Tab 0 - DRAFT Outline for Green Operations and Maintenance Plan

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Tab 0 - DRAFT Outline for Green Operations and Maintenance Plan

The WHY and HOW TO:

    The goal of this Green Operations and Maintenance Plan Template is to help you develop a Green O&M Plan specific to each of your properties. Consider this notebook an “Executive Summary” that captures the essential components of your property and informs your staff on how to operate the property in a green and sustainable manner. Guiding principles include:

    ; Operate building as designedmaintain green choices made at


    ; Protect the health of staff, residents, and the environment.

    ; Promote energy and water conservation.

    ; Provide clear, user-friendly information so that operations are

    efficient, cost-effective, and tasks are easy to accomplish.

    ; Maintain property well now, so that future low-income households

    can benefit from healthy high-performing homes for many years to


    When you create your own O&M Plan, we suggest that in your 3-ring binder, use colored card stock printed with property specific information to clearly indicate tabbed sections. Each tab in the O&M Plan designates a separate section and sub-sections of a tabbed section should be printed on colored paper so staff can quickly find the sub-sections. Organize information clearly and simply so that your binder is user-friendly. Insert information from the internet and/or other resources if helpful and informative for staff. This template is just an example of the components of a fictitious building. You will need to adjust for the specifics of your property.

    Review this template with your Development Team, Architects, and Contractors so that they know what you need to complete your Green O&M Plan.

    Office of Housing staff would like to thank Capitol Hill Housing,

    Housing Resources Group, and the Archdiocesan Housing Authority for

    their generous input in the development of this template.


    Certificate of Occupancy: SAMPLE

    Green Operations and Maintenance Plan

    This Table of Contents and Overview outlines the Green O&M Plan components as well as some of the actions the owner will take for this property. Information specific to each component can be found in tabbed sections of the notebook. Some components will typically have an additional separate binder with detailed information and/or maintenance instructions from construction if available.

    Tab 1. Maintenance Policies and Procedures. See Capitol Hill Housing’s

    Maintenance Policies and Procedures example.

    Tab 2. Routine Maintenance Schedulesee checklist. Staff should post this

    schedule in on-site office and check off items when complete. Supervisory staff will review checklist when visiting the property. Set up electronic “tickler” on office

    computer for each task on routine maintenance schedule.

    Tab 3. Appliancessee matrix for Energy Star appliances installed in units. Staff should update matrix with dates, make and model numbers whenever appliances are replaced. Establish yearly maintenance checks as per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal performance and equipment longevity. See also for

    general information on Energy Star.

    Tab 4. Building Exterior

     --Cladding (term used to describe the siding or materials covering the exterior of a building) Siding is cement fiber board (James Hardie products installed see This siding will last 50+ years but does need to be re-painted every 7-10 years. Monitor condition annually and schedule painting through your Capital Needs Assessment spreadsheet.

     --Decks are constructed of Trex products which will last 30+ years. Wash annually with gentle soap, hot water and soft bristle brush. Do not use pressure washers. See manufacturer’s website for care instructions

Tab 5. Cleaning

     --Use environmentally safe products that will not be toxic to your staff, residents or mother earth. Use the correct cleaning products for the green materials in the building. For example: natural linoleum can NOT be cleaned with high pH(base) cleaners and abrasives because it will damage the floor. Use vinegar in water to clean natural linoleum. Also, stained concrete should not be waxed. Rather, installers can produce a polished finish during construction. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer for care instructions.

     --Establish written cleaning procedures for staff to follow, including safety instructions. See cleaning examples.

Tab 6. Electrical (see also separate binder for detailed information and maintenance

    instructions) Interior and exterior lighting and power information in this tab. All units are separately metered. There are two house meters. All meters are located in the basement electrical room. Lighting is Energy Star rated. Replace all lamps and/or fixtures with same or similar.

Tab 7. Elevator (see also separate binder for detailed information and maintenance

    instructions) Elevator is an energy efficient Kone MonoSpace mid-rise elevator. Follow the Kone manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance which will include

    quarterly and annual inspections conducted by a contracted elevator professional.

Tab 8. Fire Protection (see also separate binder for detailed information and maintenance

    instructions) Full sprinkler system throughout building. Alarm system is monitored through external vendor. Alarm panel is in lobby. Fire extinguishers located in several locations on each floor. Conduct annual confidence testing on all fire protection systems as well as regular testing by on-site staff if required by City Fire Department.

Tab 9. Flooring (see for several informative fact

    sheets on various types of flooring)

     --Natural linoleum is installed in common area hallways and unit living rooms and kitchens. Clean with vinegar and water. Do not use high pH(base) cleaners or abrasives.

     --stained concrete is in building lobby and first floor community room. Do not wax. The polished finish was achieved during initial installation and never needs to be waxed.

     --Green Seal rated carpet is in unit bedrooms.

     --LonEco sheet vinyl is in unit bathrooms.

     Tab 10. HVAC (see also separate binder for detailed information and maintenance instructions)

     --Hydronic heating system

     --Heat recovery ventilator

     --Bathroom ventilation fans

    Establish quarterly and/or yearly maintenance checks as per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal performance and equipment longevity.

Tab 11. Landscaping and Grounds

     --Routine maintenance for beauty and safety (see also and look under “landscape”)

     --Plant inventory and care. Ask your developer to provide this to you.

     --Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (see also and look under “Pest, Weed and Disease Control”; or )

     --Parking, paving, walkways (see also )

     --Irrigation (see also and look under “Smart

    Watering”; also for systems information

     --Fences, all fencing is bamboo

Tab 12. Pest Control in Building

     --Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles (see and

    Tab 13. Plumbing (see also separate binder for detailed information and maintenance instructions) Water shut offs are located in janitor closets on each floor and in boiler room. Hot water boiler/tanks are in basement. A sump pump is located in lower garage. Check pump monthly to ensure proper operation and avoid ground water infiltration. Clean out sump pump settling pit annually and treat as toxic waste.

     --See for list of high performing, low-flow toilets

Tab 14. RoofThe roof is an Energy Star reflective roof. Follow manufacturer’s

    instructions for care and maintenance.

Tab 15. Windows and DoorsEuroline windows and doors were installed.

Tab 16. Green Unit TurnoversA Green Unit Turn poster is available at for distribution to on-site staff.

    Detailed information can be found at the Green Unit Turn website

Tab 17. Vendor List

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