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    ; Prof. CAI Zongwei of the Department of Chemistry and Director of Dioxin Analysis

    Laboratory was granted the “Journal of Chromatography Top Cited Article 2001-2006

    Award” for a paper entitled “Simultaneous determination of Ziagen and its phosphorylated

    metabolites by ion-pairing high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass


    ; Dr. FENG Jian, Lecturer of the Department of Computer Science, scooped the “Most Cited

    Paper Award” from the Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation

    2004-2006. The paper, co-authored by Dr. FENG, is entitled “A new cut detection

    algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio for video segmentation”.

    ; Prof. Bambi HU, Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Physics, was invited to be a

    Distinguished Visitor by the Australian Complex Open Systems Research Network

    (COSNet). COSNet is an organization set up by the Australian Research Council to

    promote research in complex systems.

    ; Prof. Jiming LIU, Head of the Department of Computer Science, was awarded the

    “President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work” in the year of 2007 for

    his pioneer work in web intelligence and autonomy oriented computing.

    ; Prof. L. H. TANG from the Department of Physics has been awarded the Overseas and Hong

    Kong, Macau Young Scholars Collaborative Research Fund by the National Science

    Foundation of China in the 2006 round. He is among the ten Hong Kong and Macau

    scholars who received the award.

; Prof. Raymond W. Y. WONG from the Department of Chemistry, received the “President’s

    Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching” in the year of 2007 conferring his excellent

    performance in teaching.

    ; Prof. ZHU Lixing from the Department of Mathematics has been selected as a Fellow of the

    American Statistical Association (ASA) for his outstanding contributions to the statistical

    profession. Prof. ZHU is also a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).

    He is among the three statisticians in Hong Kong awarding both IMS and ASA fellowship.

    Prof. ZHU was also awarded the honorary director of Institute of Mathematics at Anhui



    ; Prof. Albert LEE, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry, is applying for patent in

    China and USA on his project “Green Oxidation of Alkyl Substituted Aromatics with

    Aqueous TBHP under Microwave Irradiation” and the patent applications are in progress.

    ; Prof. Joseph NG from the Department of Computer Science received a patent from the

    German Patent Office for his project entitled “Real Time Capable and Fault Tolerant Data


    ; Prof. Ricky WONG, Head of the Department of Biology, was granted a patent in China on

    his project “Application and Preparation of a Novel Indigoids”.

    ; Prof. Ricky WONG and Prof. N. K. MAK from the Department of Biology are applying for

    patent in China and USA on their project “ Device for Study of Cell Migration” and their

    patent applications are in progress.


    ; The Dioxin Analysis Laboratory has successfully passed the first re-assessment from Hong

    Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) operated by the Hong Kong

    Accreditation Service and thus been renewed ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accreditation for the

    dioxin analysis in soil, sediment and fly-ash (Category of Environmental Testing).


    ; MPhil student Michelle CHOW of the Department of Computer Science was awarded an

    IEEE Travel Grant which supported her to present her research paper in the IEEE

    International Conference on Communications in the U.K. in June 2007.

; LIN Meifang, PhD student of the Department of Chemistry, was awarded the “Distinguished thGraduate Student Award” by the 13 International Workshop on Inorganic and Organic

    Electroluminescence and 2006 International Conference on the Science and Technology of

    Emissive Displays and Lighting (EL2006). She also received the best oral presentation thaward in the 14 Symposium on Chemistry Postgraduate Research in Hong Kong.

    ; PO Ching-fung, Year 3 student of the Department of Mathematics, won second place in the thpoetry category of the 4 Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition organized by the

    University’s Arts Faculty and Language Centre of the University.

    ; TONG Tat Ming, graduate of 2007 of the Department of Computer Science, has won the

    First-grade Award in the Amway Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project

    Competition 2007 held in Guizhou, China. His project entitled “Document Image

    Segmentation” aimed to identify text, headline and graphic components from a document

    image by rule-based method followed by k-means clustering.

    ; XIE Lu, Year 2 student of the Department of Mathematics, was awarded Wofoo Global

    Leadership Programme Cultural Harmony Award Scheme Competition. She received a

    subsidy to join a three-week summer programme in Mexico.

    ; The Rowing Club won the Men’s Coxless Four and Women’s Coxless Four events at the

    Hong Kong Universities Rowing Championship. Some of the winning team members were

    our Faculty’s students. They were WONG Tak-fai of the Department of Computer Science,

    and WONG Tak-hang of the Department of Biology in the men’s event; WONG Kam-yip of

    the Department of Mathematics, and CHO Suk-mei of the Department of Physics in the

    women’s event.




    ; A research team led by Prof CAI Zongwei, Professor of Chemistry Department and

    Director of the Dioxin Analysis Laboratory, won high praise from the Animals Asia

    Foundation for their success in identifying a poisonous white powder found at a bear

    sanctuary run by the Foundation in the Mainlands Sichuan province.

    ; Prof. FANG Kaitai, Chair Professor of Department of Mathematics and also known as the

    Father of Uniform Design, was conferred the title of Emeritus Professor by the

    University in recognition of his distinguished scholarship.

    ; Prof. Joseph NG Kee Yin, Professor, Department of Computer Science, was among a

    team of Hong Kong and German researchers who have received a patent from the German

    Patent Office for the project “Clock Synchronization in Nodes on A Ring Bus”. The

    project solves the clock synchronization problems in computers and has wide applications

    in industry, transport and space research.

    ; Prof. TANG Tao, Head of Department of Mathematics, was appointed Cheung Kong

    Chair Professor under the Cheung Kong Scholars Programme for his outstanding

    achievements in mathematics. He was among 89 scholars appointed chair professor under

    this programme this year.

; Prof. TANG Yuan Yan received the First Class of Natural Science Award (自然科學獎)

    of Technology Development Centre, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of

    China (教育部科技發展中心) in November 2005 for his research work entitled “The

    theory and research method for digital document image analysis and recognition” (數字


    ; Prof. ZHU Shi-Yao was elected as a Fellow of the Optical Society of America in

    December 2005 for his pioneer research in quantum optics and laser physics with

    particular reference to lasing without inversion and quenching of spontaneous emission



    ; The Dioxin Analysis Laboratory has become the sole independent and academic dioxin

    laboratory in Hong Kong to receive ISO/IEC 17025: 1999 accreditation from the Hong

    Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) operated by the Hong Kong

    Accreditation Service.

    ; The Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences (CIES) has won a patent granted by

    the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China for pioneering

    technology that resolves some of the adverse effects of chemical fertilizer. The research

    team included Prof. Wong Ming-hung, Director of the CIES, Dr. Cheung Kwai-chung,

    Assistant Professor of the Department of Biology, and Dr. Wu Shengchun, Post-doctoral

    Research Fellow.


    ; Lin Meifang, MPhil student of the Department of Chemistry, was awarded Merit Award

    優秀論文獎 at the Doctoral Forum of China 2006 on her thesis, Highly Efficient And

    Stable Sky Blue Organic Light-Emitting Devices.




; Prof. CAI Zongwei from the Department of Chemistry was named “Overseas Renowned

    Scholar” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also joined the “Persistent Toxic

    Substance (PTS) Research Team” under the Academy’s “Innovative Research Team

    International Collaborative Partnership Project”.

    ; In collaboration with the research team comprising Prof. Kean LI, Dr. Fenglin ZHAO and

    Dr. Ronghua YANG in Peking University, Professor CHAN Wing Hong, Head of

    Department of Chemistry, received the First Class "CAIA - Chinese Association for

    Instrumental Analysis" Award (科學技術一等獎) in 2004 for their joint research

    work entitled "Fluorescent Chemosensors - development of new principle and methodology"

    (螢光化學傳感器新原理與新方法的研究). Eight projects received this highly prestigious

    first class award out of a total entry of 57 projects from provincial, national, university or

    private enterprise research centres.

    ; Prof. Carmen W. K. HUIE from the Department of Chemistry was invited by the chief editor

    of the prestigious international journal Electrophoresis (ranked no. 1 in separation science

    with a current Impact Factor of 4.32) to be a member of the editorial board.

    ; Prof. Joseph K. Y. NG was presented the IEEE Computer Society Meritorious Service

    Award at COMPSAC 2004 in recognition of his exemplary service to the activities of IEEE

    (Hong Kong) Chapter of Computer Society and sustained contributions to promoting IEEE

    Computer Society in Hong Kong.

    ; Prof. TANG Tao, Director of the Graduate School and Head and Chair Professor of the

    Mathematics Department, was recently honoured as Distinguished Visiting Professor of the

    Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    (CAS) for his great contributions to mathematical research. He was the sole scholar from

    Hong Kong among the eight appointees this time.

    ; Prof. Rick W. K. WONG, Dean of Science, was appointed as a Council member of the Open

    University of Hong Kong for a term of service of three years.


    ; Mr. Derek CHAN, a Year 2 student from the Department of Physics, was presented the

    Outstanding Services Awards by the Hong Kong Student Services Association and the Hong

    Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Service Association, in view of his outstanding records

    of academic achievement, voluntary service and leadership potential.

; An outstanding undergraduate honours project on Providing Location-Based Services at

    HKBU Library by Mr YEUNG Man-chung, a year-3 student of the Department of

    Computer Science, was presented the Distinction Award in the Intervarsity Internet

    Technologies Exposition and Conference 2005 (IiTEC 2005) held in July 2005.

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