Get powered by nature for a super green - Say goodbye to grime

By Elsie Gordon,2014-01-09 10:53
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Get powered by nature for a super green - Say goodbye to grime

    Get powered by nature for a super green clean this spring

It’s coming round to that time of year again when women and men (come on guys) up and down

    the country take advantage of the first few warm days of spring by rolling their sleeves up, grabbing the rubber gloves, and preparing to clean their houses from top to bottom.

    We all normally reach for the strongest and most convenient products we can find to get the job done. However, cleaning experts Ecover are challenging consumers to say goodbye to unnecessary chemicals as well as grime this spring, by giving their home a great green clean with Ecover’s wide range of effective and ecological cleaning products.

Guaranteed to leave your home sparkling clean, Ecover’s hard-working range is powered by

    nature to offer products that are not only as tough on dirt as most leading brands, but also kinder to the environment and your skin. As Ecover only use sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients in their products, you don’t have to worry about strong chemical smells or about

    leaving a residue of nasty chemicals behind after you’ve given your home a good clean. There’s

    a product to tackle every cleaning job you need to do around the house, in a convenient format and with great results.

    So why not detox when you declutter and clear out the chemicals when you clean up this spring, by putting some of Ecover’s hardworking cleaning products to the test. See below for our top tips and recommendations for every type of household grime.

    Grimy oven, bbq, cooker hob, extractor hood or grill?

    Try: Ecover Power Cleaner* RRP ?3.99 (500ml) Transform your

    oven from grimy to gleaming this spring with this powerful degreaser that

    consumers have found to be as effective as Cillit Bang Power Cleaner


    Instructions for use: Spray onto surface, leave to work for 1 minute,

    wipe with a sponge or cloth and rinse off with water.

    Top tip: This powerful spray is also ideal for cleaning up the often greasy and grubby tops of

    your kitchen cupboards.

Dull and dirty surfaces and worktops?

    Try: Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner* RRP ?2.84 (500ml) Guaranteed

    to leave all washable surfaces sparkling clean, and twice as powerful as

    Ecover’s previous spray surface cleaner, this versatile spray is proven to clean

    1as efficiently as Flash Multi Purpose Spray and is safe around food.

    Instructions for use: Spray lightly over the surface and wipe clean. No need to


    Dusty windows, mirrors, glass and chrome?

    Try: Ecover Window & Glass Cleaner* RRP ?2.69 (500ml) Let the light

    of spring shine in and take dirty windows, mirrors, glass and chrome from dull

    to dazzling with Ecover’s new Window & Glass Cleaner, found to be better

    1than Mr Muscle Window Cleaner on performance and finish in consumer


    Instructions for use: Spray directly onto surface and wipe off with a soft dry


    Top tip: Re-use before you recycle by using scrunched up balls of newspaper once you’ve

    cleaned the windows to remove any excess solution and dry the panes. Also, don't clean

    windows when they're in direct sunlight, as they'll dry too fast and look streaked.

Stubborn stains on floors and other hard surfaces?

    Try: Ecover All Purpose Cleaner* RRP ?1.59 (500ml) Give all hard

    washable surfaces a new lease of life with this great all purpose cleaner that

    1naturally and hygienically cleans as well as Flash All Purpose Dilutable. Great

    for removing stubborn marks on floors and making taps and other shiny surfaces sparkle.

    Instructions for use: Use 1 to 2 capfuls in half a bucket of warm water. Top tip: For more stubborn stains use undiluted and wash off with a soft wet cloth. For extra sparkle wipe with a dry cloth.

    Ground in dirt on fridges, enamel, stainless steel, tiles and chrome?

    Try: Ecover Cream Cleaner RRP ?1.16 (500ml) Remove obstinate

    stains without scratching by giving your fridge and other hard surfaces such

    as enamel, stainless steel, tiles and chrome, the once over with this hard

    working cream cleaner.

    Instructions for use: Apply either directly to the surface or onto a wet

    sponge. Clean the surface and then rinse off.

    Top tip: A quick scrub of Ecover Cream Cleaner is great for eliminating unattractive stains

    around taps as the clay and limestone content provides a gentle scouring action ideal for tackling

    stubborn dirt.

    Dull limescale covered porcelain tiles and sinks, taps and basins? Try: Ecover Limescale Remover RRP ?3.51 (500ml) Use Ecover

    Limescale Remover to get your bathroom and kitchen limescale free. It’s

    chrome-friendly and is based on citric acid which is rapidly biodegradable. Instructions for use: Spray directly onto surface and wait for a few

    minutes depending on limescale build-up. Rinse off with water.

Soap scum in the bathroom?