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    March 11, 2010 -

    On 03/11/10 at about 1:30 a.m. a Ferndale officer made

    a traffic stop at Woodward / E. Chesterfield on a

    Chevy with a tail light out.

    The officer found that the driver of the vehicle had

    warrant out for his arrest (Drug warrants out of

    Kentucky and misd. Warrants out of Detroit and

    Muskegon). The driver (37 years, b/m, Detroit resident)

    was arrested and when searched the officer found

    cocaine and marijuana on his person.

    There were two passengers in the car. The front seat

    passenger (b/m, 32 years, Ferndale resident) had

    cocaine and marijuana in his pockets and he was


    A second passenger in the vehicle was not found to be

    violating any laws, and was allowed to leave. When impounding the vehicle, officers found a bag with over 17 grams of marijuana in the trunk.

The case is being presented to the prosecutor‘s office for warrant requests. (release from Lt. William Wilson)

    March 4, 2010 Bobby McGowan‘s pretrial exam - see article in March 15, 2010 ed., or this link:

    March 1, 2010 - On 03/01/10 at approx. 12:14 a.m. FPD responded to a Hit and Run Injury Accident near 8 Mile / Fair. The accident involved a Ford Ranger Pick-up truck driven by a man who fled the scene. The pick-up ran into a mini-van; the van was occupied by two women who suffered apparent minor injuries. One of the women was taken by the ambulance to the hospital.

    Officers tracked the fleeing vehicle by following debris and fluid left in the roadway. They discovered where the pick-up had struck a tree and stop sign (which the truck then dragged with it) near Shevlin and Chester. Farther down the road, the truck ran into a parked vehicle.

    Officers found the suspect in a home on Chester, lived in by an acquaintance of his.

    Officers determined the man to be the hit and run driver and after conducting sobriety tests, arrested him for drunk driving. They found that he was in possession of two packets of heroin. He had a prior conviction for drunk driving.

Warrants were obtained for:

    1. OWI 2nd offense (1 year misd)

    2. Possession of Controlled Substance under 25 grams (4 year felony) Magistrate Mead set bond at $1000. (release from Lt. William Wilson)

    Feb. 28, 2010 - Yesterday, police arrested a 17 year old Detroit man (boy) after he was found trespassing in back yards. He has been tied to one or more home invasions in the area. Investigation continues. Once it is complete, turned over to the prosecutor, and warrants issued, I will provide more information.

    So, this is a teaser release. Stay tuned for more. (release from Lt. William Wilson)

    Feb 28, 2010 Officers on foot patrol near Via Nove at 344 W. 9 Mile Road encountered a group of people exiting a car in the valet parking area, at least one of the men from the car was smoking marijuana. Later that night police were called in response to two intoxicated men fighting. One of the men was ―extremely intoxicated.‖ Both were

    arrested and Via Nove was issued a liquor control citation. (from interview w/Chief Michael Kitchen and daily log report)

Feb. 20, 2010 - Hit and Run Accident Drunk driver arrested with 4 year old child as passenger 10-420

    On Sat. Feb. 20, 2010 at approx. 1:00 p.m. Ferndale police responded to an Hit & Run accident that occurred at Woodward and Fielding. A motorist with a cell phone followed the car and advised police dispatch of the location. A Ferndale officer found the suspect vehicle and stopped the driver in Detroit near 7 Mile and Warrington. The blue Honda CRV had fresh damage to the driver side fender. The driver was a 46 year old Westland woman. Seated behind her in a child seat was her 4 year old son.

    The woman appeared to be intoxicated, and was given field sobriety tests by the office. Her performance on these tests confirmed the officers suspicions. The woman was arrested and later given a breath test with a result of .25. Her son was turned over to a relative.

FPD is seeking warrants for OWI Child endangerment, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

    (release from Lt. Wilson)

    Feb. 19, 2010 - On 02/19/10 at 8:10 p.m. , FPD received information that a drug transaction just occurred between a pedestrian and somebody in a van near E. Hazelhurst and Woodward alley. Officers found a pedestrian matching the description given by the caller; he was walking in the alley a few blocks south. Officers made contact with him, and after investigating, arrested the 49 year old man for possession of a bag containing 5.8 grams of marijuana. Officers also found a silver van matching the description given and stopped the vehicle for driving without headlights on. An investigation resulted in the arrest of the 38 year old driver for Driving While License Suspended and possession of marijuana as he had two zip locks bags of marijuana in his coat pocket.

    Warrants are being sought for both suspects. (release from Lt. Wilson)

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Chazzano‘s Coffee Embodies Spirit of Ferndale Networking

    By, Crystal A. Proxmire

    When Chazzano Coffee Roasters opened at 1737 E. Nine Mile Road last November, it was one of the largest ribbon cutting ceremonies in Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce history. Over two dozen supporters crammed into the quaint, but business-like coffee shop that is located between Hilton and I-75, to check out the unique specialty coffees and the unique meeting-friendly environment that Chazzano‘s brings to the community. That‘s because

    owner Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo came to the close-knit city of Ferndale with a plan. His goal was to have every aspect of his business be associated with the city, and he choose to work only with other Ferndale Area Chamber members as he planned and opened the shop.

Chamber Director Jennifer Roosenberg attributed the large turn-out to ―the fact that he used so many Chamber

    members and networking that people really wanted to come out and support him.‖ When Lanzkron-Tamarazo made

    up his mind that he wanted to have his shop in Ferndale, he set out to use locally-active businesses in every aspect of the business. Insurance Agent Marty O‘Neill knew Lanzkron-Tamarazo from Business Network International of

    Royal Oak (BNI), and O‘Neill drew the coffee king to the Ferndale area by introducing him to commercial realtor Guy Scavone. The connections continued until he had found the perfect location, as well as the perfect web of community support to ensure him a strong opening.

    The grand opening speech included accolades for many local businesses. Blumz was thanked for providing fabulous flowers for the opening. Guy Scavone was recognized as the realtor and Todd Hoyt of K.E.T. Leasing and Hoyt, Brumm and Link as the new business‘ landlord. Aly Darin provided photography services. Marvin Petuch of IBC

    International Bancard Corporation handles all of Chazzano‘s credit card processing needs. Adrienne Greer of the

    Miller Agency arranged the business‘s liability and auto insurance. Craig Cesarone of C-Biz Computer Solutions

    supplied the POS system for the cash register. Ed and Angie Marsh of NightCry Graphics handled advertising and promotional materials. Mark Hill of Alert Alarm makes sure that the property is monitored 24/7. Mark Reder of Waste One Management is in charge of garbage disposal. Veronica Lujic and Nicole Rafaill of State of the Art Custom Framing designed the menu board and the artwork in the shop based on Chazzano‘s slogans. Daren

    Bossenberger of Phono Creative set up the signage on the door. Jay McMillan of Royal Services keeps the place looking spotless. Rita Van Keymeulen of Creative Office Design was responsible for the entire look of the place, and Ken Seawell was recognized as Lanzkron-Tamarazo‘s business coach. And of course The Ferndale 115 News

    played their role letting the public know about the event.

―My business is in Ferndale. I want to help grow local business as my BNI of Greater Royal Oak helped to build

    mine. Rita Van was on-site immediately after I signed the lease for the property. Rita's business, Creative Office Designs created an incredible space and I am so grateful that Andi Greer referred her to me. Everyone was a referral

    from another business owner. I met my business coach, Ken Seawell,

    through Jay McMillan who is a member of my BNI of Greater Royal

    Oak. I use Jay McMillan from Royal Services because he is local, does

    awesome work, and is a trusted friend and business referral partner.

    Ferndale is filled with people who believe in Givers Gain- if you help

    others reach their goals, both professionally and personally, they will

    also help you. Ferndale chamber members understand that Givers Gain

    helps everyone. I want to do everything in my power to help grow

    business in Ferndale and help everyone expand their networks,‖

    Lanzkron-Tamarazo said.

    Chazzano provides a unique coffee-tasting experience, and Lanzkron-

    Tamarazo takes his bean-roasting very seriously. ―There is nothing

    better that fresh-roasted coffee. My 9 years of experience roasting coffee

    has helped me to create roasts that bring out the natural flavors of the

    coffee. Wine has about 700 different flavor profiles- whereas coffee has

    over 1500 flavor profiles,‖ he said. ―I am able to bring out notes of

    grapefruit in the Kenya AA, notes of blueberry with a red wine finish

    with the Ethiopia Harrar, and notes of dark chocolate with the Mexico

    Chiapas. We give away coffee that is more than 2 weeks old. I make sure

    that all of our restaurant, cafe, or office accounts have the freshest coffee.

    Coffee and its incredible aroma and taste lasts but 2 weeks. After 2

    weeks, it is stale, without awesome aroma, and not worth drinking. Life

    is too short to drink bad coffee.‖

One of the slogans is ―Coffee that makes you sing,‖ which comes from the fact that Lanzkron-Tamarazo and his with

    Lisa are professionally trained classical singers. Lisa teaches at Marshall Music in West Bloomfield, while

    Lanzkron-Tamarazo continues to function as a Cantor at the synagogue he founded in Farmington Hills

    Congregation Hava Nashira. Chazzano Coffee Roasters is certified Kosher by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of

    Greater Detroit.

Since opening Lanzkron-Tamarazo has formed other partnerships in the

    area. Chazzano Coffee Roasters is now served at Anita's Kitchen, Amici's Pizza, Oakland Hills Golf Club, Bacco Ristorante, What Crepe, Tasi

    Smoothies, Pride Source Media Group and soon Cup.Cake in Royal

    Oak. They have also created at ten year partnership with King Coffee of Royal Oak, making King the exculsive distributor for Chazzano Coffee in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

In addition to providing a welcoming atmosphere to hold business

    meetings, there are also cupping parties (for coffee tasting and lessons in coffee flavor) and a meeting room available for rentals. They offer

    cupping parties for people to learn more about their flavor varieties. For more information on this new Ferndale business go to

    Murder Details Emerge in Pre-Trial Exam

    By, Crystal A. Proxmire

    Several young witnesses testified in the pre-trial exam, shedding light on the gang-style activities leading up to the shooting. While the two birthday girls danced and played party games under the watchful eyes of parents, a group of four teens on Andover Street in Detroit was getting ready to crash the party.

Sixteen year old ―Max‖ took the stand wearing a blue

    jumpsuit and chains, in police custody on unrelated charges. ―My brother had come over and said ‗let‘s go to a party. And we were all like ‗let‘s go.‘ After

    everybody was about to leave he [McGowan] goes back to the house to get the gun. I saw it in his sleeve, but I didn‘t say nothin‘.‖ The four teens then drove in

    a Silver Intrepid and parked in front of the VFW Hall Ferndale Nineteen year old Bobby Prince McGowan at 177 Vester Street. Witnesses said that one or more smiled and talked over his shoulder to friends during of the boys wore black tee shirts that said ―RIP DJ,‖ breaks in his pre-trial exam in 43rd District Court on referring to McGowan‘s brother who was murdered March 4, 2010. Judge Joseph Longo heard testimony earlier last year. from several young witnesses and a medical examiner before ordering McGowan to be held without bond pending trial in Oakland County Circuit Court on Witnesses said the party was going fine until charges of open murder and other felonies in the McGowan and three other young men arrived and December 19, 2009 shooting of two sixteen year old began telling people they were from ―State boys at the VFW Hall in Ferndale. Fair.‖ Others at the party announced that they were from ―Eight Mile.‖ Some witnesses reported seeing The shooting brought a tragic end to a sweet sixteen gang signs being flashed. birthday party for two Ferndale High School students. One victim, Tyshaun Thompson of Royal A 17 year old from Detroit who had come to the party Oak Township, lost three ribs and part of his liver with McGowan said that he and his friends had when a shotgun slug entered his abdomen and exited intended to meet a girl at the party and to go back to his back. The shot then pierced the abdomen of his her house. He said he had no idea McGowan had friend Charles "Chuckie" Andrew Dorchy of Detroit, brought a gun. ―We were just dancing and having who had been standing behind him. Dorchy died fun. A group was throwing up signals and getting all shortly after at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal in our face and yelling out gang signs,‖ said the Oak due to a severed artery. witness. ―I heard a shot. We all bagged back and I saw two people wrestling on the ground.‖ McGown, whose street name is ―Bags,‖ will be tried for open murder, two counts possession of a firearm in ―That song ‗Plenty Money‘ came on and someone a felony, assault with the intent to murder, and with money was flaunting it,‖ said another young possession of a firearm by a felon. The defense witness. ―He threw money in the air and the person argued that the murder was not pre-mediated, although with the brown and tan coat reached down to his right Prosecutor John Skrzynski said ―Just the fact that he and came up with a gun and shot,‖ he said. ―I see brought a deadly weapon, loaded and ready to fire to Chuckie fly back, holding his stomach. He lands on this party‖ was enough to warrant the open murder the floor.‖ charge. ―The intent is evident in that it‘s a point blank firing into a vital area,‖ he added. Longo agreed and Thompson testified he had gone to the kitchen to get ordered McGown held over without bond. something to drink, and was walking across the dance

    about two steps away from them, I looked down and I just saw fire come out. When I knew I was shot I ran back to the kitchen. I just felt blood and a hole,‖ he

    said. ―I was laying in the kitchen. Some girl named

    Desiray was there with me, putting stuff on my side to stop bleeding. It was about 20 minutes with her then some officers came in, sittin‘ on me telling me to stop moving. Then the guys came to put me in the ambulance.‖

    Chaos ensued as nearly 200 panicked teenagers ran to safety. After the shot went off, a 19 year old called ―Ray‖ grabbed the man with the gun and wrestled it away. Several witnesses say that it was McGowan who pulled the trigger, or that they saw him fighting over the gun just after the shooting. An 18 year old called ―Ray‖ said he was able to get the gun away and

    laid on the ground with it close to his chest as the teens from ―State Fair‖ attacked him. Friends of

    ―Ray‖ jumped in and the four party crashers ran off.

    ―Willy,‖ who had also come to the party with McGown, said that he was trying to leave when he got pulled into a fight. He said he made it outside and slipped on the snow, hitting his head on his car. Another witness said he followed the shooter and his friends outside, and bashed the teen‘s head against the car in a scuffle. ―Willy‖ said that once he and a

    friend made it back to Andover Street, they called for an EMS and he went to the hospital with a head injury.

    The man who took the gun away from the shooter also testified. ―Ray‖ told his version on the stand. ―I‘m

    standing behind them. One of the boys shot. He started back peddling and I grabbed him,‖ he said. ―I

    just seen the flash and heard the pop. I was standing right behind the boy who took the shot. I grabbed him from behind, holding the gun against his chest. And got in a fight with three other boys. We tussled with the gun and when I got it they ran out of the party.‖

    ―Ray‖ then hid the gun in his coat and put it in his friend‘s car. ―I went back in and saw Chuckie on the floor. Someone lifted his shirt and his intestines were hanging out. He wasn‘t crying and he was

    talking.‖ ―Ray‖ testified that he then drove to his friend‘s house in Royal Oak Township and wiped the gun down for prints. He then wrapped it in a tee shirt and a black plastic bag, which he taped closed. He said that he didn‘t want to be caught with a gun since he was on probation. He and his friend threw the gun on to the roof of the Royal Oak Township Recreation

    floor to meet up with friends. ―When I got close,

    Center, then went to visit their injured friends at the hospital.

    He said that he initially denied knowing anything about the shooting, but later told the police where to find the gun. ―I was scared I was gonna catch another case,‖ ―Ray,‖ who is on probation, said.

    McGowan did not testify at the pre-trial exam, though he did smile and chat with friends who were there to show support. Police asked that witnesses not be identified, and Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson said that witnesses are all ―very young and scared –

    rightfully so.‖

    The Ferndale Police worked closely with other departments to solve the murder, including a gang violence group from Detroit, and detectives who used Facebook to track down suspects.

Ferndale Chamber Gets New Name and Look

    by, Crystal A. Proxmire

    When Jennifer Roosenberg took over as Executive Director of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce a year ago, one of the first things she set out to do was give the Chamber‘s name and logo a facelift. ―Look at this,‖ Roosenberg said

    as she held up a sign of the Chamber‘s plain green rectangle logo with a swoop . ―We can do better than this.‖

    She and the Board of Directors assembled a team that included Night Cry Graphics and phono creative to give the Chamber a more dynamic image. They also wanted to focus on the broadness of the group‘s membership. ―For a

    long time people didn‘t know you could join the Chamber even if you weren‘t in Ferndale. People really want to be

    part of our community. That‘s why the group is now known as The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce.

    The new name and log were revealed at a Business After 5 Networking event hosted by The Post Bar and Liberty Tax Service on Feb. 25. The new logo has a spring green F and a powder blue C, set to form a corner with a clear A shaped in the middle that some might not notice at first glance.

    Ed March of Night Cry Graphics said that because the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce is a ―large, vibrant, growing enterprise,‖ their logo design needed to be as well. ―This captures the inclusiveness of the Chamber,‖ he

    said. Roosenberg said that nearly 40% of member businesses are outside the city borders.

    Brian Pecktol of Detroit Financial Group lives in Macomb Township and has an office in Farmington Hills, yet he said the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce was a good choice for him. ―I went to a Motor City Connect event

    and noticed how tight knit the Ferndale people were,‖ he said.

    Pectol joined the Chamber last fall, and recently joined their Ambassador group, which gives him a chance to help new members or shy ones connect at networking events. ―I‘m chatty, but I know a lot of other people have

    trouble talking to people they don‘t know. We make sure there are always friendly people to help all members make connections.‖ Pecktol sells insurance and financial planning services, and though he doesn‘t have a set sales territory, he prefers to do his networking in the Ferndale area. ―Where I live doesn‘t have a downtown, or that kind of feel. It

    makes a difference.‖

    Another out-of-town Chamber member is Carol Kirkland of AVE Office Supplies in Novi. She has been a member of networking groups in Rochester Hills and Novi, and attended meetings in other cities. Over the past year, Kirkland tagged along to several Ferndale Chamber events along with friend, passion coach and Chamber member Jodi Knittel, before finally joining just two weeks ago. ―I like the Ferndale group because it‘s not a huge group

    where you can‘t get to know people. They‘re so friendly and welcoming, and seem to really support each other as business owners.‖ Kirkland said she‘s excited to have joined right before the new branding change. ―The new logo

    is really upbeat, like the people. I also like that people may not see the ‗a‘ right away when they look at it. It‘s a fun,

    Ferndale kind of thing to do.‖

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