Cited by the drug in traditional Chinese medicine cited by the chemical composition of_793

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Cited by the drug in traditional Chinese medicine cited by the chemical composition of_793

    Cited by the drug in traditional Chinese medicine cited by the chemical composition of

     Abstract Objective To evaluate the drug in traditional Chinese medicine cited by the existence of the role of play cited by the chemical composition, and thus more clearly,

    "cited by the newspaper to make," the theory of science, for the future to explore, extract and development cited by the agent to provide direction and theoretical basis for the . Methods The literature research, from the known experimental

    findings and clinical application of analysis, deductive and inductive reasoning cited by the components out of the theory. Results After extensive literature survey and found that quoted by some of the chemical composition of traditional

    Chinese medicine, such as Platycodin class, TMP and aromatic types and many other active ingredients have their own active choice, can take the initiative to enter the target site, similar to the primer , Promoter, transmitter, medium, Kai-

    conductor, transducers, transporters and other initiatives targeting vector functions. Conclusion cited by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of the use of modern science and technology, can the chemical composition from those known in the guiding role of filtering out most of

    the active ingredient, or can be found on the guiding role of the unique, "avidin" or " Targeting child "active ingredient for the future development of specialized" cited by the agent "provides the material basis, more validation cited by the

    Chinese medicine theory, paving the way for development of Chinese medicine theory.

     Key words cited by the drugs cited by the theory cited by the components of Chinese medicine

     Exploration on the Guiding Chemical Constituents in the

Medicinal Guides of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo explore the chemical constituents that play a guiding role existing in the medicinal guides of the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, so that to make it more scientific of the theory "guiding actions". MethodsBy investigating the literatures, the author made the analysis, derivation, induction and deduction on the theory of the guiding constituents from the known experimental results and clinical outcomes. ResultsThrough a large number of the

    literature investigations, in the medicinal guides, some chemical constituents such as Platycodosides, 3H-ligustrazine

    and aromatics, etc were found to have their own selectivity and the ability to actively enter the targetable sites,

    similar to the active target-tropism functions of primer,

    promoter, transmitter, mediator, transductor and transporter, etc. ConclusionUnder the instruction of TCM guiding theory, adopting modern science and technology, researchers would entirely enable to screen the bioactive components possessing the best guiding actions from the known chemical components of the medicinal guides. Perhaps they could discover some bioactive components possessing the peculiar guiding actions, such as "affinitin" or "targeter". It is possible to provide the essential substances for preparing the special "guiding agents" and also do the theoretical evidence for examining the TCM guiding theory and paving the plain way for developing TCM theory.

     Key words: Medicinal guides; Medicinal guide theory;

    Medicinal guide components; TCM

     Cited by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine theory, the development of an extension of Meridian is Li Dongyuan Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Wang Haogu generation of famous doctors of the theoretical research initiative. They summed up in the system, summed up the return by the theory, based on Fat Probe into micro, deduced cited by the theory, put forward the system of party drug use must be "quoted by the newspaper to make" This epoch-

    making breakthrough in the theory. This theory laid-off party

    on later drug use has played a Documentary Hypothesis, the finishing touch of a key guiding role. According to the

theoretical system of Chinese medicine division, quoted by the

    theory attributed to go through the theory of content, but the trend in the drug functions differ. Tropism refers to the organs of drugs on the body of a selective role of the meridian, while the Yin Jing refers to the change in the role

    of other drugs, the direction or location, or to the role of focus, or focus on a specific direction and location [1]. Owned by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine has long been developing slowly, until the 20th century, 50 years, with the rapid development of world medical research, traditional Chinese medicine research in the methodological entered into a new era, thus beginning the use of modern medical science and technology on traditional Chinese medicine substantive research, medicine go with the study cited by the thus opened a new page. To the 20th century, 90's, go with the traditional Chinese medicine research has been cited by the progress of a more in-depth, researchers from the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine in the body of the distribution,

    receptor theory, the relationship between trace elements and go done by the system study [2]. In order to further clarify cited by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and to explore the Chinese herbal medicine cited by the main chemical

    constituents and provide a theoretical guide in order to initiate're light on the individual's point of view described below.

     One cited by the ancient theory of

     Tropism in Chinese medicine based on the theory of Chinese medicine theory, the formation begins cited by Jin and Yuan Dynasties [3]. Li Dongyuan, Wang cited by the creation of a good old theory, first put forward, "cited by the newspaper to make," the technical term, clearly pointed out by the argument by the various drugs. As brothers by the disease in the sun as Notopterygium cited by drugs, Ligusticum; Hand-

    Foot-Shaoyang cited by the disease through drug as Bupleurum so. The ancients used to take like a good way to set than the type cited by the principle of traditional Chinese medicine,

    such as particularly in the Jing, in his "medical school" and said: "The soldiers are not up to non-wizard thief territory,

    drug-free so that is not common problem cited by the." This analogy is extremely precise and appropriate. In fact, the

    medical treatment like operations, and the fight against disease is like fighting with the enemy, to break into the

    enemy camp, and must be familiar with the enemy, smart and competent commanders and soldiers a pioneer. Treat the same token, to combat the disease must have a special performance of the drug as a "cited by the drug" leading the other drugs, drive straight destroy "disease of the pandemonium," that lesion sites. Wu Ju Tong is also his "book doctor doctor and patient" and figuratively, said: "The drugs have been cited, such as the person who does not know the path is also used Wizard." These important theories are the crystallization of long-term clinical practice. So far, still the removal of China's Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical medication side

    guiding principles.

     2 cited by the modern theory of

     With the world the rapid development of modern medical technology, people are scrambling to find quick and efficient ways and means of administration, which led to revolutionary

    changes in traditional Chinese medicine research and development. Especially in the last 10 years, Chinese medicine research has entered the realm of molecular biology. Cited the role of Chinese medicine and modern pharmaceuticals by targeting the role of the theory are very similar. The difference is that the role of a natural target cited by the nature of the role of the modern pharmaceutical targeting artificial way to add some kind of drug carrier of the nature of the artificial target. Both also have in common, namely:

    initiative and passivity. Modern pharmaceutical science to this initiative and passive is called "active targeting" and "passive targeting." At present, targeted drug delivery system (targeted drug delivery system, TDDS) research has become a

    research hotspot in Pharmacy [4]. What is the TDDS? TDDS refers to a class of drug concentrations can be located centrally in the lesions, tissues, organs, target cells, and even inside the cell structure and require a certain concentration of the drug to stay for a long time in order to play a pharmacodynamics. The success of TDDS should have three elements: orientation accumulation, control release, non-toxic

    biodegradable [5]. Of current research of targeted agents mainly consists of "active targeting agents" and "passive

    targeting preparations," two categories. The most commonly used active targeting agents is a receptor-mediated targeted

    drug delivery, it can use cell surface receptors for drug targeting delivery. The most commonly used passive targeting

preparations are particulate vector-mediated targeting agents.

    Particles include liposomes (LS), nanoparticles (NP) or nanocapsules (NC), microspheres (MS) or microencapsulated (MC), cells and emulsions and so on. Particles through the

    rich phagocytic cells reticuloendothelial system (RES) target in various organs.

     Chinese medicine "drawing upon" is mainly "active targeting" nature, its function is to guide the active ingredients of other drugs needed to reach the lesion site. To

    Campanulaceae, for example, Campanulaceae its gas-light-float,

    for lung and upper coke should be cited by the drugs, such as using Campanulaceae Tianwangbuxin Dan, which aims to raise various open-air, citing various drugs up, so to help various drugs Zi Xin Yin, raising efforts to enhance peace of mind of God the role of various drugs [6]. "Into a convenient time," a book there are "drawing up of various drugs Entering heart" theory of records. "Ancient and modern famous doctor side" theory has even more Campanulaceae as "Zhou Ji" [7]. Can be seen that Campanulaceae is an important and indispensable blindly quoted by the drug. Of course, cited by Chinese medicine also has its "passive targeting" side, that is to rely on fabricated using accessories such as wine, vinegar,

    salt, etc., as mediated by the introduction of the necessary parts of the drug substance. If Bezoar supernatant rhubarb pills for diarrhea in this prescription, but after wine after the system was able to boot up the bezoar, and other drugs the

    treatment of oral diseases such as Khieu craniofacial Zhu, of course, Campanulaceae is the recipe of the main cited by the drug.

     Three cited by the chemical composition of the drug cited by the

     Cited by the traditional Chinese medicine why is cited by

    the effect? In accordance with the simple philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine theory, nothing more than the inherent nature of traditional Chinese medicine taste that "four gas flavors" and its tendency that is, "Lifting drift along" the common role of the meridian and organs. With modern scientific theories to explain, in general can not do without drugs, chemical composition and in vivo combined effect of all micro-substances, which is a common biochemical and

    biophysical effects. This is the role of drug treatment

    principle is the same. The reason cited by the drug can be cited by, there is bound to play a role in the material basis of its existence. So what is a quote cited by the role of the drug through the material basis? This is the crux of the

    problem cited by the role of the answers to these riddles is the large number of Chinese medicine researchers try to overcome the difficulties and focus. In recent years, from a large number of reported in the literature can be seen, many

    dedicated to the study of Chinese medicine experts and scholars have actively taken part in traditional Chinese medicine in the Meridian, as quoted by the role of the material basis for exploring attempt. Is still known as the "Zhou Ji" and should be cited by drug Campanulaceae, for

    example, the main component of the Campanulaceae Platycodon grandiflorum saponins (Platycodosides), in recent years, also found that a variety of Campanulaceae triterpenoid saponins (triterpenoid saponins). At present, the known Campanulaceae

    contains eight kinds of triterpenoid saponins [8], that there are eight kinds of components in six kinds of pairs of non-

    small cell lung cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma, colon carcinoma and certain nervous system, such as five kinds of in vitro human cultured tumor cells were inhibited. The water extract of Platycodon grandiflorum (AEPR) on human cultured airway epithelial cells by lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced

    acute respiratory inflammatory diseases, better therapeutic effect; of nuclear factor kB (NF-Kappa B) and its inhibitory

    regulator , inhibitory kB (I-Kappa B) in the LPS-induced

    inflammatory responses play an important role [9]. The study also found that Campanulaceae immune regulatory role, can activate macrophages and B cells. Experiments show that

    Campanulaceae wild-type C3H/HeN mice peritoneal macrophages and functionality of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR-4) have an

    impact on the lack of mice, suggesting that Campanulaceae-

    mediated induction of NO produced by iNOS mRNA and expression

    in macrophages was mediated, at least in part through the TLR4/NF-kB signal path [10]. Platycodon grandiflorum extract of the water has also demonstrated immune effects can enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytes to increase granulocyte bactericidal capacity and increase the activity of lysozyme [11]. As can be seen from the above description, known saponins from Platycodon grandiflorum by the arrival of the body parts and the role played by the treatment coincides with the traditional Chinese medicine theory. It is working with

    the treatment of pulmonary disease, lung normalized owned by

    the theory are consistent; can treat the role of colon cancer and lung and large intestine relative to the theory of table match. As to why can the treatment of ovarian cancer, melanoma

    and nervous system some of the cancer, because Platycodin surfactant with enhanced cell membrane permeability can be, but also to other drugs from insoluble components Solubilization of [12 ] Moreover, studies suggest that the lung and the entire respiratory system, digestive system, the immune system and other systems have a certain correlation can Campanulaceae tissues and organs of these systems have a selective effect [12].This TCM Kikyo has "declared open lung, Su precipitation source" is issued on a pass, "Zhou Ji"-like

    characteristics of the theoretical description is basically the same. Therefore, Campanulaceae been cited as an important drug is unquestionable. Another example is known as the "blood of the gas Medicine" Chuanxiong, the main active ingredient is

    the TMP. Experimental studies have shown that [2], TMP target organ is the digestive organs, especially the liver, gall bladder markers in the highest content, and its markers may be crossing the blood-brain barrier into the brain. This TCM

    Chuanxiong pass through liver, headache Treatment of theory and clinical testing completely consistent. Another example cited by the Heart Sutra best medicine borneol, borneol a number of studies confirm that the aromatic substances Dipterocarpus (borneol) have a strong targeting to enhance the role, can rapidly across the blood-brain barrier. CT scans to

    monitor confirmed that the borneol to promote the mechanism of other drugs into the brain lies in changing the permeability of cell membranes [1]. The active ingredients of these drugs in which one or what exactly are cited by several elements is not clear, perhaps the real argument has not yet been found by the elements, this is what we want to explore the key. What is a quote by the elements? Does a certain percentage of the main active ingredient is cited by the majority of each of the active ingredient or ingredients have been cited the role of their own, or with other drugs, certain elements of synergies arising from a Citation by the chemical composition, it is

    worth in-depth study . Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     4 cited by the assumption that components

     Cited by the role of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine is inseparable from the active ingredients, and any

kind of medicine do not exist in non-drug active ingredients

    associated with the isolation of the role of the so-called Yin

    Jing. Therefore, we can draw such a theory: TCM cited by the function is to play a role in the drug active ingredient based

    on the features to go through the further strengthening and expansion of special features. So, what makes these practices cited by the effect of traditional Chinese medicine can play out their specific functions? This requires a great deal of experimental and clinical research. Theoretically speaking, we assume that some cited by the drug, the active ingredient will be known which method to use out of one by one cited by the screening of experimental and clinical studies, may be fruitful. Or use advanced separation and extraction technology continues to be cited by the search for drugs by the elements in a real argument. According to traditional Chinese medicine with a water-soluble and fat-soluble characteristics, I infer

    that exist in traditional Chinese medicines, "hydrophilic Su" (hydrophilin) and the "LPH" (lipophilin) these two types of active substance, which is produced efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine dynamic matrix. And cited by the drug contained in the "water elements" and "pro-fat hormone," it is

    possible at the molecular structure and size with the non-

    quoted by the different drugs, which has a drug active ingredients and guide it to reach the required parts of the body functions. Another inference is that there may be cited by drug similar to "promoter" "Primer" "neurotransmitter", "Kai-conductor" "transporter" and other sort of active substances; or the existence of their own special "Avidin "[13] (affinitin) or" targeting children "(targeter). These substances must have a multi-sexual, multi-target nature, and

    can selectively with a variety of traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients produce a very strong affinity, but also take the initiative to find the target with the

    characteristics of [14], can a variety of active ingredients

    through biological sensor (biosensor) take the initiative to lead to the lesion site.

     5 Conclusion

     Tropism of Chinese medicine, and cited by the existence of a large number of studies have reported from the literature has been affirmed, confirmed the theory of Chinese medicine and clinical practice is closely integrated theory, and its "cited by the" creation of the theory of Chinese medicine than

    western Studies of "targeting" theory should be as early as 800 years, which fully demonstrates China's quintessence of

    traditional Chinese medicine is all the world's leader in medicine. TCM has its own advantages and characteristics, but with modern Western medicine has a lot in common. We are committed to research and development colleagues in Chinese

    medicine, it should be like our ancestors did, foreign things serve China, constantly enriching the introduction of exotic varieties of Chinese medicine and expand the scope of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, we still can

    absorb foreign advanced technology to continuously enrich and improve the content of Chinese medicine theory and practical value to the development of Chinese medicine, to make it among the world's mainstream medicine status.

     Chinese medicine has a rich potential resource, as long

    as we are able to take full advantage of modern scientific theories and technology to enrich and strengthen (rather than the disintegration and weakening) Chinese traditional medicine, mainstream medicine in the world title will

    certainly be part of Chinese medicine.

     This article about Chinese medicine cited by the purpose of the study is to open up a brand-new Chinese medicine

    treatment of the road. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction has been rigid, but today a variety of so-called modern new

    formulation still do not get rid of the old tradition of "pills, powders, pastes, Dan" instead of focusing on dosage forms. Cited the capture of traditional Chinese medicine by chemical active ingredients that hurdle, the reform of

    traditional Chinese medicine formulations will produce a qualitative leap. If found quoted by the material, you can extract or synthesize them, made into nano-particles or gene

    chips [15 ~ 17], so that the active ingredients of drugs able to selectively quickly and accurately arrived at lesion sites, which will enable drug treatment increased several times, several times or even a hundred times. This is not only a revolutionary change in the reform of Chinese medicine formulations, but also will lead to a complete revolution in

    the history of pharmacy.


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