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    As outlined in Thomas E Krouse’s Book

    “Krouse Families in America”

    Revised 3/11/04

    This alphabetical name listing includes the name of every person who has been identified in the book. It includes the descendants of Frederick Krouse, their spouses and their family members.

    The list also includes the children of spouses who were born of previous marriages or later marriages which were not adopted into the family. They were identified to aid in explaining their position in the family. They are not given an ID Number. Others were mentioned as interesting persons, etc.

    The ID NUMBER tells a lot about the person to whom it is assigned.

    1. If there is a letter after the ID NUMBER, it indicates that the person is a spouse and not a

    direct descendant. The letter "A" indicates that the person was the first spouse. The letter

    "B" indicates that the person was the second spouse, etc.

    2. The number of digits in the ID NUMBER indicates the generation of the descendant if "one" is

    added to it. For example, the ID NUMBER for Amanda Ruth Adley contains five digits; hence

    add "one" to the five digits and she belongs to the sixth generation. If a number is set off by

    periods in the ID, the number is considered to be a single digit when determining that

    person's generation since it indicates that the person was the tenth or later child in the


    3. The value of the digit indicates the position of the person in their family. For example;

    Amanda Ruth Adley, (ID 48613) was the third child of (ID 4861) who is Jacqueline Kaye

    Wiseman. And Jacquline (ID 4861) was the first child of (ID 486), Iva Gail Krouse. Iva (ID 486)

    was the sixth child of (ID 48), Lewis Luther Krouse. And Lewis (ID 48) was the eighth child of

    (ID 4), George Washington Krouse. If the person was the tenth or later child in a family, the

    number is set off with periods.

    4. The lack of an ID number indicates that the person is not in the blood line and has not

    married into the blood line. They are, in general, progeny of spouses from previous

    marriages or later marriages who were not adopted into the family or persons mentioned in

    the history.




     4273B Adelsberger, Wilhelm Horst 443A Bassett, John 48613 Adley, Amanda Ruth 443212 Bassett, John Charles 4861B Adley, James Franklin 44321 Bassett, John Clyde 4696A Aft, Garland 4432122 Bassett, John Donald 4324121 Aglene, Sarah 4432 Bassett, John Henry 432412A Aglene, Steve 4433.10. Bassett, John Michael 442411B Albenze, Nadine 433.10.3 Bassett, Joshua 43266A Alferos, Merrissa 44337 Bassett, Kenneth Merle 3.11.24A Allen, 4434 Bassett, Kenneth S. 39421B Allen, 443211 Bassett, Laurel Ann 394213 Allen, Amanda 4433 Bassett, Lester Merle 422712 Allen, Kathryn Stacy 44334 Bassett, Lester Pierce 422711 Allen, William Hubert III 4432123 Bassett, Lindsey Nicole 42271A Allen, William Hubert 44322 Bassett, Mertle Arlene 46.10.6 Allshouse, April D. 443372 Bassett, Paul 46.10.3 Allshouse, Daniel Boyd 4433.10.1 Bassett, Preston 46.10.31 Allshouse, Daniele, Erica 443352 Bassett, Robert Samuel 46.10.4 Allshouse, Eric Tyler 44339 Bassett, Roger Coleman 46.10.1 Allshouse, Judith 44332 Bassett, Roselle 46.10.32 Allshouse, Nicolas Luther 4436 Bassett, Ruth P. 46.10.22 Allshouse, Nonie Marie 44335 Bassett, Samuel Eugene 46.10.21 Allshouse, Timothy Paul 443381 Bassett, Samuel Jonathon 46.10.211 Allshouse, timothy Paul, Jr. 4432111 Bassett, Sean Stephen 46.10.5 Allshouse, Timothy Ross 443351 Bassett, Teresa Kathleen 46.10.2 Allshouse, Willard Frances Jr. 44333 Bassett, Violet (NMN) 46.10. Allshouse, Willard Frances Sr. 44331 Bassett, Voncille (Bonnie) 23125A Alton, Julie 443213 Bassett, William Kurt 42327B Ammons, Donna Marie 413A Baughman, Viola 44491A Anderson, 4942A Beatty, Carl Noble 3.11.3A Anderson, Carolyn M. 49421 Beatty, Carla Joann 4321B Anderson, Margaret L. 262211 Beauchemin, Amanda Leah 4235A Anderson, Mary Margaret (MiMi) 26221A Beauchemin, David Holmes 27421A Angevine, David Byron 262212 Beauchemin, Ryan David 4745A Antonio, Rudolph 42343A Benton, Joy 49112A Arehart, Marcia Katrina 441811 Berry, Alizabeth Marie 4691A Arford, Bonnie L. 44181A Berry, James Edward Jr. 3.10.2A Aumon, Gladys 4433.10.1B Best, Tina Marie 395A Aurand 42412A Bice, Vincent James 3951 Aurand, Forrest D. 417A Billings, 1521B Austin, Raymond 422224A Bircher, Albrech Peter 44371 Averill, Linda Sue 4222242 Bircher, Andrea Gabriel 4437A Averill, Richard Eugene 4222241 Bircher, Anja Eleanor 2624B Ayres, Dorothy 3141A Black, Susan 421342A Babachak, Pamela 42327A Blackburn, Joyce 46711A Baird, Nancy 44762 Bliss, Christopher Sean 263B Baker, Edgar Franklin 44731 Bliss, Dale Lee 2311B Baker, Lettie Lucile 44761 Bliss, David Lee 3945A Banks, Duane 4475 Bliss, Donna LaRue 39451 Banks, Elaine 44734 Bliss, Dwayne Stanley 394511 Banks, Scott Edward 447341 Bliss, Erica Lynn 232A Barkley, Ida Belle 4476 Bliss, Ernest Lee 2771A Barnes, Charles Lynn 4477 Bliss, Eugene Zane 3916A Barnett, Mardella P. 4471 Bliss, Evelyn Alice 49813A Barrick, Calvin Alfred 44763 Bliss, Holly Caroline 498132 Barrick, Taylor Levan 44733 Bliss, Judy Roxanne 498131 Barrick, Tyler Krouse 447311 Bliss, Meagan Nicole 443382 Bassett, Benjamin 44732 Bliss, Mindy Suzanne 44336 Bassett, Bertha Louise 4473 Bliss, Stanley Augustine 443214 Bassett, Brian Lee 447A Bliss, Stanley Fred 443392 Bassett, Brien 44741 Bliss, Tammie Dell 4432121 Bassett, Brittany Andrea 44742 Bliss, Timothie Wayne 4433.10.2 Bassett, Christina 44743 Bliss, Troy Wayne 44338 Bassett, David Edward 4472 Bliss, Wanda Joan 4437 Bassett, Dorothy Louise 4474 Bliss, Wayne Thompson 4432112 Bassett, Elizabeth Ashliegh 4433B Blizzard, Violet 4431 Bassett, Elizabeth M. 44337A Blose, Darlena Faith 443371 Bassett, Eric 46.10.6A Boske, Joseph 44323 Bassett, Ethel Jane 46.10.61 Boske, Matthew 443391 Bassett, Heather Marie 15222A Bobbe, Richard T. Jr.


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    432312A Bogney, Susan Charlotte 2512A Bollinger, Ruth Ellen 424212 Bolton, Darlene Sue (Nee Peck) 46.10.3A Burkett, Theresa 42421B Bolton, David 4228A Burns, Aloysius Francis 424211 Bolton, Michelle Lynn (Nee Peck) 42281 Burns, Karen Louise 4242111 Bolton, Kameron William 42282 Burns, Kathleen Anne 39473 Bookwalter, Anna 494B Burtner, Raymond Henry 39472 Bookwalter, Gary 4871A Burton, Elmore Martin 394711 Bookwalter, Michael Allen 44371A Butters, Richard 3947A Bookwalter, Richard 42362A Buxton, Gerald L. 39471 Bookwalter, Terry 423622 Buxton, Ambur 39222B Boonie, Kenneth Allen 423621 Buxton, Jeremiah 3.11.25A Boonie, Shirley Ann 4632 Caldwell, Dallas 392224 Boonie, Wendi Jo 4633 Caldwell, George 46711 Boring, Clarence 463A Caldwell, James H. 4671.10. Boring, Curt 4631 Caldwell, James L. 46719 Boring, Ilene 533A Caldwell, Jessie ?? 46716 Boring, Keith 4634 Caldwell, Lewis 46712 Boring, Kevin 1.10.A Callaghan, Theresa 46718 Boring, Lethia 443332A Cameron, John 46715 Boring, Orbin 4433321 Cameron, Tiffany 4671A Boring, Othea W. 4433322 Cameron, (Unknown) 46717 Boring, Othea W. Jr. 48622 Campbell, Daniel Rhett 26211A Boring, Robert Allen 4862A Campbell, Danny Wilson 46713 Boring, Robin 4211A Campbell, Ruth Louise 46714 Boring, Rose 48621 Campbell, Tara Marie 422341A Borkowski, Sandra 3821A Carbaugh, George 4232.12.A Boshell, Pamela 23231 Carda, Denise Marie 46.10.6A Boske, Joseph 2323A Carda, Eugene Joseph 46.10.61 Boske, Matthew 232332 Carda, Joshua Mark 1.10.13 Botteicher, Cynthia 232331 Carda, Kari Ann 1.10.1A Botteicher, John F. 23233 Carda, Mark Edward 1.10.12 Botteicher, Joyce 23232 Carda, Valerie Ann 1.10.11 Botteicher, William 432233A Carmichael, Cynthia Ann 4662A Bouch, William 4864 Carroll, Barbara Jeanne 46624 Bouch, Gerald 48651 Carroll, Christopher Shannon 46623 Bouch, Janet 4862 Carroll, Donna Marie 46622 Bouch, Karen 486B Carroll, John Wilson 46624 Bouch, William, Jr. 48631 Carroll, Letha Renee 422.10.A Bowers, A.(NN) G.(NN) 48632 Carroll, Monica Elaine 422.10.2 Bowers, Gary Wayne 4865 Carroll, Myrna Ellen 422.10.3 Bowers, Patricia Ann 4863 Carroll, Robert Gordon 422.10.1 Bowers, Sharen Faye 4215A Carson, John 432312B Boyer, Heidi Ann 421511 Carson, John R. 4274A Bratton, Gary Lee 42151 Carson, John Jr. 42742 Bratton, Jennifer Leigh 42153 Carson, Kimberly Ann 42741 Bratton, Shelley Lynn 42152 Carson, Lorna Janis 498421 Bricker, Cameron Michael 4865B Cart, Gene Carroll 49842 Bricker, Rebecca Ann 432421A Carter, Jeanie 4984A Bricker, Ronald Allen 42833A Casher, Joanie Ann 49841 Bricker, Ronald Allen II 431A Cessna, Melissa Isabelle 422221 Brincat, Diane Patricia 4329A Chadima, Bernadette 422223 Brincat, Brian Gregory 1.10.44A Chaney, David Scott 42222A Brincat, Joseph Gabriel 1.10.441 Chaney, David Scott Jr. 4222221 Brincat, Marina Nicole 1.10.433 Chaney, Kelly Marie 422222 Brincat, Michael Francis 1.10.442 Chaney, Mark Anthony 4222222 Brincat, Michelle Elysse 1.10.43A Chaney, Richard Earl 2714A Brooks, Nancy 1.10.432 Chaney, Richard Earl Jr. 444.11.A Brothers, Clyde 1.10.431 Chaney, Shana DeAnn 444.11.1 Brothers, Kurt 2333A Chapman, Douglas Gene 444.11.2 Brothers, Regina 23332 Chapman, John Douglas 4424A Brothers, Ruth Elizabeth 23331 Chapman, Mary Ann 422821A Brown, Patricia Jean 421111A Charleston, Daniel 4228121 Brown, Sarah Marie 4211111 Charleston, Blake Andrew 4449B Bruce, James 4211112 Charleston, Brooke Ashley 44492 Bruce, Kim 48221A Chomeau, Anne Alexi 44493 Bruce, Krissie 1.10.423 Chunta, Patricia Ann 42424A Bruce, Robert 1.10.42A Chunta, Robert Leonard 424241 Bruce, Sarah Elizabeth 1.10.422 Chunta, Robert Leonard Jr. 4443B Buchak, Emil 1.10.421 Chunta, Theresa Mary 432631 Burgess, Keith Allen 1.10.424 Chunta, Thomas 432632 Burgess, Kimberly Ann 2336A Cihak, Marlene 43263A Burgess, Ronald Keith 39111A Claar, Phyllis Kaye


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    4892C Clagget, David 1521B Clark, John 48923 Clagget, Kayla Marie 15211 Clark, John Jr. 4722 Cochran, Harold Eugene (Buddy) 3 Crouse, Frederick C. 447211 Cochran, Meredith Lee 383 Crouse, Inza C. 472A Cochran, Raymond Arthur 38 Crouse, Jessie Calvin 4721 Cochran, Raymond Arthur Jr. 381 Crouse, Leroy 44721A Cochran, Richard Lee 13.10. Crouse, Margaret Belle 47242 Cochran, Terri Lynn 39 Crouse, Mary Louise 4724 Cochran, Terry Leon 44421A Cuevas, 47241 Cochran, Toni Marie 42421D Curney, Paul 4723 Cochran, William Robert 4322B Davidson, Karl L. 49.10.A Coffman, Harold Leroy 43223 Davidson, Linda Jean 49.10.2 Coffman, Harold Leroy Jr. 44124 Davis, Ada Mae 49.10.22 Coffman, Jennifer Marie 44123 Davis, Blaine 49.10.21 Coffman, Jonathan Michael 273B Davis, Bobby 49.10.1 Coffman, Vicki Louise 44A Davis, Carrie 23124A Coleman, Kimberly Arlene 48651 Davis, Christopher Shannon See ID 4327 Collins, Bert 44125 Davis, Donald 3.10.24 Conlon, Caroline Jane 4412A Davis, Howard 3.10.32 Conlon, Deborah A. 44121 Davis, Lawrence 3.10.2112 Conlon, Emily 44122 Davis, Melvin 3.10.21 Conlon, Floyd A. 4865A Davis, Raymond Barry 3.10.3 Conlon, Frederick M. 3946A Dearmitt, Bernice 3.10.2 Conlon, Harold T. 3.11.211A Dearmitt, Rhonda 3.10.22 Conlon, Harold T. Jr. 42361A Deason, Marvin Allen 3.10.31 Conlon, Helen L. 423611 Deason, Joseph 3.10.25 Conlon, John William 423612 Deason, Michael 3.10.251 Conlon, John William Jr. 42423A Deilman, Howard Joseph 3.10.212 Conlon, Luann 42411 DeLecce, Carol Ann 3.10.23 Conlon, Mary E. 4241A DeLecce, Richard Joseph 3.10.B Conlon, Silas 42412 DeLecce, Richard Joseph Jr. 3.10.2111 Conlon, Stacy 422334 DeLozier, Abbie Marie 3.10.211 Conlon, Thomas 42321 DeLozier, Adele Elaine 273112 Connelly, Gregg Mitchell 42353 DeLozier, Aimee Gay 27311A Connelly, Keith 4232.12.2 DeLozier, Amanda Lynn 273111 Connelly, Randall Morriss 4232.10. DeLozier, Ann Mary 273113 Connelly, Russell Duane 4236 DeLozier, Audrey May 4417A Conrad, Elizabeth Amelia 423241 DeLozier, Benjamin Paul 232311 Conrick, Jason Paul 4222311 DeLozier, Casey Matthew 232313 Conrick, Jessica Lyndsey 423221 DeLozier, Cassandra Lee 232312 Conrick, Nathaniel Ryan 422332 DeLozier, Christopher Alexis 23231A Conrick, Paul Allen 4222331 DeLozier, Curtis Mark 4921A Cooledge, Scott 4232.11.1 DeLozier, Dana Marie 1st gen Corcelius, Fredericka 4232.11.2 DeLozier, Danielle Elaine 4322331 Corcelius, Amanda Rae 422311 DeLozier, Dawn Marie 43222 Cornelius, Audrey Louise 42213 DeLozier, Deana Faye 4322313 Cornelius, Austen MacKenzie 42351 DeLozier, Denise Joy 4322311 Cornelius, Chelsea Rae 4234 DeLozier, Donna Jeannie 4322332 Cornelius, Madison Ann 42221 DeLozier, Donald Edwin 4322A Cornelius, Marion S. 42352 DeLozier, Douglas Scott 43221 Cornelius, Mayetta 42214 DeLozier, Edward Marshall 43223A Cornelius, Larry Ned 4222 DeLozier, Edwin Harrison (Abe) 432231 Cornelius, Larry Ned Jr. 422231 DeLozier, Edwin Harrison II 4322312 Cornelius, Quinton Thomas 4224 DeLozier, Eleanor Elizabeth 432233 Cornelius, Ray Karl 4228 DeLozier, Evelyn Louise 432232 Cornelius, Terry Kevin 4229 DeLozier, George Linus 4322321 Cornelius, Terry Kevin II 42225 DeLozier, James Joseph 421112 Coulter, Jeremy Reade 42212 DeLozier, Janet 421113 Coulter, Moreland Powell 4232.12.1 DeLozier, Jeffrey Lawrence 42111B Coulter, William 4232.12. DeLozier, Jeffrey Linus 422.10.11A Crawley, Melisa 423224 Delozier, Jeremy Andrew 4274 Crookshank, Carol Ann 422341 DeLozier, Jeremy James 4273 Crookshank, Doris Elaine 422A DeLozier, Joseph Bertram (Bert) 4272 Crookshank, Ethyle Marie 42291 DeLozier, Joseph Bertram II 42712 Crookshank, Randolph Augustin III 423A DeLozier, Joseph Henry 427A Crookshank, Raymond Augustin 4232 DeLozier, Joseph Henry Jr. 4271 Crookshank, Raymond Augustin Jr. 42322 DeLozier, Joseph Henry III 42711 Crookshank, Robin Ann 423223 DeLozier, Joseph Henry IV 32 Crouse, Annie 422335 DeLozier, Kevin Casey 31 Crouse, Elizabeth J. 422233 DeLozier, Kevin Mark 3.11. Crouse, Emma Catherine 4222312 DeLozier, Malysa, Rose 382 Crouse, Evelyn G. 4227 DeLozier, Margaret Matilda (Margie)


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    4225 DeLozier, Mary Catherine 422312 DeLozier, Michael Richard 42331 DeLozier, Maynard Wayne 4222311 DeLozier, Michael Ross 422.10. DeLozier, Mertle Yvonne (Nunny) 4232.13. DeLozier, Nancy Helen 4222332 DeLozier, Nicholas Scott 44161 Douglas, Tina Ruth 42233 DeLozier, Patrick Samuel 4412 Douglass, Ada May 4232.11. DeLozier, Patrick Dana 4414 Douglass, Beryl Vivian 4235 DeLozier, Paul George 4411 Douglass, Carrie Elma 42332 DeLozier, Peggy Lynn 4415 Douglass, Floyd Clifford 42232 DeLozier, Raymond Bertrum 441A Douglass, Jess E. 4233 DeLozier, Raymond Leo 4413 Douglass, Lyial Blair 42324 DeLozier, Raymond Paul 39164A Drake, 4226 DeLozier, Reba Marie 26311A Drass, Casandra 422333 DeLozier, Rebecca Ann 42111A Dravis, James Stevens 422331 DeLozier, Renee Suzanne 421111 Dravis, Kellie O'Lee 42327 DeLozier, Robert Stephen See ID 4882 Dreiling, Aaron 423271 DeLozier, Robert Stephen Jr. 2332A Drozda, Alfred E. 42234 DeLozier, Ronald James 23321 Drozda, Diane Marie 42328 DeLozier, Rose Catherine 4831A duBois, Felice Lucille 4223 DeLozier, Samuel Albert (Sam) 40.10.2A Dunmire, Wilma Ann 42222 DeLozier, Sandra Jean 394841 Dysard, Joseph Randall 423222 DeLozier, Scott William 39483 Dysard, Judy Louise 4232221 DeLozier, Scott William Jr. 3948A Dysard, Kenneth 42224 DeLozier, Shiela Rose 39482 Dysard, Nancy Irene 42323 DeLozier, Susan Eileen 39481 Dysard, Penny Diane 42326 DeLozier, Theresa Marie 39484 Dysard, Randall Kenneth 42211 DeLozier, Thomas 39485 Dysard, Richard Lee 4221 DeLozier, Thomas Chalmer (Chim) 43263 Eberts, Alice Frances 42329 DeLozier, Thomas Francis 432644 Eberts, Amanda Elizabeth 42231 DeLozier, Thomas Richard 432622 Eberts, Angela Marie 423292 DeLozier, Tiffany Frances 43262 Eberts, Bruce Clinton 423291 DeLozier, Trish Marie 432643 Eberts, Erin Anne 422313 DeLozier, Wendy Kay 43261 Eberts, Eugene David 42223 DeLozier, William Clarence 4326A Eberts, Harry Eugene 422232 DeLozier, William Clarence Jr. 432621 Eberts, Jada Lynn 42325 DeLozier, William Michael 432651 Eberts, Jason Kyle 42412 Delecce, Carol Ann 432642 Eberts, Jeanette Marie 4241A Delecce, Richard 432645 Eberts, Katherine Ann 42411 Delecce, Richard Jr. 43266 Eberts, Matthew Gordon 41.10.1A Deroba, Jean 43265 Eberts, Paula Elaine 446A Detwiler, Elsie 43264 Eberts, Randall Glenn 273A Detwiler, Evelyn Odessa 432646 Eberts, Randi Jean 44334A Devoe, Ethel Frances 432641 Eberts, Stacy Lynn 3.10.311 Devore, Barbara J. 43267 Eberts, Tina Marie 3.10.312 Devore, Michael K. 49532A Eckenrode, 3.10.31A Devore, Wilbert B. 495324 Eckenrode, Ashley M. 3.10.313 Devore, Wilbert B. Jr. 495323 Eckenrode, Jessica N. 4695A Dewitt, 495322 Eckenrode, Tiffany L. 2335A Dice, Laverne 495321 Eckenrode, Trista A. 23351 Dice, Brian 23111A Edgmond, Donna Marie Van See ID 43 Dick, Emma 233213 Egger, Adam Dirk 3.10A Dixon, Harvey 233211 Egger, Brandon Lee 3.10.1 Dixon, Inez Mae 233212 Egger, Dylan Leo 42423A Dielman, Howard Joseph 23321A Egger, Lance Leo 44181 Dobbins, Brenda Lee 4842C Eichentopf, Barbara 4417 Dobbins, Charles Alva 485A Elinski, Julia Ann 441B Dobbins, Charles Richard 395A Emery, Howard M. 4418 Dobbins, Dalton Delmar 3952 Emery, Larry G. 44182 Dobbins, Dalton Delmar II 4228B Erke, Leo Roger 441821 Dobbins, Dalton Delmar III 523B Estes, Bertha (See ) 44172 Dobbins, Dennis Charles 39151A Everts, Charlotte 4419 Dobbins, Gail 46716A Ewt, Melissa 44171 Dobbins, Judith Ann 426A Facemeyer, Alice Harriett 441722 Dobbins, Kaitlin Elizabeth 1.10.4A Facemeyer, Mary Margaret 441721 Dobbins, Patrick Charles See 426 Facenmeyer 441822 Dobbins, Zachary Benjamin 44B Farley, Rose Marie 16A Dolan, Mary Agnes 43242A Farnam, Pamela L. 151431 Dolan, Michael Patrick 467A Felix, Kenneth 15143A Dolan, Robert L. 432232A Felts, Tammy Lou 23351A Donnelly, Mary 27721 Ferguson, Adora Elaine (See ) 4744A Donahue, Regis 2771 Ferguson, Anita Anne 4416 Douglas, Ream Hart 2772 Ferguson, Cynthia Sue 44162 Douglas, Scott Lee 27741 Ferguson, Gregory Thomas


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    277A Ferguson, Jack Thomas 2774 Ferguson, Thomas Stanley 27742 Ferguson, Jeffrey Danial 44182A Ferguson, Tracey K. 27743 Ferguson, Jillian Noel 49812A Fickel, Douglas Wayne 2773 Ferguson, Nancy Elaine 498122 Fickel, Emma Marie 498121 Fickel, Samantha Elaine 422.10.3A Forte, Roger Norrick 2632 Finnegan, Carol Ann 46.10.2B Fox, Brenda Marie 2631 Finnegan, Dorothy Louise 422411 Franks, Ashliegh Elizabeth 263A Finnegan, Henry Franklin (Jim) 42241A Franks, Eugene Orville 3911 Fisher, Alice E. 422412 Franks, Lauren Catherine 48211 Fisher, Allen Lee 4623A Freeland, Gregory 482112 Fisher, Brian Allen 2337A Friederich, Margie Ann 3912 Fisher, Carl O. 444.11.2A Fry, 391 Fisher, Cloyd Edgar 1.10.5A Frey, Kermit 3916 Fisher, Cloyd Edgar Jr. 4474A Funkhouser, Dolores Dell 3941 Fisher, Deborah 2714B Fuss, Darlene Faye 3949 Fisher, Donald 44172A Gallagher, Kathleen Marie 4961A Fisher, Donna 3945C Galloway, Thomas 3915 Fisher, Dorothy 43271A Garnett, Lori Janine 395 Fisher, E. Blanche 4697A Garland, Teresa 391A Fisher, Edna Blanche 232111 Gaskins, Aaron Nathanial 39421 Fisher, Eleanor 232112 Gaskins, Lindsay Barbara 4821A Fisher, Elmer Isaac 23211A Gaskins, Steven Leroy 394 Fisher, Fred O. 42423 Gearity, Cheryl Ann 3942 Fisher, Fred O. Jr. 424A Gearity, James Edward 39165 Fisher, George Allen 4242 Gearity, James Edward Jr. 3943 Fisher, Glenn 42422 Gearity, James Edward III 3944 Fisher, Harry 42424 Gearity, Kathryn Marie 39A Fisher, Horatio Cooper 4241 Gearity, Rose Catherine 393 Fisher, Howard 42421 Gearity, Susan Darlene 39422 Fisher, James 42425 Gearity, Tammy Lynn 3922 Fisher, Lois Pauline 49A Geier, Caroline Anna 39441 Fisher, Lori Ann 42153A Geiser, David Jr. 3914 Fisher, Mabel 42326A Gilbert, Timothy Daniel 3948 Fisher, Marcella 3941A Giles 3945 Fisher, Marie 39411 Giles, John 39163 Fisher, Mark O. 3941B Gilliam, 3921 Fisher, Mary Elizabeth 39413 Gilliam, Wendy 39442 Fisher, Melissa See ID 49114 Gladfelter, Karen Elizabeth 3946 Fisher, Melvin Earl 4422A Glass, Harry 39443 Fisher, Michael 19A Gleissner, George 482111 Fisher, Michelle Lynne 191 Gleissner, George Jr. 3913 Fisher, Nelson H. 192 Gleissner, Theresa 39164 Fisher, Pamela R. 2711A Glunt, Donna 3947 Fisher, Pearl 4271A Gmiter, Genevieve L. 39162 Fisher, Ralph L. 42832A Good, William Ernest 396 Fisher, Reba Mae 233722 Goodrich, Caden Stone 39412 Fisher, Tina 233721 Goodrich, Cameron Paul 392 Fisher, Wilbert Earl 23372A Goodrich, Thomas Paul 394.10. Fisher, William C. 42271 Gorman, Linda Lee 39161 Fisher, William E. 42272 Gorman, William Joseph III 394.11. Fisher, Yolanda 4227A Gorman, William Joseph Jr. 4843A Fleming, Lenden Sheldon 442413A Gorney, Paul Mathew 48431 Fleming, Steven Andrew 4424131 Gorney, Aaron Mathew See 3916 Flood, Conrad 43241A Graham, Shirly Ann 27412 Fluke, Denice Faye 1522A Grant, Jenny 2741 Fluke, Fred Willis 3.11.12A Green, Gary R. 274A Fluke, James Willis See ID 499 Green, Robert F. 27411 Fluke, Jamie Scott 3.11.121 Green, Stacey Erin 2742 Fluke, Lola Belle 4212A Greenaway, Charles E. 432.10.1A Fogelsanger, Christine 41.10.12 Greenaway, Gregory 26213 Foor, Barry Lee 41.10.11 Greenaway, Janice 262131 Foor, Dylan Lee 41.10.121 Greenaway, Jessica Jo 2621A Foor, Fred Horace Jr. 41.10.2 Greenaway, Thomas 26212 Foor, Joni Lynn 41.10.A Greenaway, William 26211 Foor, Terri Jeanne 41.10.1 Greenaway, William H. 26222 Ford, Barry Keith See 422221 Gregor, John 262221 Ford, Dalton Keith 4222211 Gregor, Jenee Ellann 262222 Ford, Jordan Whitman 4222212 Gregor, Kyra Rae 2622A Ford, Rodney Keith 27A Griffith, Lola Edna 26221 Ford, Sheryl Lynn 43243A Grigg, Lanis 422.10.32 Forte, Brian Norrick 3.10.12 Grimes, Helen M. 422.10.31 Forte, Dacia Renee 3.10.11 Grimes, John J.


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    3.10.112 Grimes, John Robert 3.10.32A Grove, 3.10.111 Grimes, Linda Mae 23A Grubb, Susan E. 3.10.13 Grimes, Pauline M. 392A Grubb, Genevieve Eleanor 3.10.1A Grimes, Robert J. 2751A Guyer, Sandra Lee 442412A Gross, Deann Kay 422312A Haack, Wendy 4984C Habajec, Mark 391112 Hogwood, Tyler Gregory 523B Hahn, Bertha (Estes) 4942 Holland, Georgann Lee 4477A Hall, Helen 494A Holland, George Chalmers 4477B Hall, Juanita, Mae 4943 Holland, George Chalmers Jr. 43222A Hammon, Elmer Marvin 49431 Holland, George Chalmers III 4283 Haney, Catherine Louise 4941 Holland, Sandra Ann 4281 Haney, Dolores Ann 43246A Holloway, James Edward III 4282 Haney, Helen Marie 432461 Holloway, James Edward IV 428A Haney, William Alphonsis 4882B Holmwood, Deborah Kanani 26311B Hanna, Julia 233A Holton, Loretto See ID 4984 Harris, Carla Marie 42223A Homiman, 4984B Harris, Carlos Lee 394811 Hooper, Daniel Kenneth See ID 4984 Harris, Carlos Lee Jr. 492A Hooper, Gretchen 262111 Harris, Garrett Logan 39481A Hooper, William Thomas 1514A Harris, James 251121 Hoover, Jesse David 421122 Harris, Jennifer Lyn 25112A Hoover, Kevin Stewart 15143 Harris, Julia Ann 251122 Hoover, Tyler Chase 4211211 Harris, Luther Marcus 25112B Hoover, Vernon Frederick 15141 Harris, Mary Frances 42814 Hopkins, Helen Elizabeth 15142 Harris, Michael Joseph 42817 Hopkins, John Brien 421121 Harris, Patrick Luther 42813 Hopkins, Joni Marie 26211B Harris, Robert Eugene 4281A Hopkins, Leon Earl 42112A Harris, Ronald Lawrence 42811 Hopkins, Lori Ann 25111A Hart, Timothy Allen 42819 Hopkins, Margaret Louise 4233A Harver, Betty Jean 42818 Hopkins, Mary Ruth 413B Haschak 42816 Hopkins, Patricia Lynn 48612 Haver, Beth Christine 428122 Hopkins, Ryan Daniel 48611 Haver, Ellen Lorraine 428123 Hopkins, Sarah Renee 4861A Haver, Robert William 42815 Hopkins, Susan Dorothy 23122A Hayford, Harold Lee 428121 Hopkins, William David 231222 Hayford, Karla Maye 42812 Hopkins, William Newton 231221 Hayford, Mikki Lynn 441441 Horn, Cindy 428331 Headrick, Allen Micheal 44144A Horn, Glen 42834 Headrick, Christine Ann 441442 Horn, Pam 4283A Headrick, James Oliver 422241 Horniman, Bethany Ann (nee Henry) 42832 Headrick, Kathleen Anne 42224B Horniman, Keith Gene 42833 Headrick, Michael Thaddeaus 422242 Horniman, Trisha Lorraine 42831 Headrick, Theresa Marie 432652 Horning, Edna Louise 4326211 Hearn, Crispin 43265A Horning, Stanley 432621A Hearn, Matthew 44143 Houck, Baby Boy 44321A Hebgen, Charlyn Mary Ann 441421 Houck, Beth Ann 4475C Hemm, William Charles 441451 Houck, Chald Allen 44335A Henley, Sheila Kathleen 44146 Houck, Deborah Louise 422241 Henry, Bethany Ann 4414A Houck, James Allen 2715B Henry, Elizabeth 44142 Houck, Lester Allen 42224A Henry, John Marion 44141 Houck, Linda Lou 38221 Hess, Bonnie Kay 441461 Houck, Sammy Allen 39151 Hess, Charles Allen 44144 Houck, Sandra Lee 39158 Hess, Cindy Eileen 44145 Houck, William Allen 39155 Hess, David Ross 44442A Hoyle, 39159 Hess, Debra Gail 264B Hu, Kuei-Ying 38222 Hess, Diane June See ID 4864 Hubbell, Carl 3822A Hess, George Walter 4864A Hubbell, Buddy Gene 3915A Hess, Harvey Ross See ID 4864 Hubbell, Jaleen Ray 39154 Hess, Larry Dale See ID 4964 Hubbell, Jay F. 4912A Hess, Lisa J. See ID 4864 Hubbell, Kandy Kay 39152 Hess, Robert Lee See ID 4864 Hubbell, Kari Kae 39156 Hess, Sally Ann See ID 4864 Hubbell, Kevin Dale 39157 Hess, Steven Lester 4476A Hudnell, Judith Carol 3915.10. Hess, Tammy Jean 4871B Hult, Stephen Durand 39153 Hess, Walter Eugene 3.11.14 Hummel, Barbara Helen See 4871 Hickman, William Rhett Jr. 3.11.1 Hummel, Elby James 4441B Higdinson, William 3.11.11 Hummel, James E. 46713A Hissem, 3.11.A Hummel, James P. 42363A Hitson, Vicky Renea 3.11.12 Hummel, Leslie A. 39111A Hogwood, Gregory 3.11.13 Hummel, Patricia Ann 391111 Hogwood, Kayla Louise 443221 Huntington, Ronald Brian


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    44322B Huntington, Ronald Edward 2324A Hyde, Shelby 262122 Hutchison, Jaime Lyn 48B Hyland, Ivy Blanche Irene 262121 Hutchison, Justin Scott 262A Ickes, Dollie Juanita 26212A Hutchison, Lynwood Lee 46.10.3B Immel, Diane Michele 428161 Hyde, Jonathon Tyler 231231 Ishmael, Duane Michael 42816A Hyde, Mark David 231232 Ishmael, Jessica Marie 23123A Ishmael, Michael David 488111 Kreutzer. Austen 422811 James, Allen M 48811A Kreutzer, Joshua 422812 James, Bryan M 482221 Kifer, Alisha Nicole 42281A James, Melvin M 48222 Kifer, Darrell Reed 427321 Jansing, Jaclyn Michelle 4821 Kifer, Dolores Irene 42732A Jansing, James Morgan 48223 Kifer, Kristin Eveleen 427322 Jansing, Kylie Noel 482211 Kifer, Mikayla Starbird 232321 Jensen, Aric Halden 4822 Kifer, Robert Ray 232323 Jensen, Dana Alexander 48221 Kifer, Robert Ray II 23232A Jensen, Duane Mark 482212 Kifer, Sarah 432411A Jensen, Kim 482A Kifer, Wilbur Henry 232322 Jensen, Maren Christine 4261A Kimmell, Judy Ann 4444A Jeffery, Archibald II 46.10.21A King, Gina Marie 44441 Jeffery, Archibald III 3.11.23A Knable, 44442 Jeffery, Sandra Lee 2644A Knapton, Alan 11A Johnson, 26441 Knapton, Geoffrey Alan 42323A Johnson, Barry 4842A Kokensparger, Melody Anne 423231 Johnson, David Joseph 4232.11.A Konzer, Darniell Irene 46A Johnson, Esther 3.10.241 Koveleski, Douglas See 16311 Johnson, Joshua Nathaniel 3.10.24B Koveleski, John See 16311 Johnson, Michael Lee Jr. 44473 Kramp, Barbara 423232 Johnson, Michelle Andrea 44453 Kramp, Betsy 46.10.22A Johnson, Thomas S. 44472 Kramp, Brenda 43262A Johnson, Virginia 44477 Kramp, Candy 4442A Johnston, Georgina 444.11. Kramp, Constance Hope 49841A Johnston, Mechelle Renee 44476 Kramp, Daryl 27521A Jones, Annette 44452 Kramp, Donna Nell 4232A Jones, Bronwyn Elaine 4444 Kramp, Elizabeth Lois 4473A Jones, Constance Faye 44422 Kramp, Gary 441412 Jordan, Allen Read 4442 Kramp, Harry Ferdinand 44141A Jordan, John 444.10. Kramp, Herbert Ned 43111 Jordan, Mark William 44421 Kramp, Judy Kay 441411 Jordan, Michelle 44471 Kramp, Karen 4311A Jordan, Robert Roy 44481 Kramp, Karl 4822A Kagle, Edythe Lydia 4449 Kramp, Kay Lynn 48425 Kamoda, Natasha Tanya 44482 Kramp, Kevin 484A Kamoda, Paul (NMN) (See 484) 444A Kramp, Lewis Robert 4232.10.1 Kamohalii, Nakeli Hauolepua 4447 Kramp, Robert Walter 4232.10.A Kamohalii, Stanley Haliimaile Jr. 4443 Kramp, Ruth Matilda 48421 Kamonda, Debra Gaye 4446 Kramp, Shirley Janet 4841 Kamonda, Ivy Judith 44474 Kramp, Tammy 4843 Kamonda, Margaret Ann 4448 Kramp, Theodore Cleon 484A Kamonda, Paul (NMN) 44475 Kramp, Timothy 4842 Kamonda, Paul Lewis 4441 Kramp, Wilhelmina Jean 48423 Kamonda, Robin 44451 Kramp, William 48422 Kamonda, Thomas Andrew 4445 Kramp, William Lewis 42223A Karazim, Colette Mary 1st gen. Kraus, Caroline 422233A Katona, Barbara Evelyn 488111 Kreutzer, Austen James 42721 Kaufman, Kevin Daniel 48811A Kreutzer, Joshua Blain 42722 Kaufman, Timothy Patrick 1st gen Krous, George 4272A Kaufman, Walter Daniel 423 Krouse, Ada Elizabeth See ID 44 Kehoe, Elizabeth 4921 Krouse, Adelaide See ID 44 Kehoe, Ethel Marie 35 Krouse, Alice See ID 44 Kehoe, Patrick James 4911 Krouse, Alice Dolores 27522A Keith, John 447 Krouse, Alice Davis 44332A Kelch, Eugene 32 Krouse, Annie 443321 Kelch, Jeffrey 4457 Krouse, Annie A. Rev. 443322 Kelch, Steven 425 Krouse, Annie Seene 43261A Kelly, Mary 41 Krouse, Annie Seene Marie 42328B Kempl, Karl Joseph 421821 Krouse, April Mae 2753A Kensinger, Susan 5 Krouse, Barbara Leah 4321A Kerlin, Esther Irene 421132 Krouse, Benjamin Britten 42364A Kervin, Bennett Faust 443 Krouse, Bertha 423641 Kervin, Bennett Faust, Jr. 4453 Krouse, Betty 423642 Kervin, Houson 427 Krouse, Beulah Isabelle 2624A Kiesler, Rose 4213 Krouse, Beulah Isabelle


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    4952 Krouse, Beverly 42181 Krouse, Carolyn Yvonne 46972 Krouse, Bobbie Jo 422 Krouse, Carrie May 46213 Krouse, Bonnie 46215 Krouse, Cassie 42184 Krouse, Brian Christopher 3.13. Krouse, Charles A. 49.11.1 Krouse, Brian Lee 46 Krouse, Charles Albert 4951 Krouse, Carol 4691 Krouse, Charles Albert III 37 Krouse, Caroline 469 Krouse, Charles Albert Jr. 4481 Krouse, Charles Henry 49.12.2 Krouse, Jeffery 448 Krouse, Charles Martin 491 Krouse, Jerome Francis 46.10. Krouse, Charlotte Mildred 46983 Krouse, Joey 4955 Krouse, Christina 46982 Krouse, John 421134 Krouse, Christian Phillip Emmanuel 45 Krouse, John Franklin 4623 Krouse, Cindy 451 Krouse, John Franklin Jr. 492 Krouse, Clement George 4218 Krouse, John Harold 4922 Krouse, Clement George Jr. 464 Krouse, John Lawrence 4624 Krouse, Cozzetta 4698 Krouse, John L. 42173 Krouse, Cynthia 48812 Krouse, John Lewis 4217 Krouse, Dale Thomas 42182 Krouse, John Samuel 462 Krouse, David Dal 49.10. Krouse, Jolene Alma 47 Krouse, David Dallison 421133 Krouse, Jonathan Edwards 4621 Krouse, David E. 42189 Krouse, Joseph Ryan 46211 Krouse, David L. 4932 Krouse, Judy 4455 Krouse, David T. 46981 Krouse, Kadie Lane 46973 Krouse, Dennis Albert 4883 Krouse, Karen Lee 42611 Krouse, Diana Lynn 42114 Krouse, Karen Lynn 4953 Krouse, Diane Lynn 48811 Krouse, Karie Dawn 4924 Krouse, Dixie 4962 Krouse, Kay Marie 4923 Krouse, Dolores 46214 Krouse, Kenneth 499 Krouse, Donald Harry 4622 Krouse, Kenneth D. 4991 Krouse, Donald Harry Jr. 4973 Krouse, Kerrin Lou 428 Krouse, Dorothy Vada 4972 Krouse, Khristin Rhea 42612 Krouse, Douglas Lynn 48.10.1 Krouse, Kimberly Ann 4692 Krouse, Earl D. 46971 Krouse, Kristie 471 Krouse, Edward Lee 48.10.2 Krouse, Laurie Kristin 4971 Krouse, Edwin Eric 4881 Krouse, Lawrence Kieth 497 Krouse, Edwin Ormand 4212 Krouse, Leah Elizabeth 36 Krouse, Elba 445 Krouse, Lester Carl 4425 Krouse, Elizabeth (Betty) 4454 Krouse, Lester T. 4421 Krouse, Elsworth 48 Krouse, Lewis Luther 466 Krouse, Esther 488 Krouse, Lewis Luther Jr. 4693 Krouse, Esther Jean 4215 Krouse, Lillian Gertrude 463 Krouse, Ethel Frances 49.11.2 Krouse, Lori Ann 487 Krouse, Evelyn Faye 484 Krouse, Louise Letha 482 Krouse, Forl (NMN) 46212 Krouse, Lucinda 4424 Krouse, Foster Clifford 4695 Krouse, Lynn Ann 1st gen. Krouse, Frederick 4261 Krouse, Lynn Charles 3 Krouse, Frederick C. (See ) 42112 Krouse, Marjorie Ann 493 Krouse, Frederick Paul 498 Krouse, Martha Caroline 4931 Krouse, Frederick Raymond 444 Krouse, Martha Elizabeth 42 Krouse, George Frederick 461 Krouse, Mary M. 4214 Krouse, George Samuel 4853 Krouse, Mary Jo 4 Krouse, George Washington 421131 Krouse, Matthew David 481 Krouse, Gilbert John 4312 Krouse, Melissa Cessna 42183 Krouse, Greg Allan 48813 Krouse, Melissa Nicole 4882 Krouse, Gregory Lewis 42312 Krouse, Michel 2 Krouse, Hannah 3.10. Krouse, Minnie P. 1 Krouse, Harriet Mary 421841 Krouse, Monica Marie 44 Krouse, Harry H. 489 Krouse, Myrna Ruth 473 Krouse, Hazel Alvina 49.12.3 Krouse, Nancy 421822 Krouse, Heather Rae 42186 Krouse, Nancy Diane 44 Krouse, Henry Harrison 485 Krouse, Owen Calvin 442 Krouse, Henry Harrison Jr. 4456 Krouse, Paul 476 Krouse, Henry Leroy 4451 Krouse, Phyllis 475 Krouse, Herbert Dallison 43 Krouse, Rachel Catherine 4311 Krouse, Hilda Cessna 4231 Krouse, Ralph Edwin 486 Krouse, Iva Gail 42311 Krouse, Ralph Edwin Jr. 34 Krouse, Jacob H. 44242 Krouse, Randall 42187 Krouse, Jacqueline Mae 4992 Krouse, Randall Steven 49122 Krouse, James D. 421843 Krouse, Rebecca Anne 4216 Krouse, James Leroy 49.12.1 Krouse, Richard 4912 Krouse, James Wilson 49.12. Krouse, Richard Wilhelm 49121 Krouse, Janette R. 474 Krouse, Rilla Elizabeth


     ALPHABETICAL LISTING - Continued - Rev. 6/16/2004


    494 Krouse, Rita Dolores 4482 Krouse, Rose Catherine 46216 Krouse, Robert 4699 Krouse, Rose Mary 4211 Krouse, Robert Dewey 42313 Krouse, Roxanne 4697 Krouse, Robert G. 42111 Krouse, Ruth Caroline 477 Krouse, Robert Raymond 441 Krouse, Ruth Isabelle Henderson 42113 Krouse, Robert Wayne Rev. 465 Krouse, Sadie 467 Krouse, Rosealia 421 Krouse, Samuel Albert 424 Krouse, Rose Catherine 42185 Krouse, Sherri Lynn 4696 Krouse, Sherry Lea 4624A Liberoni, John 4851 Krouse, Shirley Ann 42185B Linberg, Charles 49612 Krouse, Stephanie Suzanne 421852 Linberg, Shawn Allen 49611 Krouse, Steven Thomas 44322A Liphardt, William 4694 Krouse, Sylvester J. 4324223 Long, Ashley Nicole 4422 Krouse, Sylvia Joan 4326 Long, Beverly Kathryn 44241 Krouse, Sylvia Gene 433 Long, Beverly Sarah 421731 Krouse, Tabitha 4324151 Long, Breanna 42188 Krouse, Teresa Naomi 4324141 Long, Caitlin 42171 Krouse, Thomas Dale 43245 Long, Carol Eileen 48.10. Krouse, Thomas Earl See ID 43 Long, Charles 4961 Krouse, Thomas Herbert 432121 Long, Christopher 496 Krouse, Thomas Irvin 4324131 Long, Christopher 426 Krouse, Thomas Wilson 4324222 Long, Christopher Nolan 421842 Krouse, Tiffany Marie 432.10. Long, Clara Jane 4423 Krouse, Tilila 4323 Long, Clema Mae 42172 Krouse, Timothy 43A Long, David 472 Krouse, Vernice Magdalene 432415 Long, David Shane 49.11. Krouse, Vernon Delmar 43248 Long, Debra Kay 4852 Krouse, Victoria Mary 43244 Long, Donna Marie 468 Krouse, Violet See ID 43 Long, Emma 4452 Krouse, Violet A. Rev. 43212 Long, Eric James 483 Krouse, Vira Roberta 432 Long, George Clinton 33 Krouse, William F. 4327 Long, Harold (NMN) 446 Krouse, William McKinley See ID 43 Long, Harry 431 Krouse, William Samuel 432412 Long, Hazel Aylene 49 Krouse, Wilson Smith 43282 Long, Holly Jane 495 Krouse, Wilson Willard 4324111 Long, Jacob 4954 Krouse, Wilson Willard Jr. 4321 Long, James Henry 48.10.A Kuhn, Kathryne Adelaide 43272 Long, Jamie (NMN) 4892A Kuster, George William 4324221 Long, Jeffery David 48921 Kuster, Michael William 4331 Long, Jesse 42133A Kwisnek, Bernadette Marie 435 Long, John H. 423411 Lackey, Jessie Todd 4324112 Long, Joshua 42341A Lackey, Larry Jay 432414 Long, Kenneth Dwayne 26213A LaCrone, Julie Ann 4324 Long, Kenneth Martin 423261 Lamb, Brandy 432821 Long, Kevin Michael 42326B Lamb, Robert Charles 43291 Long, Kimberley Marie 43248A Lammers, John Pennington 4328 Long, Lester Donald 432481 Lammers, Kyle Warren 43247 Long, Marcella Ann 48222A Lane, Carmen 43246 Long, Marilyn Sue 482221 Lane-Kifer, Alisha Nicole 43292 Long, Mark Allen 4432A Larson, Alfreda Stella 434 Long, Martha 26232 Latko, Michael 3A Long, Mary E. 2623A Latko, Stanley 4324211 Long, Megan Elizabeth 26231 Latko, Wendi Ann 43271 Long, Merv (NMN) 15A Leahy, Julia 4329 Long, Mervin Garrison 26213A LeCrone, Julia Ann 432711 Long, Mervyn Dwain 39421A Lee, 43281 Long, Michael Allen 42231B Lee, Carol 432424 Long, Michael D. 232132 Lee, Christopher Michael 432431 Long, Morgan Andrew 314A Lee, Frank Robert See 4 Long, Rachel 3141 Lee, Frank Robert Jr. 4322 Long, Rachel Virginia 394211 Lee, John 43242 Long, Raymond Clinton 232131 Lee, Madison Nicole 432421 Long, Raymond R. 394212 Lee, Matthew 432422 Long, Ronnie D. 23213A Lee, Ralph, Edward 43211 Long, Sandra Irene 42182A Leech, Laura Mae 432413 Long, Shelly Anne 493A Leightly, Kathryn 4351 Long, Shirley 447121A Leskinen, Eric Harold 43311 Long, Shirley 4471211 Leskinen, Eric Harold Jr. 432423 Long, Tammy Lynn 42225B Lewandowski, Marie Reilly 432411 Long, Tracy Willard 151A Lewis, Ella Agnes 432432 Long, Veronica Danielle 44339A Libby, Andrea 43243 Long, Warren David


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