Option to flights to Kazzie

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Option to flights to Kazzie

    ; Home Members - KastelloriFamilies - ; Megiste

    Friends ; Information zo

    o Map of The Kazzie Kastellorizo Kastellorizo also Communications o Function of the known as - October 2010

    commitee Edition is now Megiste or available at the o Current Megisti, its Newsletter Committee ancient name, is section ; Forms the smallest

    o Membership inhabited Greek Take a look at this o Donation Island in the edition - it's chock ; Merchandising full of news and Dodecanese events plus a fun ; Awards group, less than Christmas Party o Kastellorizian 5 km off the for the kids plus of the year - south coast of including Profiles Turkey, about a colouring ; Ernest competition. Go to 100 km east

    Calendar for all Hondroof Rhodes. details and s 2005 colouring forms. ; Theo There are Conos however many We also have "The 2006 smaller islets in Greek Bible" Yvonne ; Marika Megiste Club the area. Panagacos - our function and stand Bisas Kastellorizo has new President by for details of 2007 been called our plans for 2011 ; John different names Kastellorizian which will be MangoAssociation of in its history previwed in the Victoria elects s 2008 February 2011 including, first female Edition of the ; John B Castelrosso (the President Kazzie Newsletter. SalvariFrench called it

    s 2009 Chateau-Roux), On Sunday 3rd ; Nichola Castello Rosso October, 2010 s G. Yvonne accepted or Castel Rosso, the role of Pappas and Castel NEWSLEPresident of the 2010 Ruggio. Kastellorizian o VCE Awards TTER Association of ; VCE Its name was Victoria. Yvonne Awards DEADLIis, in fact, the first given by the

    2005 female President medieval NE of the Association ; VCE Knights of and we are Awards Rhodes and was pleased to 2006 Closing date for inspired by its emphasise that ; VCE submissions is towering red she comes from a Awards Friday 24th family that has cliffs rising from been active in the 2007 January 2011 the sea which Brotherhood over ; VCE appear to be a several Awards medieval castle generations. Her 2008 from a distance. outstanding

    ; VCE WHY CAN WE organisation skills

    GET YOU TO and strong self-Awards KAZZIE BETTER motivation will be 2009 THAN ANYONE major assets for ; VCE ELSE? the new regime as MembershAwards it faces the 2010 challenges to ip Fees - The above link will

    maintain its o Kazzie Youth take you to the Now Due presence over the Travel section Achievement next few years. where there is a ; Events Yvonne brings If you would like to recent testament. o 2010 Calendar with her be eligible to vote o 2009 Calendar considerable at this year's AGM You will also be experience gained o 2008 Calendar then you will need able to look at a from roles within to be a financial o 2007 Calendar the education YouTube link member. ; Picturesector and which is a s demonstrates Please complete beautiful o 2006 Calendar excellent the Membership representation of communication ; Newsletters payment form Kastellorizo. It is skills, is an ; Travel located at the experienced accompanied with Forms section. o Travel public speaker audio, singing and You can email ; Culture which augers well back or send in traditional dress. o Literature for a very the mail. The impressive o Traditional subscription ambassador to Recipes period will be from our Association. o Greek 1st July 2010 to Dinner Dance on 30th June 2011. Orthodox Furthermore, her the 14th August Calendar knowledge of 2010 at the These funds also o Kazzie Greek traditions, Kooyong Tennis assist with the language, culture Customs Club. operation of our and religion will be ; Lost and Found club and its a critical part of Photos are now activities. Your ; Genealogy her term as available at the support is greatly ; Business Registrations President as this main "EVENTS" appreciated. ; Links will be one of the tab. main areas of ; Kazzie Vic BLOG

    focus to ensure ; Contact Us A full report listing we preserve and ; Privacy Policy the prize winners record our culture Travel will be provided and heritage. soon.

    The Travel Yvonne succeeds Thanks to our very section was Michael Spartels supportive initially intended who has been a sponsors led by

    long-term the LAIKI BANK. to assist with supporter of the travel to our Association and island. We invite hands the club Kazzie Club gets you to contact us over in very good a mention in with your shape.Victorian suggestions on Parliament information you Martin Foley,

    Victorian State would like us to

    Parliamentary make available. Member's You can contact comments on our our own This is our major event in May

    correspondent on 2010, were 'Australiarecorded the island in

    in Hansard below: Louise Katris for n Story" Kastellorizian travel details or Association of email us on Read about our Victoria: 85th unique 'Australian info@kastellorizAnniversary Story' at the end Mr FOLEY -- "On of this foreward - another matter,

    over the weekend I also attended a One thing we

    celebration by one know for certain is

    of our smaller that there are New Greek Kazzies all over

    communities, the the world. We section - Kastellorizian know this from

    Association of historical data and 'Kazzie

    Victoria marking its from the interest Customs' 85th anniversary we receive via our

    of activities in website.

    Victoria. I note the We can track This has 'taken work of the visitors from a off' and is outgoing president wide range of receiving large of the association, countries although numbers of Mr Michael we are uncertain

    Spartels, for his as to their status; visitors and hits. decade of from where they Visit the Kazzie leadership and originated, or in Customs section congratulate the many cases, why under Australian they are interested CULTURE Kastellorizian of in visiting our

    the year for 2010, website. where we have Mr Nicholas We thought, started to record Pappas, for his therefore, we the origins of work in the law, would introduce Greek names, the arts, sport and some historical common sayings promoting Greek information in

    history and relation to the at weddings, culture". migration of chrstenings, Kazzies to funerals etc. and Australia as this the significance may encourage SPECIAL of Easter etc. We others to do the

    same. are also Books If you read the receiving history of questions about

    Kastellorizo you our customs and It's a will understand traditions which chronological why we feel so we are passing history of the passionate about onto our families Kazzie Vic club. our heritage; the

    and friends to natural hardships For a limited time

    endured, the fires, provide a we'll even deliver successive detailed multiple copies to occupations and response. These you!! How's wars, which will be added to that? ultimately led to the Kazzie the evacuation of

    the island. Customs section. At present we are In it's 'heyday' the making the 80th population All contributors Anniversary reached 10,000 are welcome and Commemorative and in 1943 the encouraged to evacuations books available at meant that there email their news, a special price of were only 50 information, only $10.00 each. people left on the recipes and island. Many of traditional These are a these evacuees customs etc to travelled to 'far-off' fantastic destinations and info@kastellorizhistorial their families could or post representation of tell a few to: how the club has fascinationg

    stories for sure! developed since

    We would like to Kastellorizian inception and a share our story of Association of wonderful gift Kazzie migration idea. Vic. 250 to Australia. This

    information has Dorcas Street been taken from Badges

    the book titled - South "The Kastellorizian We have just Association of Melbourne received the first Victoria - 80 VIC 3205 lot of gold plated XPONIA (1925 -

    2005) badges which can Note: This book we worn on also contains jackets and pictures and can clothing . It is be purchases by WANTvisiting the based on

    Merchandise the Kazzie ED section of this logo/emblem and website. is a beautiful Click here for our SECTIpiece of work. "Australian Story"

    ON The Call Email

    infor@kastellorizof the and we Homeland will make contact G PARTY Also read the with you. article below We are calling

for interested about how

    and keen persons Kazzies tried to Gourmet to form a new remain Traveller working party to connected to Magazine discuss options their homeland. features Kastellorizians born etc moving Kastellorizo in Australia were forward. You brought up on Part 1 will report back selective stories to the committee about Kastellorizo Part 2 on progress and and were constantly

    exposed to the large recommendation framed sepia s. Enquiries: panorama of the Michael island, circa 1917, Kazzie Facebook Spartels, which hung in clubs users President. in Perth, Melbourne

    and Sydney, and in You can many homes Often NEWSLETTER now BLOG! and if family homes would PRODUCTION you are interested be pointed out with ASSISTANT in Facebook then pride on the print, see the group usually followed by called "KastelloriziWe need your the lament that ans and Kazzies assistance with everything was in across the Globe". the production of ruins. The old our Newsletters, Kastellorizo Kazzie gradually gained Communications mythical status. Newsletter and Business Click here for flyers. We are Registrations the article The planning to

    enhance the Call of the We have added a quality of our Homeland new section where publications and we will invite you this requires to register your specialised skills business name and time. In return and activity. you will be making Let's promote the a significant diversity of contribution to our businesses that Kazzie heritage IT PAYS Kazzie operate in and ensure we are Australia. impacting on our TO Please forward to local and info@kastellorizo.cinternational audiences via the

    SE - website.

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    not email us at ---NOW!! info@kastellorizo. and we ADVERCall us now - we can discuss how

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    due to ancreaded

    call popularity of our --website.

    0412 The main origin ADVEof hits is from

    662 Australia RTISE however the UK,

    079 to Greece and USA HERE- are consistent

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