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download - Terms of Reference (ToR)


    Press Conference to Announce New Eco-Tourism Project

     th17 March 2009, 10.00am, TAT HQ, Bangkok

    Eco-Tourism pioneers join

    hands to attract growing

    market of European

    „Responsible Tourists to


    While the world is being rocked by economic crisis, growing demand for green and conscientious consumption offers new hope and opportunities. Tourism experts from Thailand and Europe have teamed up with local community representatives to strengthen Thai sustainable tourism standards. With funding from the European Union (EU), project partners will develop new „Thai Sustainable Tourism Routes‟; i.e. integrated packages of the

    best green and sustainable tourism products that Thailand has to offer.

    “In these times all sectors of the economy have a responsibility to consider whether their practices are sustainable enough. Climate change and environmental protection concern the tourism sector in particular and I am glad that with EU support, Thai tourism actors will have the possibility to make their products even more attractive and environmentally friendly”, said David Lipman,

    Ambassador of the European Commission to Thailand.

    The Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Access Partnerships (CSR-MAP) for Thai Sustainable Tourism Supply Chains project aims to create greater sustainability in the Thai tourism industry to meet demand from European visitors. By offering better quality green products to EU tour operators, Thai suppliers will be able to reap the financial benefits of tourism while safeguarding the precious environment on which its very existence depends.

    The project targets suppliers in the Thai tourism industry, which offer sustainable tourism products,

    as well as local Thai communities, which have developed community-based tourism (CBT)

    programmes, and European tour operators with a firm commitment to supporting sustainable


    The project will give partners the opportunity to learn about the European market's demand for sustainable tourism products and standards; to participate fully in the development and improvement of Thai Sustainable Tourism Standards; to gain recognition from European tour

    operators, and to develop and market innovative and integrated sustainable tourism products

    Thai Sustainable Tourism Routes. For a maximum buy-in by European tour operators, and the opportunity for strong Thai-EU cooperation, the new Thai sustainable tourism standards and products will be developed in close collaboration with the EU partners.

    The project will run for 18 months with 75% of its total budget of ? 236 000 provided by the EU and

    25% by TEATA and project partners the Green Leaf Foundation and ECEAT.


    The CSR-MAP Project’s target groups will be approached through the Project Partners, respected professionals who bring years of experience and expertise to the project:

    The Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) is a pioneering

    association of 50 environmentally conscious, socially responsible Thai tour operators who

    work together to put the ideals of ecotourism into practice;

    The Greenleaf Foundation is a hotel standards and CSR certification organization,

    representing over 200 members who adhere to a broad set of environmental criteria;

    The European Centre for Eco and Agro Tourism (ECEAT) supports an extensive

    network of more than 1300 EU sustainable tourism suppliers. ECEAT Projects have

    extensive international experience facilitating sustainable tourism standardisation;

    building sustainable supply chains and promoting sustainable tourism around the world

    though the EU-funded Green Travel Market:

External expertise in the area of Community-based Tourism (CBT) is being provided by:

    The Thailand Community-based Tourism Institute (CBT-I) provides research and

    development support to a network of over 50 Thai communities, working with

    stakeholders to support local people to manage tourism sustainably.

    Associated organizations of this CSR-MAP Project are:


    ; Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

    ; The Ministry of Tourism and Sports

    ; Community based tourism eg. Leeled Community Based Tourism for conservation club,

    Surrathani, Mae Kampong Community Based Tourism Group, Chiang Mai, etc.


    ; Federation of Touroperators UK (FTO)

    ; Dutch Federation of Touroperators (ANVR)

    This project is funded under the Thailand-EC Cooperation Facility programme. Its objective is to strengthen and diversify the relationship between the European Union and Thailand in a wide range of areas to deepen the economic, political and cultural partnerships.

    Where and when is the press conference?

     thThe CSR-MAP Press Conference will be held on the 17 March, 2009, from 10.00 to 12.00 at TAT

    headquarters, 1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400.

    More information, please contact Mrs. Duangkamol Chansuriyawong

    Project Partners External Expertise

    The CSR-MAP Project is funded by the

    European Union

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