Climatic factors on the cold urticaria with the impact and significance of cystitis_71

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Climatic factors on the cold urticaria with the impact and significance of cystitis_71

    Climatic factors on the cold urticaria with the impact and significance of cystitis

     Authors: Li-Ming Yang, Wang Xiaoming, Liu

    Xiaoming, Han Wei, Zhang Ming

     Abstract by observing the primary acquired cold urticaria

    with the cystitis cases, combining literature, analysis of climate factors on the cold urticaria with the influence and significance of cystitis. Exposed to cold environment and to be localized to stimulate the development of systemic cold urticaria, diagnosed as primary acquired cold urticaria. Discusses the diagnosis and treatment. According to climate conditions, to avoid the cold, timely diagnosis and treatment are very important.

     Key words climatic factors; cold urticaria; cystitis; impact and significance of

     Abstract: The relatioship between climatic factors and cystitis patients with cold urticaria are analyzed in the article.Exposuring in a cold enviroment, with systematic or local cooling stimulate development of an urticaria rash, diagnosed as essential acquired cold urticaria, we present the cases of cystitis patients acquired cold urticaria and review the literature.The diagnosis and treatment of essential acquired cold urticaria and cystitis are discussed in the article. It is very important to avoid cold and to diagnosis in time according to climate condition.

     Key words: Climatic factors; Primary acquired cold urticaria; Cystitis; Influences and significances

     Man and nature is an organic whole, the outside climate

    variability, variable wind, cold and other six evils of the evil, affecting the body's physiological functions generate many diseases. Climatic conditions and changes affect not only physical health, with people's emotional and psychological development of a number of diseases are related, for example, cold urticaria with the obvious impact on bladder inflammation. Avoid sudden changes in climate brought about the harm to human beings and loss of significance. Because the elements of climate variability in Jilin Province gradient

    greater changes in the skin disease and is closely related to meteorological factors, climate factors on cold urticaria (cold urticaria) and the obvious impact on bladder inflammation. Refer to climatic factors, to take simple and inexpensive precautions can prevent many diseases, and can save considerable expense.

     1 Concept and classification of

     Click "Clinical Dermatology" acquired cold urticaria the diagnostic criteria, skin contact with cold air, just a few minutes there is localized edema, itching and wind group, more common in the face, hands exposed site, serious body can also occur with other offices within . Because the skin, mucous membrane of small blood vessel dilation and increased permeability of the limitations of edema caused by a reaction,

    often involving the dermis or subcutaneous tissue. Cold urticaria is an abnormal response disease, clinical common is that the patient encountered in cold water, cold air, and any cold will exposure to body parts and even appeared itchy wind

    groups, in serious cases, there may be chest tightness, choke gasp breathing difficulties and other symptoms. To restore warm environment, the wind subsided shortly groups, often persistent for several years, even longer, mainly in the face,

    arm, can be divided into primary acquired cold urticaria, secondary acquired cold urticaria , familial cold urticaria. Can be classified according to duration of chronic cold urticaria, acute cold urticaria, subacute cold urticaria. According to the rash area, seizure frequency and degree of itching can be divided into mild, moderate and severe. Mostly due to cold symptoms cold case of worsened heat gain is slow, more than spring and autumn and winter when the steep change in temperature, the cold wind of evil, invasive muscle form,

    so that business Wei disorders, blood is not and, yang weakness of the delivered, Expelling Qufeng cold-dispelling,

    solid-Wei Qi. Familial rare, autosomal dominant inheritance, since the beginning of infant morbidity, often for a lifetime.

    Common physical urticaria [1], often occur in cold environments, performance is limited and a wide range of wind Council mission, and its pathogenesis is currently considered to be caused by the IgE medium, attack accompanied by mast cells to release histamine , eosinophil and neutrophil chemotactic factor, kinins, and 5 HT lead agents. Cold

    urticaria is exposed to the cold conditions, itching occurs in different parts of the wind group, can affect oral mucosa, where there is oral ulcers, can compound the ice for the

    bilayer membrane [2], can achieve satisfactory results.

     For example, two medical record

     Example 1, female, 45 years old, after shampooing out, cold, cold skin repeatedly encounter groups, itching, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, through the various inspections diagnosed as cold urticaria, cystitis. Give Di Min 5 mg × 2

    boxes, 5 mg, Qd, po; Dussoux 1 mg × 30,2 ml intramuscular

    injection every other day 1; can be applied immunomodulatory agent, is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of

    chronic bronchitis, colds and asthma, 1 ml / time, 2 ~ 3 times / week; cimetidine 0.2 × 100 Pian, tid, po; vitamin C0.1 ×

    100 tid oral; kidney Shu particles, 3 times / d, 2 bags / time oral, through the cured.

     Example 2, female, 29 years old, or after the event of cold wind and cold when the skin has repeatedly encountered the cold windy groups, itching, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, through the various inspections diagnosed as cold urticaria, cystitis. To the pre-I di Min 5 mg × 2,5 mg, Qd,

    po; vitamin C 0.1 × 100,0.2 Tid oral; kidney Shu particles, 3 times / d, 2 sachets of oral treated and cured. Dicon Shenshu particles Chengdu dicon pharmaceutical company, composition: Hedyotis diffusa, Bodhisattva, Poria, Polygonum aviculare,

    Dianthus superbus, Treats, light bamboo leaves, ground yellow, Daqingye, licorice, per package 4 g, aluminum compound bag, 12 bags per box. Boiled water, 2 bags / time, 3 times / d. Qingrejiedu, Lee water Tonglin for urethritis, cystitis, acute

    and chronic pyelonephritis.

     Three climatic factors on the cold urticaria and the effects of cystitis

     Clinical epidemiological survey showed that regional climate characteristics and skin-related conditions, [3].

    Northern China, temperatures rapidly decreased and the cold

    weather may induce the occurrence of this disease. Patiently and carefully asking about her condition, timely diagnosis, to achieve the best therapeutic effect [4]. "Nei Jing" wind is riddled with long, when the body is not solid Tomori, Cou

    reason is not dense, cold of the evil, Cheng Xu foreign invasion resistance in the skin, shall not pass, shall not vent, make camp Wei falling out, gas Blood runs disorders, skin loss in Ru Yang, then the hair for the wind group.

     Some cold urticaria, cystitis related to medical content, is a medical disease, internal medicine covers a wide range, some patients with primary acquired urticaria histamine-

    releasing activity present in this active substance is greater than the molecular weight of 100 000 , and rely on the

    involvement of complement. Alpine region has the

    characteristics of cold and windy, so Youyi more common cold urticaria, a common allergic skin mucosal vascular permeability-increasing expansion and the emergence of the

    limitations of edematous reaction to cold urticaria prevalent The most common allergic skin and mucous membranes of vascular permeability-increasing expansion and the emergence of the limitations of edema response, is a rash of medical hysteria areas Syndrome is a cold type. Wei-qi outside the virtual

    table is not solid, cold evil of the invasion walls have less than the main pathogenesis for the righteous, evil intrusion, Expelling Yiqi solid form, Qufeng itching, with astragalus, mizolastine in the treatment safe and effective. Diagnosis

    should be careful visual examination [5], to the medical center, and continuously improve the quality of medical care, to avoid misdiagnosis misdiagnosis and avoid medical disputes [6]. Can occur after primary acquired cold urticaria often

    overlooked and missed diagnosis [7]. The wind, heat, summer, wet, dry, cold "six gas sub-rule" is that there are authors

    report 1 case 54-year-old male hepatitis C virus infection

    associated with cryoglobulinemia in patients with type ?

    occurred cold nettle Multi-core biopsy diagnosis are

    associated with moderate inflammatory exudate white blood cells, there are IgM and C3 deposition, with anti-viral

    interferon β treatment of clinical manifestations and serum cryoprecipitate immunoglobulin (cryoglobulin), and HCV RNA

    disappeared in subsequent nine years without recurrence [8]. That the new anti-histamine drug resistance is still good, but the result was often poor, high doses of cinnarizine on the acquired cold urticaria effective and well tolerated [9].

    Selective histamine H1 receptor antagonist, had no significant anti-cholinergic and anti-5 HT role of central inhibition

    less renal function impairment in patients with the FDA to make an appropriate reduction, pregnant and lactating women,

    the FDA ban. Report of 1 case of 22-year-old man working in a

    cold environment, local and systemic stimulation, cold urticaria, diagnosed as primary acquired cold urticaria [10]. Familial cold urticaria gene mutation, gene identification is a meaningful treatment for this serious disease indicators [11]. Cold urticaria can be associated with mycosis fungoides (mgcosis fungoides), is rare [12]. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     4 Climate Prediction System and the fight against the

    establishment of cold urticaria with the meaning of cystitis

     Cold urticaria with the occurrence of cystitis extremely close relationship with the cold air activity, cold urticaria with the period of high incidence of cystitis is always in a

    stronger impact of the weather systems within 3 ~ 5 d. Factor in the selection process, full consideration in the actual work is simple, practical and this principle, seeks to target accounting simple, practical and convenient. Factor in the selection process, full consideration of the incidence of factors and climatic factors lag between the problems in the census of 15 climatic factors and the incidence, compiling a daily temperature, humidity, wind and other meteorological elements of information, extreme temperature data, as well as

    Correspondingly, cases of data; right information to use more the average processing, slide processing, hierarchical processing, probability and statistics, cluster analysis, statistical methods and other digital processing. Various

    types of diseases and analysis of the relationship between weather conditions. Various diseases using statistical methods to the climate of law (year, quarter, month, day) are analyzed, and developed the background in the different climatic conditions, various types of diseases (cold

    urticaria, cystitis) the incidence of the law. Based mainly on clinical medicine, pathology, immunology, epidemiology, etc., as well as the theoretical basis and principles of the body's

physiological characteristics to explore the pathogenic

    mechanism of Meteorology in the process, so that changes in meteorological factors and diseases have a strong relationship between the results of the analysis of scientific sex. Dramatic changes in meteorological factors are likely to

    cause, aggravate urinary system diseases. Whether the incidence of bladder inflammation with cold or cooling related. In patients with persistent low temperatures likely to cause a significant increase. Incidence of urinary tract infections and precipitation have a certain relationship, but each season is slightly different. Spring, winter incidence of urinary tract infections, and nephritis closely related to the number of days with precipitation, the incidence within five days (four days before and the day) more than the number of

    days of precipitation, then the incidence rate. 15 mm or more within five days of summer precipitation more than the number of days, then the higher incidence of bladder inflammation. 10 mm or more within five days of autumn rain increased the

    number of days when the significantly higher incidence of bladder inflammation. More than the number of days within five days of precipitation, then the fall of a higher incidence of bladder inflammation. In addition, continuous rain also cause

    the increased incidence, so that patients were significantly increased. Humidity and the incidence of the disease was positively correlated, that is, the incidence of cystitis and increased with increasing humidity.

     Year, each month there is a clear change in the number of hospitalized patients, which in November to a maximum of 3 months, June is greater, that is, occur mainly in the seasonal transition month. November is the autumn and winter transition season, the cold air activities that we have the fastest

    temperature change, the month the temperature on the transition from zero to below zero, the maximum daily average temperature and minimum daily average temperature difference 11.4 ?; 3 Yue for the winter and spring 2 quarter of the transition temperature changes quickly within a month, and the daily average temperature minus the transition from the gradual transition to zero, the maximum daily average

    temperature and minimum daily average temperature difference 9.7 ?; 6 month is spring and summer season, the transition temperature and humidity changes are larger. In addition, continuous rain also cause the increased incidence, so that

    patients were significantly increased. A random sample of 100

    cases of chronic urticaria, dermatitis, eczema 10 mg / d, a continuous 28 d, on the allergic skin diseases fast onset time, duration longer. Selective pharmacological inhibition of histamine H1 receptor and inhibit mast cell release of histamine, but also has anti-inflammatory activity [13]. Case

    of 10-year-old boy swimming in the swim after exposure to cold air urticaria, a second cold test, blood samples taken in the forearm measured the level of histamine release, suggesting

    that the response to cold stimulation, histamine release [14] the symptoms signs associated with the histamine levels. Changes in climate elements using cold urticaria and the incidence of bladder inflammation grade forecasting of climate

    trends that can predict the future climatic conditions caused by the incidence of high or low, for the rational use of climatic conditions, disease prevention and treatment of the importance of rational use of medicines. Refer to climatic

    factors, the hospital can take measures to strengthen for the weather-related cold urticaria with the prevention and treatment of cystitis.

     Take the wind rain, cold wind that made the event more seriously, can be headache, hypotension, laryngeal edema, or

    syncope. Anti-allergy treatment can quickly ease the symptoms. Sudden change of climate, we should always keep warm and avoid cold directly stimulate the skin, avoiding the cold stimulation, to avoid rapid changes in skin temperature, or physically affected by cold, especially with the damp cold stimuli. The disease is a traditional Chinese medicine, "wheal" "Wind scratch rash hysteria" and other areas. According to Chinese medicine practitioners "itch from the wind, the itching must first Shufeng" point of view, treatment

    can be Shufeng cold-dispelling, Qi solid form. Zhen-wu

    decoction with cold urticaria, righting strengthen our foundation, specimen-wen, a better effect. In short, climate factors on the cold urticaria and bladder inflammation have an

    important impact.


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