A little bit of suggestion about bullet train in China

By Loretta Miller,2014-07-20 09:27
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A little bit of suggestion about bullet train in China

    A little bit argument about bullet train in China

    China has conducted a test-run of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed trail link, days before its public launch. Maybe it is the fastest train in the world.

    Now I would ask the question that we really need such a high speed? According to the reports, the project costs 215bn yuan, whats more, the government has

     project, which would earmarked a further 700bn yuan for the rest of the succeeding

    see 16000 km of track being laid by 2020. To spend such a high cost in return for halving the journey time of several hours. In my opinion, this is absolutely ridiculous. Firstly, what do you want this line to distribute to China people? A very expensive ticket price makes most of us out of reach it. Though the government has announced lower the ticket price in response, it is still unaffordable for common people. In truth, I think this the governments face value project, for China is in a leading position about the high-speed train. Other countries want to build high-speed railway, they should draw on the experience of China, such as its standards, construction ability and integration methods. The governments vanity was satisfied but peoples wealth was

    sacrificed. Although China state power becomes more strength than before, which is the second largest developing country in the world. If this money was used in other places such as enhancing the peoples standard of living or the state defensive strategy, I think its worthier a try than the high-speed train.

    To sum up, our government dont care about his employees corruption, dont

    care about the children poisoned by heavy metal in remote mountain village, dont

    care about thousands of millions of laid off workers life who used to serve for the

    state owned enterprise, dont care about the increasing gap between the poor and the rich. What do they really want to do about China in the future? The answer nobody learns only themselves.

    No one can company with you lifelong, you must similar with alone. No one can help you forever, you must cease to struggle without end.

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