Umberto Eco - The Island Of The Day Before

By Kathleen Harrison,2014-11-14 18:50
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Umberto Eco - The Island Of The Day Before

     U M B E R T O E C O

     The Island of the Day Before

     Is the Pacifique Sea my home?

     john donne,

     “Hymne to God my God”

     Stolto! a cui parlo? Misero! Che tento?

     Racconto il dolor mio

     a 1’insensata riva

     a la mutola selce, al sordo vento...

     Ahi, ch’altro non risponde

     che il mormorar del’onde!

     —giovan battista marino, “Eco,” La Lira, xix

     Table of Contents



     CHAPTER 2

     An Account of Events in the Monferrato

     CHAPTER 3

     The Serraglio of Wonders

     CHAPTER 4

     Fortification Display’d

     CHAPTER 5

     The Labyrinth of the World

     CHAPTER 6

     The Great Art of Light and Shadow

     CHAPTER 7

     Pavane Lachryme

     CHAPTER 8

     The Curious Learning of the Wits of the Day

     CHAPTER 9

     The Aristotelian Telescope

     CHAPTER 10

     Geography and Hydrography Reformed

     CHAPTER 11

     The Art of Prudence

     CHAPTER 12

     The Passions of the Soul

     CHAPTER 13

     The Map of Tenderness

     CHAPTER 14

     A Treatise on the Science of Arms

     CHAPTER 15

     Horologium Oscillatorium

     CHAPTER 16

     Discourse on the Powder of Sympathy

     CHAPTER 17

     Longitudinum Optata Scientia

     CHAPTER 18

     Unheard-of Curiosities

     CHAPTER 19

     A New Voyage Round the World

     CHAPTER 20

     Wit and the Art of Ingenuity

     CHAPTER 21