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Alberto E

Alberto E. Minetti

    CV Summary

Professor of Physiology, Institute of Human Physiology I, Faculty of Medicine, University of Milano, Italy.

    Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) and Specialist in Biostatistics at the University of Milan, Italy.

    Teaching experience: „Professore a Contratto' (University of Milan and Udine: Biostatistics and

    Biomathematics), Course Leader (Manchester Metropolitan University: Biomechanical Measurements Techniques, Neuromuscular Control MSc, Distance Learning Biomechanics BSc) and Path Leader (Biomechanics). Other details at the website

    Internationally based scientific activity: research fellow at C.N.R. Milan, Italy; C.N.R.-N.A.T.O. Research Grant at Geneva University with Prof. P. E. di Prampero; EU - Capital Mobility Research Grant at Leeds

    University with Prof. R. McN. Alexander; Professor of Biomechanics, Manchester Metropolitan University. Many Keynote and Invited Lectures at International Congresses on Biomechanics and Physiology.

    Author of C.N.R. patent n? 21564 A/89 on Computational Technique in Locomotion Mechanics.

    Founder and President of “Kairos Physiomechanics Srl”, an academic Spin-off of the University of Milan.

    Ordinary Member of: Italian Physiological Society (SIF), Italian Society of Natural Sciences, International Society of Biomechanics, The Physiological Society (Convenor of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on


    Council Member of: CeBiSM (Bioengineering and Exercise Science Centre) in Rovereto, CRAV (Research

    Centre in Alta Valtellina) in Sondalo, Italy.

    Editorial activity: Journals Nature, Science, Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Member of the Editorial Board 2005-), Journal of Physiology, Journal of Applied Physiology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, European Journal of Physiology (Pflügers Archiv), Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, European Journal of Applied Physiology, Equine Veterinary Journal, Journal of Zoology, Journal of

    Biomechanical Engineering, International Journal of Sport Medicine, Sport Engineering, Funding Bodies

    BBSRC, The Horserace Betting Levy Board, St Thomas & Guys Hospital Fund, Christian Doppler Research

    Association, the Leverhulme Trust.

MD/MSc/PhD Thesis supervisor: Italy - Computer Science, Biology, Medicine, UK- Biomechanics, Physiology.

    Previous Coordinator of the Physiology Department, Istituto Tecnologie Biomediche Avanzate, C.N.R., Milan, Italy.

Attracted Funds (BTS, Italian Ministry of Education, HEFCE, JREI, BBSRC, SRIF, etc.) for about ? 2.1 M.


    - 154 published research papers in exercise physiology and biomechanics (52 of which in SCI rated

    journals, Impact Factor sum = 157.1, average = 3.7), 1 book and 6 papers in computer science, 1

    internationally extended patent. The 61% of the SCI rated production is first author, with 9 (21%) papers

    single author.

    - Papers are published in journals as: Nature, Journal of Physiology, Proceedings of the Royal Society

    B, , Journal of Applied Physiology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology,

    European Journal of Physiology (Pflügers Archiv), etc..

    - Some of the papers have been reviewed in: Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist, Journal of

    Experimental Biology, Discover, Nature Science Update (On-Line), National Geographic, The Times, etc..

    Address: Istituto di Fisiologia Umana I, Via Magiagalli 32, 20133 Milano

     Work phone +39-02-50315427 Mobile phone: +39-347-3657357


     Personal Website:

     Professional Website:


Name: Alberto Enrico MINETTI

Place and date of birth: Milan, Italy, 20/4/1955

Citizenship: Italian

Status: Married (1983), two sons (1987, 1994)

Residence: Via Malpighi 3 20129 Milano- Italy

     mobile phone +39-347-3657357 E-Mail

Electronic address: E-Mail:

    Personal Website:

    Professional Website:

Actual position: University Professor, Chair of Physiology,

     Institute of Human Physiology I, Faculty of Medicine

     University of Milano,

     Via Mangiagalli 32, 20133 Milano, Italy

     voice +39-02-50315427 fax +39-02-50315430

     Founder and President of Kairos Physiomechanics Srl, an academic spin-off

    of the University of Milan

    Member of Scientific Council at CeBiSM (Bioengineering and Exercise

    Science Centre) in Rovereto, Italy.

    Member of Scientific Council at CRAV (Research Centre in Alta Valtellina) in

    Sondalo, Italy.

    Education: Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) at the University of Milan, Italy (1980).

    Specialist Degree (4 years) in Biomedical Statistics, University of Milan


     Grade 5 Jazz Piano (Distinction), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of

    Music, UK, 2003.

     Grade 8 (Classic) Piano (Distinction), Associated Board of the Royal

    Schools of Music, UK, 2004.

Professional experience:

     July 1973 Scientific degree at the "Leonardo da Vinci" secondary school,

     Milan, Italy.

     November 1980 Graduated with full honours in Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan.

     1980-1982 „Internal physician‟ at the Institute of Human Physiology University of Milan.

     1982-1984 Won a three-year grant to carry out research at the

     "Centro Studi di Fisiologia del Lavoro Muscolare", C.N.R., Milan.

     1985-1999 Research Fellow at the "Centro Studi di Fisiologia del Lavoro Muscolare" (since

    1989 "Istituto di Tecnologie Biomediche Avanzate) C.N.R., Milan.

    1986 C.N.R.-N.A.T.O. junior grant (No.: 215.18) at the "Département di Phisiologie",

    Geneva University, Switzerland, with attributed final prize.

     1986-1991 Obtained the position of "Professore a Contratto" to lecture Biomathematics and

    Biostatistics" at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Udine.

     1987 Completed a Specialist Course (4 years) in Biomedical Statistics at the Faculty of

    Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan.

     1989 Lecturer of "Mathematical methods applied to Medicine" as part of the 2nd year

    Mathematics Course at the Specialist Course in Medical Statistics, Faculty of

    Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan.

     1990 Author of a C.N.R. patent entitled "Method for the automatic analysis of the

    energetics in human locomotion" (software, patent n? 21564 A/89), successively

    licensed to a motion analyzer manufacturer.

     1990 Aeritalia-Matra consultant for setting-up of the scientific instrumentation of space

    lab Anthrolab (research in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology).

     1993-1994 Grant of the European Community to spend 10 months at the Dept. of Pure and

    Applied Biology, University of Leeds, as a research fellow with Prof. R. McNeill

    Alexander for mathematical modelling of terrestrial locomotion.

     1996 - 1999 Design and research organization of the Centre of Motor Activities, Fondazione

    Salvatore Maugeri, Pavia.

     1997 - 1999 Coordinator of the Department of Physiology, Istituto Tecnologie Biomediche

    Avanzate, C.N.R. Segrate (Milano).

     1999 to date Coordinator of the „Centro Studi Ottimizzazione Biologica‟, Italian Natural Science

    Society, Natural History Museum (Milan).

     1999 - 2005 Professor of Biomechanics and Physiology of Exercise, Institute for Biophysical

    and Clinical Research into Human Movement, Manchester Metropolitan

    University Cheshire, UK.

     July 2005 Two years grant, issued by the Italian Ministry of Education, to act as Professor of

    Physiology at the Medical School of Milan University.

     Sept-Dec 2005 Research Sabbatical at the Physiology Department, Medical School, Milan


     Fall 2005 Winner of a 2 year Professorial Grant in the „Ritorno dei Cervelli‟ initiative of the

    Italian Ministry of Education