The Willis Supply Corporation

By Beth Rodriguez,2014-01-06 20:45
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The Willis Supply Corporation

Welcome to our valued customers present and future:

    Willis is a company that is relationship based and when we do business our goal is to be a friend with our customer. We do everything we can to develop that business friendship by providing solutions to your Building material needs.

The way to best understand what Willis strives to be is in this short statement:

    “Willis is a World Class Building Material Sourcing Company with a specific stable of products but an ability to source other products to fulfill your needs. Our team devotes its working life to providing solutions to the building challenges you face”.

Willis has built its reputation around sourcing and developing brand products. This began in the 70’s and

    80’s when the company became very successful, developing valuable relationships with high profile

    manufactures in Italy, France, South America and the UK. Late in the 80’s Willis associated itself with a

    ?new product at the time called DuPont Corian. We developed such a strong relationship with DuPont that

    ?we began to vacate the luxury plumbing market in 1991 and offered DuPont Corian exclusively to our

    customer base in Ontario, Canada.

    We were so successful that over a period of 20 years, DuPont has granted us exclusive rights to territory in Western Canada and Western Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

    In 2004, the company saw an opportunity to diversify their product offering. After 13 years of focusing

    ?exclusively on Corian, we decided to use the strength of our people and their business relationships to branch out into new products and companies.

    Today we are still a strong supporter of DuPont products carrying the top surfacing brands of DuPont

    ??Corian, DuPont Zodiaq and Granite Certified by DuPont. However, our stable of branded and commodity products includes ARPA Laminate made in Italy, Granite Vanities, Stainless Steel Sinks, China Lav Bowls, Surface Protection and we custom source Granite Kitchen Countertops cut to size and manufactured ready for installation. You can learn more about all of our products by visiting

    Our hope is to provide you with a bundled offering of products that assist you in streamlining your supplier base. The Willis family will make you comfortable in your business dealings everyday and you will look for us to provide more products once you feel the friendship and trust of our companies.

Our team works under the mindset of ROCK Relationships Opportunities- Character Knowledge. This

    mindset makes us different than most companies you will deal with. Our number one priority is to develop and be successful in Relationships with our customers. We will look for Opportunities to be successful for

    you and your company. Our company is built on Character and every member of the Willis family is hired

    because of their Character. We have Knowledge in many areas of business and in fact are experts in the products that are part of our standard offering. In new business opportunities we are persistent in gaining knowledge and becoming experts.

    Willis is also working hard to align ourselves with more GREEN products and you can see this trend

    ?through the offering of DuPont Corian and ARPA Laminate. Look for other GREEN products being added

    to our product line.

    We look forward to partnering with your company to achieve success together in building better for the future.

We look forward to teaming for success!

Enjoy every moment of everyday.

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