chinese education

By Rachel Holmes,2014-10-18 17:13
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chinese education

    ; Comment on Chinese Education

    All of us should thank our country for offering us an education system which makes it possible for us to sit in the classroom and receive advanced education in universities. We are all aware that education is of great importance.

     People hold different views about Chinese education. Some are in favor of the opinion that it is good while some people regard it a total failure.

     Many claim that Chinese education has offered students a great foundation of basic knowledge which can contribute a lot to the students’

    further education. In this way, students can master the skills well.

     In the meantime, some other people state that this is exactly the problem. They criticize the inflexible regulations of Chinese education and its negative impact on children’s creativity and imagination.

     From my point of view, Chinese teachers can hardly go beyond the traditional way of teaching for stuck by the long-lasting system. There is a great defect in Chinese education system. And this lead to the stand still, even a fall back, of Chinese education. We have built up a nearly complete education system in the past years. But the problem confronting us now is how to make it into a better one.

     Naturally, the thought of comparing Chinese education and American education came up to me, as American education is regarded as a model

of innovative education in most Chinese people’s minds.

    The curiosity about American people’s view of Chinese education drove me to search for it. According to my search, many American people has a good knowledge of the current situation of Chinese education, which is out of my expectation, and are not as critical to our education system as some Chinese are. Many of them believe that both systems enjoy some advantages, while have disadvantages at the same time.

     I would like to regard it a good perspective to look at Chinese education.

     We shall not be too optimistic about the current situation of Chinese education; however, losing confidence in it is certainly not a good choice. We have seen some measures taken place in recent years, and may hopefully lead to some changes in Chinese education in the near future.

     We should be fully aware that Chinese education still has a long way to go.

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