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By Tracy Payne,2014-09-16 03:36
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english position

     Education Pays

    Numerous individuals are questioning the worth of higher education with the job market weakening , yet the chart of weekly earnings in 2010 reveals a forceful counterevidence that the income is on average proportional background. Those with a doctors degree earn nearly 3.5 times as much as those with a less-than-high-school diploma.

    As an increasing number of graduates find it difficult to get a satisfactory job after years of perseverance in their studies , a hot debate arises on whether education pays. Proponents of higher education insist that education is a steadier and better-paying job and the basis of a comfortable life . However , the opponents assume that they will not stake their money on such a risky investment which does not guarantee a promising or beneficial career.

    However, we should not stop eating for fear of chocking. A better education , in most cases, not only mean a better job ,a higher salary and a lower unemployment rate , but a paving stone to the integrated development and further improvement of oneself. In a broad sense , it is education that contributes to the development and advancement of the whole nation , which in turn benefits every individuals. In conclusion , education is a

worthy investment.

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