Vista System Green Strategy Statement

By Theodore Willis,2014-01-06 20:23
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Vista System Green Strategy Statement

    Vista System Green Strategy Statement

    Questions & Answers

1. What makes this product a "green" product?

    What makes our product green? We have spent the past 18 months redesigning the system to improve its sustainability and insure that it is a fully recyclable, long lasting system based on modular components that are easy to separate into individual elements, which can then be taken apart and reused or sent for recycling.

    Following are but a few of the concerns we have targeted thus far:

    ? Sustainability of the product - working with aluminum based signs

    with long lasting plastic end caps and clear cover will allow for a

    long lasting sign. The stylish contemporary design will further insure

    that this sign will stay intact for decades.

    ? Sustainability of the packaging - we use recyclable cardboard boxes

    along with recycled and reused packaging materials. When possible

    we use fully recyclable cardboard pallets saving a few trees as well

    as petrol (as the package is much lighter).

    ? Sustainability to vandalism in an effort to decrease the amount of

    replacement required once the sign is in place we have redesigned

    several elements within our system in an effort to offer a vandalism

    free system.

    Our product has been reviewed by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design Green Committee and was accepted as a product that employs green practices in its creation. The SEGD green philosophy is not to call any specific material green, but to base being green on how those materials and processes are used to create a final product, based on an audit process. The central tenet of the audit process is how the product will be used in the environment. Utilizing the audit process, Vista System uses extensive green methodologies appropriate for the product use:

Longevity: The product’s intention is to be utilized over a ten-year lifespan and

    be changed frequently over that span, requiring a product that can be easily modified.

End of Usable Life Management The product uses predominantly materials

    that can be recycled and more importantly, the system uses mechanical fasteners that allow for the easy separation of materials. This is one of the top tenets of the SEGD green philosophy.

Resource and Waste Management The product is not only designed around

    recycled materials, but the packaging system can also be recycled or reused.

Air and Environment Quality The manufactured signs use mechanical

    fasteners and the digital printed parts of the signs are sealed under polymer. There is minimal or no out-gassing.

    Energy Efficiency The predominant material utilized is aluminum. While the material is imported from large distances, efficiency is achieved by focusing on recycled aluminum as a source instead of generating aluminum from base metals. The other major material, polymer, is a low energy consumption material.

Education and Interpretation Vista provides extensive guidance to the end

    user in the green use of the product. The responsibility for correct use is just as much on the user as the manufacturer.

    You can receive the SEGD green paper or ask about how Vista is qualified under the SEGD green approach by contacting

2. What are your products made of?

    Our system is based on aluminum extrusions, accompanied by attachment components made from Aluminum and Steel. In addition, we offer plastic parts made from materials such as polycarbonate for outstanding durability.

3. Where do these materials come from?

    The majority of the raw material is imported from South Africa and Brazil. Please see attached statement from our manufacturer.

    4. Are there any finishes, sealants, glues, adhesives, etc.? If so, what

    type (Low/Zero-VOC, water-based, etc.)?

    We have chosen to use mechanical fasteners instead of harmful out-gassing adhesives. We have invested in redesigning our system to eliminate the use

     of adhesives for connecting components.

5. Do your products contain recycled content?

    More than 60% of our extrusions are recycled from used material, which would have otherwise made their way to the garbage dumps

6. Where are your products manufactured?

USA and Israel

    7. What will happen with your products at the end of their life cycle

    (biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, take back program, etc.)?

    The Vista System is based on modular components that are easy to separate into individual elements that can be taken apart and reused or sent for recycling. We have challenged our designers to come up with solutions that

     are both pleasing to the eye and fully recyclable.

    We reuse packing materials as much as possible, recycle the materials that are not reusable and finally, introduced recyclable, lightweight, cardboard-based pallets, which have replaced the majority of wooden pallets used thus


    8. Have you made efforts to "green-up" your manufacturing process

    (this may include air quality, energy or water efficiency, etc.)?

    Our manufacturing process is, and has been, green by nature in that there are no processes that affect the air quality or create any kind of waste that is not recycled.

    9. Is there an inherent environmental benefit in your product?

    We have recently redesigned all of our extrusions to reduce their weight to the minimum necessary without jeopardizing the integrity of the product. This reduction in material reduces the use of energy used in the manufacturing

     process, transportation and the eventual aluminum recycling process.Vista System, being a frame- based system allows for the use of many types of substrates. This gives great flexibility to choose the most energy efficient

     substrate materials available now and in the future.

    10. Is your company a member of any Environmental Organizations

    (USGBC, Sustainable Furniture Council, etc.)?

? We are members of the USGBC.

    ? We are sponsoring the SEGD ADA & Green Practice Area, covering two

    primary topics:

    o ADA education at the national and state level.

    o Green education focused on the green committee.

    11. Have you made any efforts to "green" your business and reduce the

    environmental footprint of your overall organization?

    Offering a newly designed eco friendly system was the key to our two-year long program, but smaller, yet crucial measures have been taken as well. First, we placed recycling bins for cardboard, paper, batteries, bottles and cans. Then, we installed energy efficient light bulbs. We then set all personal computers, printers and fax machines on energy efficient programs, after which we decided to implement a double sided printing policy while we create a paperless environment throughout the organization.

    In addition, as we evaluated our packaging department, we decided to reuse packing materials as much as possible, recycle the materials that are not reusable and finally, decrease shipment weight by introducing recyclable-cardboard based pallets which have replaced the majority of wooden pallets used thus far.

12. Are you listed in any "green" Resources?

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