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’73[new title here-vote below]

    Your 1973 Class Officer Team

    President Mark Harty 781-237-0421 Vice President Steve Kessner 914-725-8568

    2nd VP/Asst. Treas. Bunk Rosenblum 802-649-5270 Secretary Val Armento 408-733-5111

    Treasurer John Neff 203-655-5137

    Head Agent Rick Routhier 203-966-7332 Newsletter Editor Bob Barr 603-632-7924 Gift Planning Chair Pat Kennedy 206-324-7394 Mini-Reunion Chair Bob Haynes 802-649-1097 Web Master Bill Nisen 603-448-0645 Alumni Council Thad King 404-351-1640 Class Necrologist Bob Conway 518-439-7763

    Valentine’s Day 2009 Newsletter

    Belated New Year‟s greeting to all ‟73‟s wherever “Round the Girdled Earth” you may roam. As I begin this epistle I note that in two days‟ time a new chapter in American history commences with ththe inauguration of Barack Obama as our 56 President. Expectations are running high that he will

    be our “life preserver” in these difficult times. I worry that they are set so high that he cannot help

    but fail in some areas. Of course while this would prove that he is only human, there will be those

    who seize upon the failures over the successes as proof of their particular points of view. If nothing

    else, to date President Obama has proved that he is solicitous of opinions from every quarter. As

    one Republican Senator remarked last week, he has talked to the incoming President more than he

    talked with the outgoing President in eight years. I pray that those in Washington can unite together

    to solve some of the problems that this country faces rather than resort to the partisan bickering that

    ensures that the tough problems of our time go unsolved.

    New Year deserves a new newsletter masthead…

Yes I have been your humble scribe as newsletter editor seemingly forever. I love this job and rely

    on your numerous notes and emails to provide grist for my mill. Over the years you have shared

    with me your triumphs and tribulations, as I have mine with you. Yet I believe that perhaps we have

    moved into a new phase of our lives as we begin to think about our lives beyond child rearing and

    career striving. It suggests that ‟73 The Rest of the Story needs to be updated to reflect our new

    pursuits. President Mark Harty speaks to this new theme below. And so I invite you to email me at your vote and/or ideas for a new newsletter title that reflects our new realities. Here

    are my two suggestions, however I welcome all ideas:

    ? ‟73 Reconnection

    ? The 1973 (‟73) Connection

Dartmouth 1973 1. February 2009

From the President’s Pen:

    I am looking forward to working with as many classmates as I can reach out to over the next five years leading up to our 40th Reunion. Let me start by thanking outgoing President and ongoing Newsletter Editor, BOB BARR. Big shoes to fill. Bob has been, and continues to be, a terrific class leader and a good friend. Both Bob and BUNK ROSENBLUM did an outstanding job with our 35th and have helped to pave the way for all of us as we gear up for our next reunion.

    If there is a single theme that I would like to reinforce for the next five years it is this: re-connect with your classmates. I realize that many of you have never lost that connection. But many others have. And with active families, geographic challenges, and demanding careers, it is very easy to see why. But especially at this stage in our lives, as we approach 60, I truly believe that for almost everyone, getting back in touch with your Dartmouth classmates will be very rewarding. And I am not just referring to old friends---although that is obviously important. I am also referring to striking up new friendships within the class. Bob Barr has written movingly about how he and Bunk never really knew each other very well until they started to work on the 35th. And now they are very close friends. I have had a similar post graduation experience with classmates like THAD KING and STEVE KESSNER and PAUL SEHL whom I did not know very well at all as an undergraduate but now consider to be very good friends of mine.

“Anyway, to facilitate this theme of „re-connection, and with the goal of building some momentum

    for our 40th, we are going to try to put together at least three informal get-togethers for classmates over the next couple of years. They will be in Boston (which I will host); New York (which Steve Kessner will host); and Chicago (which Paul Sehl will host). Dates and places to be determined. These will not be fund-raisers, just chances for classmates to socialize and perhaps get reacquainted. There will be more on this in upcoming bulletins.

    As I am writing this in December (although I do not know when this newsletter will actually arrive in your mail box) let me just conclude with best wishes to everyone for the holiday season and for a peaceful and healthy New Year. And I‟ll be in touch! Best regards, Mark”

Alumni Council Update:

Dear Classmates and Near Classmates,

    The following is my report on the 197th Meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council, which was held December 4-6, 2008.

    The mission of the Alumni Council is to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between the alumni and the College, and to enhance and inspire alumni involvement that furthers the mission of the College.

    This report is meant to complement the wealth of information--about this Council meeting and alumni affairs in general--available on the Office of Alumni Relations Web site at If you haven‟t already, it‟s a good idea to save this address among

    your “favorites.” Thad King

The 20-Second Summary: Alumni Council meetings provide council members with lots of

    information. Here is a 20-second summary (see below for details on each item):

    Dartmouth 1973 2. February 2009

* The economic downturn means Dartmouth will have to cut up to $40 million in operating

    expenses over the next two years. The endowment is down 13.5 percent. (Harvard‟s is down 22


    * Dean Tom Crady has practical, effective, data-based insights into forming a sound alcohol


    * International student applications are on the rise.

    * Alums will soon vote on a referendum on the nominating process for alumni-nominated


    * Watch the “Wearers of the Green” video at You can also register there for the induction dinner in Boston May 16.

    * The new Biondi baseball complex and Floren Varsity House are amazing.

    * Visit the Dartmouth YouTube channel at

    * Alums can send their thoughts to the trustees through the Alumni Liaison Committee at (Please put a subject in header field.)

Class Organization:

I know that in the year following a reunion two of our class officers approach their respective

    current-year duties with some trepidation. I am speaking, of course, about:

    John Neff; Our esteemed treasurer, who would, if he were writing here, tell you to pay your dues (however with perhaps more vigor and expression). After all our dues actually

    went DOWN this year. Listen, if you like this newsletter you need to pay your dues because class

    funds pay for its production and mailing, as well as your receipt of the Alumni Magazine.

Rick Routhier: Our new Head Agent. Thanks to Wayne Davis and his thteam last year we set a new record for the 35 Reunion. How can we top this in a non-reunion year,

    you might ask? While some will need to cut back on last year‟s superlative effort, the big thrust this

    year will be to increase our participation. Please, if called by a volunteer classmate consider joining

    us at whatever level is appropriate for your situation. Thank you.

    And now your news…

Tricia and I attended the memorial service for Dave Bracken’s father, Warner, last weekend in

    Uxbridge, MA. It brought together Dave and Liz from Lincoln, NB as well as his Uncle Ted

    Bracken ‟65 (and son Lane ‟11), Dave‟s two daughters, their respective spouses and one of the three

    Bracken grandkids. It was good that the granddaughter was present because it served to show (me at

    least) the full circle of life. Just as we mourn Warner‟s passing we celebrate the arrival of this baby.

From Mark Harty:

    Bill Kellogg, co--captain of the varsity tennis team in 1973, is still immersed in the world of

    tennis. Bill is the President and CEO of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club in La Jolla, CA. He is

    still playing serious tournament tennis and is a factor in his age group on a national level. Bill is

    also very involved with the USTA and actually ran the Davis Cup matches that were played in

    Winston-Salem, NC earlier this year.

Dartmouth 1973 3. February 2009

Bruce Ling has recently moved to London, England where he is a senior VP with the international

    investment bank , Credit Suisse.

Jake Johnston:

    Hi Bob, Happy New Year! Hope you had some fun and relaxing times with your family and

    friends.Hey, how about that Canadian Junior Team? According to many broadcasters two of the

    greatest games played in recent tournaments were Canada/USA on New Year‟s Eve and on the

    weekend Canada/Russia.

     “I‟ve been trying to connect with Bob Haynes regarding some tickets for the hockey games on Feb.

    13/14. Also, I was wondering about the ages in the Alumni Hockey Game. Any room for a 58 year

    old „real‟ old-timer? Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. All the best. Jake p.s. Walkie says hi.

    Steve Kessner; (dated 11/6/08) Richard and Eve Kessner gave birth to Avital Kessner this morning. All are doing fine. Steve

    , 128 Pilgrim Rd., Wellesley, MA: James Kloppenerg ’73

    James is the Charles Warren Professor of American History at Harvard and the 2008-2009 Pitt

    Professor of American History and Institutions at the University of Cambridge in England. He was

    on campus last fall as part of an Alumni panel assessesing Obama's victory. “Was the election a

    victory for Obama, or a referendum on George Bush, whose popularity has declined so

    profoundly?” asked President James Wright at a Nov. 10 symposium titled, “Reflections on the

    2008 Campaign: Challenges for the New President.” Wright asked the alumni panelists to put the 2008 presidential election into a historical context and discuss its significance.

Dartmouth has received a major gift to support financial aid, a top priority for the College and a

    program that was recently restructured to offer more generous assistance to a wider range of

    incoming students. Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones, Class of 1973, of Dallas have committed $10 million for need-based scholarships, with first preference given to students with demonstrated need

    from Texas to attend the College. Kudos, Trevor and Jan, and much admiration for this gift!

In Memoriam:

     thHere is an excerpt from Bob Conway‟s remarks at the 35 Reunion Memorial Service he lead that captures the meaning and purpose of remembering departed classmates:

    “Former Phillips Exeter Academy chaplain Fred Beuchner, a poet, a writer and sometimes pastor

    writes, „When you remember me it means you have carried something of who I am with you, and I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. It means that you can summon me back to your

    mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us. It means that if we meet again,

    you will know me. It means that even after I die, you can still see my face and hear my voice and

    speak to me in your heart.‟ ”

Hans E. Hognestad of Miami, Florida, died on November 21, 2008. Hans came to Dartmouth from

    Wilmette, Illinois, where he attended New Trier Township High School. After graduation he

    worked as a specialist in information technology. Hans taught children‟s Sunday school for many

    years at St. Philip‟s Episcopal Church in Coral Cables, Florida, where he served also as a chalice

    minister and a lector. He is survived by his wife Carmen and two daughters Marta and Ana.

Dartmouth 1973 4. February 2009

Christopher Anthony Squire, Jr. of San Mateo, California, died on July 31, 2008, of melanoma

    cancer. Cass came to the College from Deerfield Academy. After Dartmouth he specialized as an

    engineer in business information systems architecture and data administration, working for IBM

    Global Business Services and later as a consultant for Prism Solutions, Inc. He is survived by his

    wife Sarah Louise Ellis, a son Jeffrey and three daughters Catherine, Laura and Rebecca. Cass was

    the brother of Marguerite H. Squire ‟79.

Upon further review….

While the mailbag was a bit slim for this edition (and I could really use your help here) there is

    certainly no dearth of things to talk about since the last newsletter written on Labor Day weekend.

    Think about it:

    ? The collapse of our financial system.

    ? An unprecedented transfer of public money to the private sector.

    ? The election of the nation‟s first President of color.

    ? Another war in the Middle East.

I know, I‟ve left a lot out. Frankly, the above list gives me enough to worry about without adding

    more items to it. In particular I shiver at the thought of a budget deficit that is approaching one

    trillion dollars a year and what that means for me, for my kids, and for the role that the United

    States will play in the world going forward. I read over Christmas vacation Hot, Flat and Crowded

    by Tom Friedman and it really gave me pause. It makes me think about what I can do to ameliorate

    some of the problems that we all must face sooner rather than later if we are to survive as a species.

    I urge you to read this book.

On the personal front, seeing 2008 recede into the rearview mirror is good in many ways. As some

    of you know, Tricia, together with her sisters, spent much of the year providing care to their father,

    Mert, who passed away this fall. It has left a hole in her life which only time will help to close. As

    we become our parents (age-wise if nothing else), they move in the other direction and become our

    children. Such is the case with my mother. She has been in and out of her assisted living unit to the

    hospital and then rehab as the impact of her emphysema begins to become more pronounced. Just

    recently my sister and I have determined that she needs to move into the more skilled nursing area

    of Harvest Hill, something that she is resisting. As her world becomes smaller, I feel for her and her

    perceived loss of independence. I tell my kids to push me off the boat mid-lake with lead sneakers

    when I become that health-challenged.

Yet there were some good times in 2008 as well. One of them occurred over Christmas week when

    we took the family to the Dominican Republic joining some dear friends and their family. I read

    three books, watched the tourists covered with oil (as Jimmy Buffet sings), and ate too much. It was

    good to have all three of the kids together as this has become a rare occurrence with them based in

    Boston, Thailand and Virginia. While I used to go crazy with three active young kids under foot, I

    now relish these times. I am a believer that The Good Old Days are Now!

In closing I look ahead to 2009 as a year of hope and high expectations. May it be one of good

    health and prosperity for you and your family. Please write!


Dartmouth 1973 5. February 2009

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