Product Specifications - FiberTite Membrane Waterproofing Systems

By Elaine Bradley,2014-01-09 10:54
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Product Specifications - FiberTite Membrane Waterproofing Systems

    ? SeamanCorporation

     FiberTite Membrane Waterproofing System

    For Green Roofs


    Note: This specification may be utilized for membrane roofing/waterproofing for conventional roof decks applications involving extensive garden or vegetated roofing systems. Project with slopes in excess of ?-in per foot should not utilize this specification without prior written approval/confirmation from FiberTite Technical Customer Services.

    Revised 1/9/2011 FT GRS




    This specification is applicable to extensive green roofs for conventional roofing applications. The waterproofing system utilizes FiberTite thermoplastic membranes and may be loose laid, adhered or mechanically fastened as the project dictates and includes all integral flashing and related accessories as manufactured and supplied by:

Seaman Corporation,

    1000 Venture Blvd., Wooster, Ohio 44691.

    Telephone: 1-800-927-8578

    Fax: 1-800-649-2737

    A. Definitions

    1. Extensive Green Roof Systems. Extensive Green Roof Systems are defined as low to no maintenance green

    roof systems that incorporate a waterproofing membrane that is “covered” with soil and vegetation in a

    growing medium that is less than six inches in depth and typically limits access to that required for

    maintenance of the garden and roof-top equipment. Extensive systems incorporate the following items within

    the assembly; Deck/substrate, insulation, leveling mat, waterproofing membrane, flashing membrane, sealant

    and adhesives, metal flashing, protection layer, drainage layer, filter fabric, growing medium, and


    * The growing medium and selection of appropriate vegetation is critical to the system’s performance and must

    be properly engineered for each application. Seaman Corporation does not provide engineering for the

    garden/vegetated system and strongly recommends the use of a qualified landscape architect/engineer.

    B. Scope

    Furnish and install FiberTite membrane waterproofing system for application within a roof top garden, including insulation, cover-board, integral flashing protection layer, drainage medium and engineered garden system components as may be required.

The work included but is not necessarily limited to the following:

    1. Substrate Preparation

    2. Insulation

    3. Waterproofing membrane

    4. Membrane Flashing

    5. Metal Flashing

    6. Sealants and Adhesives

    7. Protection Layer

    8. Drainage Layer

    9. Installation of Engineered Soil or Pre-packaged Garden System

    C. Design Considerations

    1. This specification is to be applied, without variation, to only those building roofs having deck structures capable of

    supporting the loads associated with this type of installation.

    2. The building owner shall secure a Statement of Sound Roof Structure, and submit to FiberTite Technical

    Customer Services (FTCS), indicating that the structure will accommodate the live and/or dead loads. 3. All applications require review and acceptance FTCS before any modification of this specification is valid. 4. FiberTite Notification of Award / Warranty Request Form (FTR-WRF) must be completed, signed by appropriate

    parties, submitted to, and approved by FTCS prior to any consideration for warranty.

    5. Green Roof areas subject to maintenance traffic should be designed with proper access “paths”.

    6. Excess “ponding” and/or water retention due to improper drainage design.

    7. Conditions within an existing structure or roof, which would prohibit a successful application.

    Revised 1/9/2011 FT GRS


    8. This specification does not provide code or jurisdiction acceptance as to wind, fire, etc. as they relate to Green



    A. FiberTite membrane waterproofing system for green roofs shall be installed only by an authorized FiberTite Roofing

    Contractor. Contractor authorization must be prior to bid and / or contract award.

    B. Installation of the waterproofing membrane, insulation, integral flashing, protection layer, drainage layer and

    engineered soil and/or prepackaged garden system shall be the responsibility of the authorized roofing contractor to

    ensure undivided responsibility.

    C. FiberTite membrane waterproofing system for garden roofs may include but are not limited to, the FiberTite membrane,

    flashing, protection layer, insulation, drainage layer, and applicable overburden. FiberTite membrane waterproofing

    systems shall be installed in accordance with current FiberTite Roofing System Specifications (GRS-06 and Addenda

    and Details) as amended to suit roof top garden conditions and/ or authorized by FTCS.

    D. Primary waterproofing materials shall be obtained from Seaman Corporation and shall be FiberTite brand.

    E. There shall be no deviations from approved contract specifications or shop drawings without prior written approval by

    the owner/owner representative and FTCS.

    F. A quality assurance inspection of the membrane system shall be performed by FTCS for acceptance and approval, if a

    FiberTite warranty is required on the project. The membrane application must be 100% complete and the inspection

    shall be coordinated prior to the installation of the above membrane “green roof” components.

    G. Water Testing of the completed membrane system for a minimum 24-hour duration is required for all material and

    labor warranties. The testing must be accomplished the presence of FTCS or an authorized representative appointed by

    Seaman Corporation. Written confirmation and acceptance of the test results by all parties is required.


    A. The following information shall be submitted to FTCS for review before warranty consideration or acceptance.

    1. The project specifications or authorized applicator's proposal outlining the design parameters.

    2. Complete list of accessories or materials not manufactured or expressly authorized for use in Seaman Literature.

    3. Dimensioned outline of the roof system/green roof indicating all detail references.

    4. Dimensioned shop drawings illustrating non-FiberTite details. Details that do not conform with standard FiberTite

    details shall be returned with appropriate recommendations.

    5. Acceptance of the structural loading by a qualified engineer or design professional.

    B. At the time of contract award, the authorized contractor shall submit to the owner/owner's Representative the following:

    1. Most recent published technical literature and specifications issued by FTCS.

    2. Sample FiberTite warranty and letter from Seaman, authorizing the contractor.

    3. Contractor's approved copy of submittal form FTR-WRF.

    4. Dimensioned shop drawings, including roof plan detailing perimeter enhancement, flashing methods, terminations,

    and acceptance by FTCS.

    5. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) relating to all products, and chemicals.


    A. Deliver all materials to the job site in manufacturer's original, unopened containers, with legible labels and in sufficient

    quantity to allow for continuity of work.

    Revised 1/9/2011 FT GRS