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By Cindy Myers,2014-06-17 02:48
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Sponsors & Vendors - GOFASST ...


    Sponsored by

     President: Bob Borchers Greater Orlando Florida Area Super Sport Team Treasurer: Terry Rodgers


    The 2010 SouthEast Impala SS Nationals car show & GOFASST’s 15th birthday party will be held at the famous Daytona International Speedway on Saturday-March 27th !

    It is the largest IMPALA SS & B-body show of its kind in the country.

The event is held during the annual Spring Daytona Beach Car Show and Swap Meet,

    which is scheduled for March 26th, 27th, & 28th. This show is one of the largest in the

    entire country with over 3,000 cars expected and 100's of vendors participating during

    the entire weekend.

    GOFASST is privileged to be able to hold its "Show within a Show" event on Saturday, March 27th from 8:30 am until closing time. In past years we have had up to 100 of the Southeast's best B-bodies

    including Impala SS, Caprice/9C-1, Roadmasters, Caddies & GM wagons participate. Again for

    2010: we will have a show class for Old Impala's & a "Pro-Custom" Show class with special invitations going out to find some of the country’s most unique B-Bodies.

Several Southeast Impala Car Clubs support GOFASST in coordinating this show including:

    GASSIT, SoFASST, GulfSS, SEIL, DeepSouthSS, and INC-FL. Others are invited to join in!

    5956 Turkey Lake Road, Suite 1 * Orlando, FL 32819 * website:

Last year various VENDORS provided door prizes and raffle merchandise valued at more than

    $10,000 for our club members and show participants to view and win, and we hope this year is as

     successful as prior years.

    For Vendor opportunities to support this great event, just contact our GOFASST club Event Coordinator:

     Bob Borchers ...... email:

    SPONSORS make our Event a Success !

In years past, the Daytona GOFASST event had a Primary Sponsor as well as many

    supporting vendor sponsors, who provided merchandise and/or services which were raffled

    off to event participants. GOFASST provides a designated Vendor Display & Sales Tent

    so participants can see the multiple after-market parts and high performance parts that are

    available for the IMPALA SS and other B/D-body car models built by General Motors.

Each sponsor is invited to attend the event (for tickets & hotel info. go to the Daytona Show

    page on the ...... "GOFASST.US" Sponsors are encouraged to provide

    marketing materials to be given out to interested raffle participants, along with display

    banners. The vendor display tent is a focal point for the day's event for everyone.