Wk16 Start,Bench,Drop for Fantasy Football

By Dan Johnson,2014-02-13 09:21
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Wk16 Start,Bench,Drop for Fantasy Football

     QB’s w/ Great Match-

    Ups: SD, JAX, NO,

     HOU, PHI, DAL, NE QB’s to Sit: CHI, NYJ,

     CAR, SF, TEN, PIT

    RB’s w/ Great Front Lines:

     HOU, JAX, OAK, NE,

    KC, DAL, ATL

     RB’S to Avoid:


     SEA, STL, SF



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They say football is “won and lost in the trenches” but fantasy football can also be won

    by looking at the trenches. This week, the trench stats suggest big mis-matches for passing attacks and secondaries they’re facing. The Week 16 match-ups to look at

    based on the trench-stats are:

    Great Trench Match-Ups: SD (Rivers), JAC (Garrard), NO (Brees), DEN

    (Tebow), HOU (Schaub), PHI (Vick), DAL (Kitna), NE (Brady)

The SD O-Line looks to be in great shape facing a CIN D-Sec that's not having

    the year they'd hoped for. SD comes into this game as the 4th ranked Pass O-Line and faces a CIN D-Sec ranked 26th which means RIvers and Co, with

    playoffs in their sites, should do fine in the air. The JAX Pass O-Line continues

    to impress, everyone knows about the running game, but the JAX passing OL is

    ranked 8th and goes up versus a Redskins D-Sec ranked near the bottom at

    29th. We know it's tough to click the button and submit "Garrard" as your starter

    if you're in the championship game in your league, but if you have him, start 'em

    because his line has his back. We won't touch Tebow purely due to a rookie bias

     ? Trenches Inc 2010

and will instead look at the O-Lines protecting Brees, Schaub, Vick, Brady and

    Kitna. Seriously, the DAL O-Line has been a constant in this year of uncertainty in Texas. And against the 16th ranked D-Sec from ARZ, the 3rd ranked pass O-

    Line from DAL should give the old man Kitna the time he needs for numbers.

    Tough Trench Match-Ups: CHI (Cutler), NYJ (Sanchez), CAR (Clausen), SF

    (Smith), TEN (Collins), PIT (Roethlesberger)

Honestly, if we could green light either Cutler or Sanchez, we'd love to but the

    O-Lines for the both of them are facing just solid D-Secs from the opposition. The CHI O-Line comes into the game ranked 28th and goes up against the NYJ

    D-Sec ranked 3rd. This is only slightly a tougher match-up than Sanchez and the NYJ O-Line, ranked 29th, going up against the 5th ranked CHI D-Sec. Either way

    it looks like the air is not going to be the way this game is won and if you have the option, you shouldn't start either of these QB's if your league title is on the line. We'll skip the 'bench Clausen' details but you'd not think we spend time on 'bench Big Ben'. Well, if you go by the match-up, and again, have a better option, you'd be wise to sit Roesthlesberger because the success of the 10-4

    Steelers is not due to the passing game but rather a great D-Sec that finds ways to win or shut down games.

The HOU O-Line has the fun to go up against the DEN D-Line that gave up 250+

    yards to an OAK running game last week making it 2x this year they've done that for the Raiders. The HOU O-Line is the 5th ranked rushing unit in Trenches and goes up without the 32nd, last, ranked D-Line from DEN. Sure neither team has

    much to play for but this is the NFL and jobs are a focus for many. JAX, with

    their 8-6 record, gets a WAS team trying to figure out what headline they want to read. JAX is the #1 ranked O-Line run in Trenches this year and goes up against the 27th ranked D-Line from WAS. Take away BIg Al for the weeks he's not in

     ? Trenches Inc 2010

uniform and JAX should run and run. The odd match-up is the OAK O-Line

    versus the not so effective D-Line from INDY. I know we're stuck in the past but

    it just feels odd to suggest anyone should start an OAK RB against a team who

    was in the Super Bowl last year. Well, the match-ups say start the RAIDER RB,

    running behind the 4th ranked rush O-Line, against the 28th ranked D-Line from Indy. There, we said it. The RB's behind the NE and KC O-Lines should do fine

    against BUF and TEN respectively and it's odd to suggest that a RB from DAL

    will get good protection but that's what the match-up says. If you need a 2nd RB to fill out a roster to vie for the league championship, this may be the weekend to start a DAL RB behind the 14th ranked O-Line versus the 30th ranked D-Line from ARZ.

    The CAR backfield is going to have a miserable day and having their 27th ranked running O-Line facing the #1 ranked D-Line from PIT has a lot to do with it. The

    backs from CHI and GB will have trouble with both of their NY opponents, the thBears are 28th ranked running O-Line and the Pack are 24. The Jets and

    Giants come into the game with D-Lines ranked 3rd and 5th. The CIN RB's will

    have a tough time with the 2nd ranked D-Line from SD as will backs from DET,

    SEA and STL, facing the 7th, 19th and 12th ranked D-Lines respectively. These games don't look sexy for many from a W-L perspective but if your fantasy league rests on these match-ups, I'd find other backs to start or go in knowing your TE or QB need to over-perform.

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     ? Trenches Inc 2010

? Trenches Inc 2010

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