Appreciation on the Poem I wondered lonely as a cloud1

By Jack Crawford,2014-06-30 13:24
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Appreciation on the Poem I wondered lonely as a cloud1

    Appreciation on the Poem I wondered lonely as a cloud

     During all the poems we have learnt this term I like William Wordsworth's I

    wondered lonely as a cloud best. It can always refresh my soul and present a simple but lively and splendid picture to my mind. What’s more;It convinces me more and

    more that the beauty of nature can touch our hearts to such a degree that it can heal the wounds in our hearts.

     At the beginning of the poem, Wordsworth compares himself to a cloud, enjoying freedom but suffering from loneliness. But the sight of a cloud of dancing daffodils makes him drunk. This beautiful and spectacular scenery deeply touches his inner heart and was rooted there then. What’s more, it brings him great courage to

    face depression and loneliness in the following days.

     Here, the daffodils are the nature. We all come from nature and will go back to it at the end of our lives. We are part of it. Maybe that's why we can feel the magic power of it and allow this great power to affect our fillings’ effect, nature is an endless

    treasure which can be a great spiritual support to us. So every one of us should go back to nature and to enjoy the pure and overwhelming beauty and let it purify our souls.

     William Wordsworth is wise enough to be aware of this. All the time, his poem centers on the relationship between human beings and nature. His poem is like a beautiful picture which can make the readers drunk and feel the mysterious beauty of nature, just like the crowd of dancing daffodils beside the lake. This kind of natural beauty inspires him also the readers in mind and brings happiness and energy to his lonely heart when he was in vacant and pensive mood.

     Nature is just that magic and mysterious. As William Wordsworth believed, nature can have greeted healing power effect on the mind. In other words, appreciating nature is also appreciating our life!

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