Green Regional Aircraft

By Howard Matthews,2014-01-09 11:23
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Green Regional Aircraft

Green Regional Aircraft

    Important: All details in the pre-announcement are subject to change; only details in the official Call launch are final.


    Planned Target Target Target date CfP reference RoM date for date for Title of CfP Description of CfP for number budget CfP activity completion (M?) launch start

    Software - weight,

    CSJU-GRA-09-1 amnufacturing and 0,015 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/09/2009 Development of a software to optimize the weight, manufacturing maintenance and maintenance cost in the preliminary structural analyses

    phase of the project

    CSJU-GRA-09-2 Sensors 0,024 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/10/2009 Special application of FOBG sensors to investigate corrosion

    problems, temperature and humidity conditions on surface and

    inside the materials.

    CSJU-GRA-09-3 Instrumentation - optical 0,080 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/11/2009

    FOBG instrumentation system achievement for Flight Test

    application qualification: Optical section.

    Instrumentation - CSJU-GRA-09-4 0,120 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/11/2009 electronic

    FOBG instrumentation system achievement for Flight Test

    application qualification: Electronic section

    CSJU-GRA-09-5 Optical assembly 0,040 1/05/2009 1/08/2009 1/12/2009

    FOBG Optical assembly and interconnection technology

    Thermal and

    CSJU-GRA-09-6 mechanical strain 0,056 1/05/2009 1/08/2009 1/10/2010 Development and adoption of a technology based on FO measurement - optical sensors for thermal and mechanical strain measurement,

    damage detection in a whole area: Optical section

    Thermal and CSJU-GRA-09-7 0,080 1/05/2009 1/08/2009 1/10/2010 mechanical strain Development and adoption of a technology based on FO

    measurement - sensors for thermal and mechanical strain measurement,

    electronic damage detection in a whole area: Electronic section

    CSJU-GRA-09-8 Hybrid prepreg 0,080 01/02/009 5/05/2009 1/02/2010

    Development of Hybrid prepreg (carbon/metallic)

    CSJU-GRA-09-9 New prepreg 0,150 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/07/2010

    development and supply of new prepreg material with high CAI

    value and good compatibility with thermoplastic layer

    CSJU-GRA-09-Stiffened panel 0,420 1/03/2009 1/06/2009 1/04/2011 10 evaluation Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of a composite JTI GRA

    stiffened panel, response functions / metamodel; (of an sized full

    scale JTI GRA panel)

    CSJU-GRA-09-Stiffened panel 0,570 1/03/2009 1/06/2009 1/06/2011 11 diagnostic

    Diagnostic/ Prognostic methodologies/ code (residual strength

    evaluation) of a composite sensorised multilayer stiffened panel

    CSJU-GRA-09-Development of a thermosetting resin filled with CNTs. Thermosetting resin 0,100 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/03/2010 12 Mechanical, chimico-physical, rheological characterization of the

    new material for the optimization of the product in agreement

    with the process parameters asked from the prepreg supplier

    CSJU-GRA-09-Resin-nanofiller 0,250 1/05/2009 1/08/2009 1/10/2010 13 dispersion Resin-nanofiller dispersion system scale-up and development of

    a new nanofilled prepreg. Production of new prepreg for coupons

    and panels

    CSJU-GRA-09-Intelligent stress health 0,300 1/04/2009 1/07/2009 1/04/2011 14 monitoring

    Function-based-design modeling for Intelligent Stress Health

    Monitoring (ISHM), structural diagnostic

CSJU-GRA-09-Smart maintenance 0,200 1/04/2009 1/07/2009 1/04/2011 15

    Smart maintenance with adapted patches

    3D multi-disciplinary numerical analyses of wing High-Lift-

    Devices (HLD), in a closed loop with 2D aero-acoustic design, to CSJU-GRA-09-support the ranking of relevant best conceptual solutions in a Numerical analyses 0,300 1/03/2009 1/06/2009 1/09/2009 16 multi-physics view (low-noise emissions, aerodynamic

    performance, actuation system requirements, feasibility,

    complexity, etc.)

    CSJU-GRA-09-Feasibility analyses (materials, structural impact, installation, Feasability analyses 0,080 5/02/2009 5/05/2009 1/03/2011 17 maintenance) of potential HLD passive acoustic treatments

    (brush-like devices, porous surfaces, etc) to support the ranking

    of best