handout 2 Cover Letter

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handout 2 Cover Letter

Handout 2

    Writing Cover Letter

Sample 1



    Computer Operator

     We require an English-speaking computer to work in a team of three in our newly opened Athens office.

     A fully experienced operator would be preferred, but we are willing to train a satiable applicant. Staff conditions include 35 hours per week, 32 days holiday per year, bonuses (after

    one years service), pension scheme and ample promotion opportunities. Preference will be given to candidates wishing to make careers with this company.

    Please apply in the first instance to the company secretary, Geron Head Office, Geron House, Gracht Hill, Hungerdam, Herts, HG 332 5DT, United Kingdom. Interview will be held in Athens.

    Task 1Analyze this advertisement and find out the requirements of the company?

    The company needs an employee that can:

    1. ________________________________

    2. _________________________________

    3. __________________________________

    Cover letter

    Dear Sir,

    I have seen your advertisement for a computer operator and I am interested in the


    I am 23 years old and Apart from my secondary schooling I studied English in Athens

    and have the Cambridge Proficiency Certificate.

    I have also been trained as a computer operator, although I have only just finished my

    training and have not yet had any experience. I hope to make this my career, and am

    delighted to have the possibility of employment with a company where I can use my English.

    I should be grateful for further details. At present I am teaching English at a school in

    Athens, but I count be available for an interview at any time.

     Yours truly

    Task 2: What information is included in this cover letter? Do you think the author writes the


    letter in accordance with the advertisement

    Sample 2


    Russell Buchanan decides to write to the national sales manager of Kauffman Institutional

    Equipment Inc., whose name he obtained by telephoning the company in Milwaukee.

    The letter

    Dear Mr. Hewlett:

    At the recent convention of the AASA in Detroit, I learned that Kauffman Institutional

    Equipment Inc. has an opening for a regional sales manager. Please consider me a candidate

    for the job.

    A summary of my qualifications is enclosed. You will see that I have had several years

    experience in education (teaching and administration) and in sales and sales administration,

    so I feel that I know the educational community from both inside and outside.

    Ever since I first purchased Kauffman classroom equipment and later became

    acquainted with a number of your representatives, I have considered the Kauffman name

    synonymous with quality and style. Although I am not an expert on your entire line, Im

    quite familiar with much of it and, frankly, I think so highly of your products that I would

    consider it an honor to represent your company.

    J. Sholes, the director of marketing at Horton-Miller Book Company, is aware that I am

    making application (you will see his name on my list of references) and has said that he would

    welcome a call from you if you wish to know more about me.

    In the meantime, I would be glad to come to Milwaukee to se you whenever it is

    convenient. You may write to me at the address given. If you wish to telephone me, you may

    call (312)255-6000, which is the home office in Northbrook. The people there always know

    where to reach me.

     Your truly

    Task 3: Discussion

    Work in pairs and find out:

    1) the basic element contained in this cover letter

    2;the way Russell Buchanan used to persuade the company to give him an opportunity for an interview;

    3) whether it is wise to mention his reference in the letter

    N.B. A resume reference is the person who can verify your information given in your resume. References are usually contacted in the last stages of the job selection procedure. They can be:


    former teachers and professors, clients, and former project managers or supervisors. It is best to call and get their permission before you list them in your resume. The following example shows how you can list references in a resume:


    Professor Wu Han

    Dean of Foreign Language School

    Shanghai Maritime University

    Shanghai, 2000135

    However, applicants often use the phrase References available upon requested in their


Task 4: Writing

    Write a cover letter for your resume. The following is an outline for your letter: Paragraph 1:

     how you learned about the vacancy

    Paragraph 2 -3:

    Statement as to why you are interested in the job and why you believe you qualify for it. Paragraph 4:

     A request for a personal interview and information about where you can be reached. P.S: Handout 2 provides you some useful expressions that you probable will use while you are writing



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