Thmas, Greg Ltjg. Feb 1991 Sleigh Ride Potecha, Reed M. L Feb 1991 When Bad Turns Worse Mersky, Peter Feb 1991 "So Where's My Article?", Or How We Do Business Lerch, Thomas Lt. Feb 1991 High Clouds, Low Clouds, Middle Clouds, Too! Anderson, Dan Lt. Feb 1991 "Look" For The Overlooked Hegland, Michael G Feb 1991 Fatal Distraction Burris, Steve Lt. Feb 1991 It's Not Just Paradise; It's A Responsibility Falley, Patrick Lt Feb 1991 Where's My Night Light? Stone W.D. Lt. Feb 1991 I've Got My Wings. Who Says I Need A Baby Sitter?

    Bucknam, Steven H. Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Roodra, T.J. Lt. Mar 1991 Well...It Wasn't A Dark And Stormy Night When We Bowhers, Vincent C Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Howell, Mark Ltjg. Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Spratt, Rob Lt. Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Bonner, David B. C Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Berlin, Brad Lt. V Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Moore, Paul Lt. Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Somers, David R. A Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Debien, Carlos Amh Mar 1991 Bravo Zulu Twomey, Kieran S. Mar 1991 Didn't They Know...We Were In The Fog? Kriege, David Lcdr Mar 1991 "Center, We Can't Maintain Altitude!" Roorda, T.J. Lt. Mar 1991 F-14a+Fog=Worms Oltorik, T.F. Capt Mar 1991 Too Many Cooks Almost Spoiled The Broth Gnozzio, Mike Lt. Mar 1991 Follow Me, Skipper. I'll Get Us Through! Durrance, R.E. Lt. Mar 1991 Slippin' And A-Slidin' Murphy, John S. Ca Mar 1991 Really Ballistic In The Goo Paulson, Bob Lt. Mar 1991 Thunderstorm Penetration: Follow My Leader? Bunge, Paul Lt. Mar 1991 Under The Weather And The Hop Still Went To Hail! Swayer, G.R. Lcdr. Mar 1991 Wingin' In The Rain Potecha, Reed M. L Mar 1991 Painted Into A Corner: A Nugget's Weather Lesson Berg, Rick Lcdr. Mar 1991 Another Night Adventure Purcell, Daniel G. Mar 1991 White, Whiter, Whiteout! Rabin, Pat Lt. Mar 1991 Tales From A Mixmaster

    Joslin, R.E. Capt Apr 1991 Huey Gunships Forever! Berger, Steve Lcdr Apr 1991 Listen To Ginger Anonymous Apr 1991 What's The Stunt Du Jour Today? Waickwiez, J.J. Cd Apr 1991 Dropping The Xo's Torpedo Gebert, Steve Lt. Apr 1991 The Bounce From Hell Munn, Jed Lt. Apr 1991 Operation Rolling Blunder Twyman, David F. L Apr 1991 "Flew Into The Water During Routine Mission, Pres La Valle, Russ Lt. Apr 1991 Flat Spin Recovery In A Tomcat? No Way! Danielson, Mark W. Apr 1991 The Kamikaze Kanaries Of Operation Revenge Hoyt, John Lt. Apr 1991 Ejection Over The Beach Martin, William C. Apr 1991 Field Arrestments: A Sign Of Weakness? Riggs, John Lt. Apr 1991 Close Call With A Phantom Kule, Tom Lcdr. Apr 1991 The Gremlins' Return Brennan, Jack Lt. Apr 1991 Human Fod Willson, Jim Lt. Apr 1991 The Hazards Of Overcompartmentalizing Postell, George W. Apr 1991 Crew Rest: A Two-Way Street Coester, Dean Lt. Apr 1991 Good Deal Gone Bad Neal, Michael W. L Apr 1991 Triggered Lightning: You Don't Need A Thumderstor

    Stark, Gary Lcdr. Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu Duhe, Blaise, Lt. Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu Neubauer, Kenneth Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu None Apr 1991 Letters Orfini, Michael H. Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu Thompson, Michael Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu Allen, Glen Awc Apr 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Vizcarra, Mark A. May 1991 900 Miles Of Dead Reckoning Colburn, Tom Lt. May 1991 Don't Have A Nice Trip:Running On A Cv Mcmillan, Michael May 1991 A Little Doubt'll Do You Horadan, Scott Lt. May 1991 500 Miles From Mom! Baldocchi, Bob Lt. May 1991 When A Scan Was Worth A Thousand Peeks Bertolett, Craig L May 1991 You Know It's Going To Be A Bad Flight When... Mahan, Mike Lt. May 1991 Just Fly The Aircraft Highland, Grant R. May 1991 Just A Bounce And A Shower Scott, Chris Lt. May 1991 Anti-Skid Antics... Jessen, Craig Lt. May 1991 One Second Less Komlosy, J.A. Lt. May 1991 Flapping In The Breeze Thorn, D.J. Lccdr. May 1991 Tracking Down The Truth Mcmahon, Tim Lt. May 1991 Zen And The Art Of Natops Mcclung, R.B. Lcdr May 1991 A Tale Of Two Crews Wallace, L.A. Lcdr May 1991 Tail Rotor Trickery:A Case Of Loss Of Authority Padget, Stephen Lt May 1991 Doing The Elephant Dance Stewart, Rick Lcdr May 1991 'Twas Darkness All Around! Phillips, Curtis G May 1991 Fl200...I Think Stoughton, Douglas May 1991 Bravo Zulu Jones, Andrew P. A May 1991 Bravo Zulu Kuhn, Jim Lt. May 1991 Bravo Zulu Padget, Steve Lt. May 1991 Bravo Zulu Pierce, Francis, S May 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Riggs, John Lt. Jun 1991 Hoover Fuelers Graffis, Kevin H. Jun 1991 Green Twirlie Mayhem Stammer, Robert Lt Jun 1991 Tanker Vs. Sponge Roorda, T.J. Lt. Jun 1991 Basket Buffoonery Gratas, Art Lcdr. Jun 1991 Wimp-Phobia Bever, G.L. Lcdr. Jun 1991 Combat Tanking, Watch Out! Wilhelm, Ross Lt. Jun 1991 Sometimes You Get The X Sometimes The X Gets You. Culbertson, D. Lt. Jun 1991 The Failure Of A Stick-And-Throttle-Interface-Con Miller, Tim Lt. Jun 1991 Climbing Down The Fuel Ladder Laessig, Todd Lt. Jun 1991 The Reel Response O'black, Steve Lt. Jun 1991 I Thought I Had It Wired. What Happened? Huskey, Ted Lt. Jun 1991 "Let's Get Famous!" St.John, Guy Lcdr. Jun 1991 Who's Trying To Kill Us? Bryan, Mikelt. Jun 1991 Emergency Fuel?Not Yet Maynard, Charlie L Jun 1991 Couldda, Wouldda, Shouldda Rivall, Stewart W. Jun 1991 Rendezvous With A Super-Tanker Mullenhour, Dana L Jun 1991 Dream Hop Gone Bad (Almost) Reamer, Neil Lt. Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu Fowlkes, M.J. Capt Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu Michaels, Jim Lcdr Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu Katka, R.T. Cpl. U Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu Junge, Chris Lt. Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu Ballance, Chuck Ca Jun 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Driscoll, Benton O Jul 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Jorgensen, Kenneth Jul 1991 Bravo Zulu Lee, Ernest Ae2 Jul 1991 Bravo Zulu Harlow, Jack Lt. Jul 1991 Bravo Zulu Moroney, William F Jul 1991 Can You Believe These Pictures? Balan, Gavin W. Lt Jul 1991 No Big Deal Indorf, John Cdr. Jul 1991 Are Your Three Bags Full? Slyfield, Skip Lcd Jul 1991 Thunderbumper Buckeye None Jul 1991 Mishap Statistics Mueller, T.J. Lt. Jul 1991 Super Stallion The New Sar Star? Weisenburg, Warren Jul 1991 Have You Had A Nmac Yet? Cordell, Foloyd R. Jul 1991 My 12-Second Flight Hendricks, Nelson Jul 1991 Formation Barrel Roll In An S-3? Kimbell, A.B. Lt. Jul 1991 Passed Out At 35,000 Feet Lillard, J.M. Lcdr Jul 1991 Escorting A Toasted Hoover French, Michael S. Jul 1991 Toasted Hoover Mersky, Peter Jul 1991 Approach Art Director Retires After 36 Years Of S Schwart, Jack Lt. Jul 1991 Just Hanging On Walker, Christophe Jul 1991 One Foggy Day At Adak Kelly, Mark Lt. Jul 1991 Stick In My Lap, Throttles To Military Nimmich, Jr. D.C. Jul 1991 The Aviation Life Support Systems Operator Adviso

    O'brien, Seamus Lt Aug 1991 Bravo Zulu None Aug 1991 Mishap Statistics Barker, Graham Lt. Aug 1991 Bravo Zulu Edwards, Joe Lcdr. Aug 1991 Bravo Zulu Dom, George Lcdr. Aug 1991 Bravo Zulu Rullman, Mark 1stl Aug 1991 Bravo Zulu Barfield, Bill Lt. Aug 1991 How Many More Links Would You Like? Everest, B.C. Lcdr Aug 1991 Why Check It At The Last Minute? Brown, David P. Lt Aug 1991 Riding The Rocket Chair Geneser, Kendall L Aug 1991 Who Left The Gear Handle Up? Bednarski, F.A. Lt Aug 1991 Watch Your Head Jumping Into The Alert 15 Mueller, Eric Lt. Aug 1991 The Beco Gets A Shinner Longo, T. Capt. Us Aug 1991 The Milk Run Qualls, James M. L Aug 1991 Dark Night, Cold Cat, Silk Chute Mills, Phillip H. Aug 1991 Good Plan, Bad Probe Goebel, Greg Lt. Aug 1991 Lost Comm? No Big Deal Riker, Steve Lcdr. Aug 1991 Blue Death Raining On Me Widay, J.P. Lcdr. Aug 1991 Surfing Tomcat Brose, Gary D. Lt. Aug 1991 So, Granny, How Do You Like Flying, So Far? Conklin, Gus Lt. Aug 1991 It Just Blew Duggan, Kevin L. L Aug 1991 My Centurion Trap Causey, J.A. Lt. Aug 1991 How I Almost Squashed A Guppy?

    Broce, Stu Lt. Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Carroll, Ward Lt. Sep 1991 Brownshoes In Action Comix Thompson, James D. Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Steelman, Lloyd Cp Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Szmed, Kenneth Lt. Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Willey, Monte Aw1 Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Gordon, Ken Maj. U Sep 1991 Bravo Zulu Boben, K.G. Ltjg. Sep 1991 Sop Vs. Sea Stories Onorati, Tony B. L Sep 1991 The Russians Are Coming! Peebles, Gerry Lcd Sep 1991 The Non-Skid Is Always Thicker Over The Jet Shop Cory, Kevin A. Lt. Sep 1991 Cleared For The Angle Smiley, Jeff Capt. Sep 1991 Meatball, Lineup, Angle Of Attack! That's All You Mersky, Peter Sep 1991 Down In Iraq: Lt. Devon Jones' Survival Story

    Mccrabb, M.H. Lcdr Sep 1991 I Thought He Had It...! Morgan, Phillip Aw Sep 1991 The Myth Of Combat Safety Rules Williams, Robert L Sep 1991 A Little Reminder Hervey, Greg Sn Sep 1991 The Lso-Proof Aircraft Godinez, Charlie L Sep 1991 This Is Gonna Be Great! Shults, Dean Lt. Sep 1991 Wherever You Are... Wellborn, Burke Lt Sep 1991 Between Iraq And A Hard Place Whetstone, Michael Sep 1991 Five-Card Draw Wylly, James R. Lc Sep 1991 Waveoff, Foul Deck? You're Got To Be Kidding! Cronin, Kevin Lt. Sep 1991 Lead, Follow Or Better Yet, Get Out Of The Way! Gormley, John Ltjg Sep 1991 A Real Kick: Jet Blast Marotta, Thomas Lt Sep 1991 There's No Tenure Here! Smith, Timmy Lt. Sep 1991 Lso Career Planning: From Paddles To Fuels Office Mcmahon, Mike Lt. Sep 1991 Night No-Flapper Selnick, Arnold Lt Sep 1991 Bingo Is Bingo Dostie, Tom Lt. Sep 1991 My Harley's Last Ride Guadagnini, Mark L Sep 1991 Horse Pills For Everyone! I'm Buyin'!

    Mahaffey, Pat Lcdr Oct 1991 Learning Physics In The Landing Pattern Smith, J.K. Lt. Oct 1991 "Come On, Baby" Brurud, Briam Lt. Oct 1991 Why Aren't We Flying? Halsted, Steven Lt Oct 1991 This Only Happens In The Simulator! Krumholtz, Water A Oct 1991 Don't Panic Kennedy, J.M. Lt. Oct 1991 All In A Night's Work Sullivan, Don Lt. Oct 1991 Use Your Lips Brophy, Todd Lt. Oct 1991 Skid Time In New England, Or The Boston Rubber Pa Meyers, Timothy A. Oct 1991 Keep It Centered Larratt, Doug Lt. Oct 1991 Silent Bystander Winfrey, Scott Lt. Oct 1991 A Real Rocks Kill! Foerster, B.A. Cdr Oct 1991 Fly Together; Die Together? Whitis, Craig Ltjg Oct 1991 "Uh, Boss Your Other Right" Malczynski, Richar Oct 1991 Bingo? Surely You Jest! Kobler, George Lt. Oct 1991 On, No! Not The "E" Word! St. Clair Al Lt. Oct 1991 Buckeye Bingo Martis, Ltjg. Oct 1991 No Pressure Cq...Hydraulic, That Is Black, Graig Lt. Oct 1991 Phantom Midair Mcbride, Mike Maj. Oct 1991 Bravo Zulu Farmer, Tristram L Oct 1991 Bravo Zulu Hawkins, Michael G Oct 1991 Bravo Zulu Michaels, Jim Lcdr Oct 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Tisdale, Steve Lcd Nov 1991 Just One Thing After Another...And Another Hensel, Bruce Lt. Nov 1991 I Survived A Helo Midair Ernst, Clayton H. Nov 1991 Please, Mr. Ball, Don't Go High Eberhart, James D. Nov 1991 Two Heads Are Better Than One Deni, C.J. Lt. Nov 1991 The Dull Thud Bellenkes, Andy Lc Nov 1991 Simulator Sickness Revisited Boyer, Lt. R. Nov 1991 Mil-Itary Madness Parsons, Stan Lcdr Nov 1991 Fun With Hydraulics Watson, John Lt. Nov 1991 Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? Hess, Richard W. C Nov 1991 The Ox's Wakeup Call Clary, Steven M. L Nov 1991 Lamps Mk Iii Vs. The Volcano Monson, Andrew P. Nov 1991 That'll Raise Your Hair Raymer, Ronald C. Nov 1991 The Skipper Gets Radical Maynard, C.H. Lcdr Nov 1991 Nice Break...Wrong Airport Fick, Gregory J. L Nov 1991 Me Tarzan; We Lucky Buck, Bruce Lcdr. Nov 1991 The Three Amigos

    Baden, M.S. Lt. Nov 1991 How To Bounce A Bn Reynolds, Jim Lcdr Nov 1991 162979's Last Flight

    Danielson, Mark Cd Dec 1991 Pieces Of The Puzzle Smith, Scott Lt. Dec 1991 Getting A Little Low Watley, James P. L Dec 1991 Holy Cow! I've Just Ejected! Dickerson, Ross Lc Dec 1991 Let's Liven Up This Boring Fclp With A Midair Thorn, D.J. Lcdr. Dec 1991 Make A Decision Duke, John B. Lcdr Dec 1991 Lines Of Death Saligman, Ira Lt. Dec 1991 Vertigo Like You Read About Ownes, K.P. Lt. Dec 1991 A Gaggle Of Greyhounds Henderson, Robert. Dec 1991 "Did That Bother You?" Pollard, Todd E. L Dec 1991 Sniffing For Asphalt Davison, John Ltjg Dec 1991 It Won't Work If You Don't Turn It On! Finnegan, Rich Lt. Dec 1991 Seasprite In Trouble Mcclain, William T Dec 1991 Just A Crew Of Knuckleheads? Ostrom, John Maj. Dec 1991 A Breath Of Fresh Air Sexton, James G. L Dec 1991 My Worse Nightmare Grant, Scott Lcdr. Dec 1991 But We Made It Elliott, Anthony C Dec 1991 Minimum Damage Danielson, Mark Cd Dec 1991 Reevaluating 1v1v1 Acm Gross, Eliot Lt. Dec 1991 This Next Trap Could Be Tricky Welch, Ty Aw2 Hsl- Dec 1991 Bravo Zulu Howard, Stuart Lt. Dec 1991 Bravo Zulu Knutzen, R.M. Maj. Dec 1991 Bravo Zulu Connell, Mike Lt. Dec 1991 Bravo Zulu

    Foltz, Glenn Lt. Jan 1992 A Healthy Change In Attitude Shankland, Paul D. Jan 1992 He Who Is Patient Often Shouldn't Be Shell, Bruce Lcdr. Jan 1992 Ready Room Cowboy Rodeo Thomas, Mark Lt. Jan 1992 I Hate It When That Happens Reising, Paul C. L Jan 1992 Old Guy Meets New Guy Braswell, D.E. Lt. Jan 1992 No Sweat! We Can Still Make Lunch! Keutmann, Kevin Lt Jan 1992 The Amazing Shrinking Aviator Okuinghttons, C.O. Jan 1992 Now I Believe Hinkley, Brian Lt. Jan 1992 But We Did All That Planning Goebel, Greg Lt. Jan 1992 I'm In Complete Control Of My Destiny Toms, Terry Cdr. Jan 1992 Norex Nightmare Eagle, Chris Lt. Jan 1992 Hot Seat, Cold Water Shinal, Bernard V. Jan 1992 We Almost Had Frozen Turkey For Thanksgiving Lesser, David Lt. Jan 1992 Where's The Fire? Kaseno, Timothy A. Jan 1992 "You Just Fly" None Jan 1992 Letters Hogan, Jeffrey D. Jan 1992 Bravo Zulu Anderson, Craig Gy Jan 1992 Bravo Zulu Mellema, Michael J Jan 1992 Bravo Zulu Conroy, Kevin Capt Jan 1992 Bravo Zulu Mains Iii, T.P. 1s Jan 1992 Bravo Zulu

    Cravens, Mark Capt Feb 1992 Bravo Zulu O'keefe, T.F. Capt Feb 1992 Bravo Zulu Ayres, Keith Lt. Feb 1992 Bravo Zulu Chiovatero, Frank Feb 1992 Bravo Zulu Lamoreaux Iii, L. Feb 1992 $40 Million Jet Ski Kennedy, J.M. Lt. Feb 1992 Newer Isn't Always Better Romano, J.J. Lcdr. Feb 1992 We Can't Keep Meeting Like This Ingalls, J.M. Lt. Feb 1992 Is My Blood Cold Yet?

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