Aramark Green Cleaning

By Jessica Weaver,2014-01-09 10:20
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Aramark Green Cleaning

    Aramark Green Cleaning


    Many definitions have been proposed on exactly what Green Cleaning is and is not. The most widely accepted was presented in Presidential Order 13101. It defines green (also known as environmentally preferable) as:“products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on the health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose”. For green cleaning, this means ensuring human health (for the occupant and the worker), providing a service without harming our environment, and minimizing our environmental footprint.


    Research has validated many advantages of Green Cleaning including economic, environmental and social aspects:

     Protect People in our Care and Create a better place to learn (and work!)

     Student and Teacher Comfort

     Worker Health and Safety

     Reduce Long Term Health Issues

     Protect the Environment

    Possible Environmental consequences of custodial product use


     Air Pollution

     Accumulation of toxic substances in our environment

     Ozone Depletion

     Water Pollution

    Legislation: It is Becoming Law!

    In many states and local governments, green cleaning practices are mandatory

    while many others have increasingly made green cleaning a requirement for cleaning



    ARAMARK has developed a practical approach that supports leading environmental organizations as well as governmental legislation and guidelines. Our goal is to always learn, to always improve our program and service level, and to elevate our corporate and social responsibilities. We also must educate and partner with our clients. Below are leading organizations that we partner and align with to ensure that we are thought leaders, and more importantly, environmental stewards to our customers and our ARAMARK work force.


    Green Seal: Founded in 1989, Green Seal provides science-based environmental certification standards that are credible, transparent, and essential in an increasingly educated and competitive marketplace.

     LEED: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System? is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

     CRI Seal of Approval Label: Carpet cleaning products, methods and equipment

    improve all the time, but not all cleaning products clean equally well. The Seal of Approval testing program, overseen by independent labs, is designed to ease concerns about the perceived difficulty of cleaning carpets.

     CRI Green Label: The Green Label and Green Label Plus testing programs, overseen by independent labs, are designed for architects, builders, specifiers and facility managers who want assurances that carpet and adhesive products meet the most stringent criteria for low chemical emissions and help improve indoor air quality.

     National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): The NFSI is proud to introduce an industry

    first, consumer oriented product certification program. Manufacturers of walkway materials, floor maintenance products and coatings who seek to promote the safety benefits of their products are encouraged to submit them for evaluation.

     Energy Star Appliances: When buying an appliance, remember that it has two price

    tags: what you pay to put it in your facility and what you pay for the energy and water it uses. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 1050%

    less energy and water than standard models.

     EPA Design for the Environment :The Design for the Environment (DfE) program

    is one of EPA's premier partnership programs, working with individual industry sectors to compare and improve the performance and human health and environmental risks and costs of existing and alternative products, processes, and practices.

     EcoLogo: EcoLogoM is North America's most widely recognized and respected multi-attribute environmental certification mark. By certifying the environmental leaders in over 300 categories of products, EcoLogo helps environmental marketers win customers, and helps buyers - both consumer and corporate - find and trust the world's most sustainable products.


    ARAMARK is continuously adding to a list of third party green certified products that are easily available through our Facilities Supply Chain.

     Equipment - Including third-party green certified automatic floor scrubbers, burnishers, extractors, large area sweepers, roto floor machines, tank vacs, and vacuums.

     Products - Including third-party green certified general purpose cleaner, glass cleaner,bathroom cleaner, floor finish, floor stripper and carpet pre-spray and extraction products.

     Disposables - Including third-party green certified paper towels, bathroom tissues and toilet paper. As well as can liners with recycled content.

     Supplies - Including micro-fiber, an essential green cleaning tool. Supplies listings also include many other cleaning tools with varying degrees of recycled content.

     Hand Soap - Third-party certified hand soaps.

     Matting - A comprehensive matting program will help your facility prevent dust, dirt, pollen and other debris from being tracked into your facilities.

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