On the rural middle school English teaching how to adapt to the new Curriculum Reform _10389

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On the rural middle school English teaching how to adapt to the new Curriculum Reform _10389

    On the rural middle school English teaching how to adapt to the new Curriculum Reform

     Abstract The new curriculum reform requires a good succession of past experiences and good practices, to overcome the shortcomings of the past and shortcomings out of the teaching of English to teach science on behalf of the errors, the focus on teaching plans must also attach great importance to study the case, the appropriate classroom teaching of English extends to extracurricular activities.

     Key words to teach on behalf of the school; teaching for learning services; shun learning and guided; school case; individual differences

     In the full implementation of the new curriculum reform today, the more necessary for all students to enable students to all-round development.

    Rural middle school English teaching how to adapt to the new curriculum reform requirements, has become our teachers to keep to study and explore the important issues.

     1, out of the teaching of English to teach science on behalf of


     The new curriculum reform requires a good succession of past experiences and good practices, to overcome the shortcomings of the past and shortcomings out of the teaching of English to teach on behalf of the school in error.

     1, teachers should be teaching the master of learning activities into the organizer and guide persons; students from passive recipients into the main body of learning. Teachers should respect the individual differences of students, respect for individual student learning styles; so that

    students on the basis of self-learning initiative to explore the unity and

cooperation, and innovative.

     2, well-known linguists, Mitchell West, said: "Language teachers are the most harmful defects and the most popular common problem is that speaks

    too much, they are trying to teach on behalf of the study, the results failed to learn anything. Teachers do not teach him less of the students have very little. "

     In English teaching, if the student wants to study or learn there is no

    harvest, even if the teachers to teach hard ineffective teaching; Similarly, if the students learn very hard, but not been properly developed, but also ineffective or inefficient teaching. Therefore, to explain to be targeted, to be concise, and change little more than talk

    about training for a few more words than practice; think of ways to present a vivid image of the new language, enabling the students to learn and are interested in, easy to understand, impressive.

     Enlightenment from the key and difficult Department, want to talk about the point and there are instructive. Often use a variety of teaching methods, such as the use of in-kind, wall charts, facial expressions,

    gestures and other movements and modern teaching facilities, the creation

    of scenarios to guide students in almost real communication environment, in the training learned to read and write. Enable students to actively thinking through their own activities and a large number of language activities and summarized a set of learned rules of the language,

    principles, and thus a solid grasp of the use of foreign language capabilities, skills, skill formation, the formation of habits, so that "teaching for learning services" , "Shun learn and lead."

     3, properly handle the relationship between English teaching and

    examination. At present the teaching of English in rural schools, and believe that students exam, entrance examination is a measure of the level of achievement of the level of teachers and schools, the quality of teaching strengths and weaknesses, leading to teachers is the most important concepts with their examinations, thereby leading to shun the examinations and teaching ideas. Such as: using the traditional sub-

    teaching and grammar-translation method; in order to test for the purpose

    of pro forma teachers teaching and students sit and study, finally led to the development of language ability of students not comprehensive, basic knowledge is not solid.

     Second, the focus on teaching plans must also attach great importance to

    study the case of

     "Learning Plan" is an in-depth study of teaching materials based on the learning content for each lesson to compile the case studies, using case studies as a navigation, so that students in the class before the new

lesson for self-study, and then with unresolved issues into the

    classroom , thereby enhancing the efficiency of classroom learning as a teaching method. It is not only attach importance to teachers, organizations, induction, Enlightenment from the model of the process, the

    students pay more attention to active learning, ability to migrate, and cooperation to explore the learning process, and fully embodies the "student development-oriented" as a teaching philosophy. In my opinion: English teaching, the focus on teaching plans should be more attention

    should be paid at the same time study the case.

     Suitable for students to learn how to compile the development of case studies in order to prep class, for example, the case of prep school, including the following points.

     ? prep identified the objectives, methodology and content.

     The purpose is to study the use of the word vocabulary, and can correctly apply to the written expression into such as: the seventh grade on the book unit3 teaching, we are able to bring family photos to school to

    enable students to brief each other about their own families, so that students master the use of words and sentence structures.

     ? prep steps.

     Small groups read the word as a unit or on behalf of collar practice reading familiar words in the form of the word. Longer to read text in the form of panel discussions and case studies to draw the texts listed in the phrases and language points, and then point to strengthen the use of phrases and language environment, and to practice. In this process,

    teachers act as organizers, mentors and Q & A's role, to enable students to become masters of classroom teaching and improve teaching effectiveness.

     ? effect of test prep.

     Radio Chuanchuan Shao, you can select the best answer? (Who started English UNIT5Topic1How do you usually com to school SectionA):

     () 1,-Happy New Year!


     A, Thank you B, The same to you C, You are welcom

     () 2,-Miss Liu, your new skit looks very _____.

     -Thank you.

     A, nice B, bad C, well

     () 3,-Does Han Yu usually go to his grandparents' home by bike?

     -No, he usually goes there_____

     A, take B, by the train C, on foot

     ... ...

     ? record of difficult problems.

     According to the requirements of Sentence conversion (seventh grade

    junior high school English seventh unit):

     1, His English teacher has long hair. (Into a general questions with)

     ________his English teacher_______long hair?

     2.Jack does his homework at school. (Becomes negative sentence) Jack


     ________his homework at school.

     3.I think he is very tall. (Becomes negative sentence)

     I ______ ________he_______very tall.

     4.My brother likes reading. (Drawing lines on the part of the question)

     _________ ________ Your brother ________ __________?

     ... ... Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     ? breakthroughs.

     According to the Chinese, make up the whole English sentences (junior seventh grade English 7th unit):

     1, "Mr. Green look like?" "He's middle head, brown hair."

     "________ _________Mr Green _________ _________?"

     "He ________ ________ ________ _________brown hair."

     2, Nancy always wore a red skirt and black shoes.

     Nancy always________ __________red dress and ________ _________.

     3, your sister very bonny, but a little bit reticent.

     Your sister is _______ but she's_______ ______ _________ _______.

     ... ...

     All in all, the students carried out in accordance with the case of independent or group learning cooperative learning, will prep results demonstrate, through compliance testing and feedback to implement corrective goals.

     Third, an appropriate extension of classroom teaching of English to the extra-curricular activities

     Suhomlinski that homework should not be a curricular and an additional amount of work a simple, but rather the development and deepening of

    knowledge is the improvement of learning ability, is to master knowledge

and classroom preparation.

     1, English is a language, whether it is the preparation of teaching materials, teachers, teaching or learning in every culture around the listening, speaking, reading and writing capabilities to carry out four. Homework also natural to consider the layout from the listening, speaking, reading, writing four areas have learned to broaden and deepen the knowledge of languages.

     2, the purpose of learning English is to exchange, if there is no

    communication, we have learned is the "dumb English." So how should language practice for students to create the opportunities? There are many ways, such as discussion method, in extra-curricular activities, teachers

    can organize students to discuss, during the discussion, the students speak their minds, not only active in extra-curricular activities, the

    atmosphere, the students thinking ability has also been improved, to be the language of practice opportunities. Students learned to text a number

    of expressions used, deepened the impression, and in another discussion, the thinking ability to be tempered to take people long to make up our own weaknesses.

     As long as we start the development of students from the teachers to make

    homework a more scientific and rational, more effective layout of homework that we will become an extension of classroom teaching.


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