Association du Lac des Loups

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Association du Lac des Loups

    Association - Lac des Loups (ALDL)

    Summary of Annual General Meeting

    June 14th, 2009

    Community Centre

    Welcome: Judy Ripley, President of ALDL, welcomed participants and guests and thanked them for coming to the meeting. The Board accepted the resignation of Jim Morrisey as Treasurer and Judy thanked him for his participation. She also thanked him for accepting to continue to do the water testing. She talked about the changes to the Executive Committee. She thanked Mayor Bussière, Mayor McCann and Councillor Tracy for attending all our annual meetings and giving us their continued support. She introduced the Head Table: Pierre Proulx, Acting Treasurer; Line Proulx, Secretary; Vincent Greason, Acting Vice-President; Lawrence Tracy, Councillor, Ward 1 in the Municipality of Pontiac; Eddie McCann, Mayor of Pontiac; Robert Bussière, Mayor of La Pêche; Philippe Vlasiu, Environmental Technician, Municipality of La Pêche and Rob Lamontagne, Member at Large. She thanked the board and committee members for all their hard work. She listed the things accomplished by the board this year: water testing by the Association and the Municipality; monitored the blue-green algae; monitored the progress of septic tanks inspection; attended council meeting; meetings and communication with the Municipal representative; communicated with the members via email or snail mail, sent out flyers, delivered information packages; communicated with the Scouts regarding the garbage; acquired trees and requested green products samples. Judy proposed Rob Lamontagne as chairman and Line Proulx as secretary.

    Approval of agenda: Dawn Conway moved to accept the agenda as tabled; Neil Freeborn seconded the motion and it was carried.

Approval of summary of June 15, 2008 Annual General Meeting: Brian Morrisey moved that the

    summary be accepted; Paul Reid seconded the motion and it was carried.

Septic tank presentation and summary by Mr. Philippe Vlasiu: Mr. Vlasiu, environmental

    technician with the Municipality of La Pêche, gave a presentation of the various types of septic systems available on the market and their provincially acceptable installation norms. He gave a brief description of the type of testing done by La Pêche, insisting on the fact that the municipalities’ standards are higher than the provincial ones (notably because each property

    inspection is done by two inspectors and includes a visit inside the home). Finally, he presented the results of the testing programme. According to municipal records, there are 127 residences in or around Lac des Loups. Out of those, 51 are according to code and their paperwork is complete; 50 residences have some paperwork and seem to be according to code but are missing some information; 26 residences had no paperwork. 22 properties are still outstanding and are being followed up on. 87 properties are on Lake Halverson. 32 residences are according to code and the paperwork is complete; 27 properties have some paperwork but are missing some information. The municipality has no information at all on 32 properties on Lake Halverson.

Presentation of 2008 Water Testing: Test results were sent out by e-mail, and delivered to all

    properties as part of the recent information package.

Discussion with the Mayors:

    Presentation by Mayor Eddie McCann:

    1. Private Road Grant: Mayor McCann was pleased to announce the $3,000.00 Private Road

    grant will be given to the Association to improve chemin Gauvin that is part of the Pontiac


    2. Gauvin Bridge: Mayor McCann mentioned that he is deeply concerned by the condition of

    the bridge. He had contacted Transport Quebec to express his concern. He was supposed to

    go over the La Pêche road to see the situation there.

    3. Environment: Mayor McCann said that the municipality of Pontiac has 7 lakes as opposed to

    the municipality of La Pêche who has over 100. But they do have 40 kilometres of shoreline

    on the Outaouais River. The condition of the septic systems is of great concern because it

    affects the environment.

Presentation by Mayor Bussière:

    1. Septic Systems: Mayor Bussière mentioned that inspections of septic systems will continue

    throughout the year. This will help with the blue-green algae problem. We are all responsible

    for the health of our lake. We can all make a change by starting to use green products, by

    eliminating fertilizers, by respecting the provincial by-law that forbids us to cut the grass or

    trees 4 meters from the lake shore, etc. The pollution of the lake happened over a long period

    of time and it will take time to fix it.

    2. Hazardous Material pick-up: The municipality of La Pêche is talking with the contractor

    responsible for the garbage pick-up in order to have hazardous waste picked-up at houses on a

    regular basis.

    3. Composting: The municipality started a composting program to cut the costs of garbage.

    People who are interested may apply with the municipality and receive a 50.00 refund towards

    a composting bin bought at specific places.

    4. Senior housing: Senior housing construction will start in Masham and Wakefield. There is a

    project to convert the old Lac des Loups School to be transformed into a seniors’ home.

Financial report: Pierre Proulx outlined the Association’s income and expenses. We started the

    2008 year with a balance of $2,316 and ended it with $3,115. We received $1,480 of membership fees and a municipal grant of $420. The total expenses amounted to $1,101. The bulk of the expenses went towards water testing and the annual general meeting. The rest was photocopying, delivery charges and communication.

Presentation of Nominating Committee: Pierre Charette proposed Judy Ripley, Vincent

    Greason, Rob Lamontagne, Pierre Proulx and Line Proulx for the executive committee. The motion was seconded by Jo-Anne Poulin. Motion was carried.

Acceptance of slate nominated to the Board: The Association Lac des Loups executive

    committee, as proposed, received unanimous approval. No dissenting vote cast.

    Program for 2009-2010: Vincent Greason mentioned that there are 4 main projects for next year.

    1. The water tests for swimming will continue. The results of these tests will be sent out to the members

    on a regular basis.

    2. We will continue to contact the MRC des Collines in order to get more trees.

    3. We are trying to get in touch with a Forestry Engineer in order to find out what kind of trees or shrub

    we can plant around the lake, especially on the west side, to help stop the erosion. That particular

    shoreline belongs to the municipality and we will not plant anything without getting their approval.

    4. We will improve our Website as well as keep it up to date by uploading documents as we go along.

    Draw of Gift Baskets: Line Proulx talked about the “goodie” bag that everyone received at the meeting. She wanted to thank Mrs. Lauren Millar of Frank T. Ross (Nature Clean) for the wonderful gift basket we received. The gift basket was so big that the committee decided to split it into 3 to make 3 winners. She also thanked Mr. François Héroux from Total Net; Mrs. Katerina Frost at Ecover; Mrs. Émilie Charbonneau from Bio-vert and the person responsible for sending us the Live-Clean samples. Unfortunately we did not have a name. All these people were very cooperative and generous. They provided all the samples and documentation. Line mentioned that all the goodies were packed in 100% recycled paper bags. The 3 winners of the gift baskets were Mrs. Claudette Benoit; Mr. Neil Freeborn and Mrs. Jocelyne Caloz.

Other business: Philippe Vlasiu mentioned that he would send us the May water tests results.

    Vincent Greason questioned about the bridge on chemin Gauvin and the regular garbage pick-up. Mayor Bussière said that he would contact the contractor responsible to get the garbage and ask that he uses the smaller truck. No changes in this service should occur.

    Ann De Beaupré enquired about the Fire Department and asked what would happen if a fire would start on the other side of the bridge. Mayor Bussière said that he was going to look into it and go by the chemin St-Louis Road.

    Louise Sauriol asked about dead trees around the lake that could fall and damage the road. These trees are on the municipality property. Mayor Bussière and Mr. Vlasiu took down Louise’s address in order to locate these trees and go for an inspection.

    Sophie St-Germain asked how the Lac des Loups water quality compares with other lake. Mayor Bussière answered that we are in the average.

    Dawn Conway asked about the septic systems that are flooded in the spring, around Gauvin Bridge. Mr. Vlasiu replied that, if in fact they are flooded, there is only one solution and that is to install a sealed tank unless another solution exists.

    Rob mentioned that he knows of a nursery that is selling trees for less than $1.00. He will be ordering some for himself next year.

Adjournment of meeting: Jocelyne Caloz thanked the Board Members for the wonderful work

    done. The meeting adjourned at 12:18 pm.

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