Week7 Trench Highlights for Fantasy Football

By Mario Jones,2014-02-13 09:20
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Week7 Trench Highlights for Fantasy Football

    Top Trench Performers: Week 7

The OL of the Bengals did what they needed to do but it wasn’t enough for Cincinnati to

    comeback against the Falcons in a 39-32 score-fest loss. In a situation where the Falcons knew the Bengals had to pass, the CIN OL did a great job protecting Palmer and they put up some hefty numbers. They allowed their QB to complete 72% of his stpasses, averaged 8.2 yards per attempt, put up 23 of their total 28 1 downs from their

    passing game and had four (4!) individual receivers with 5+ receptions. Although the CIN OL did give up three sacks, they had their hands more than full with Palmer dropping back to pass on 50 out of a total of 74 plays in the game.

    The Raiders ran and ran and ran all over the Denver Broncos ON THE ROAD! What a performance by the OAK OL to beat a division rival by a whopping score of 59-14. The stRaider OL rushed for 18 of their 29 1 downs. They rushed 52 of their total 74 plays,

    put up a staggering 6.3 yards per carry and a total of 328 yards on the ground. The OAK OL had only one 3&out all game and kept the pressure off the passing game for a key win away from the Oakland/Alameda Coliseum.

    The Silver and Black get listed twice this week. With 6 sacks, forcing 7 3&outs, 7 forced punts and three takeaways, the OAK DL shutdown a very potent passing offense from Denver. The Raider DL allowed only 75 total rushing yards and just 198 passing yards to a team that can put up some big numbers in the air. Oakland allowed only two strushing 1 downs and forced Denver to try and get in the game from the air only. They kept the Broncos out of the end-zone via the ground the entire day and, in the process, reminded fans of days when the Raiders used to play a great brand of defense.

    Seriously, the Seahawk defense is consistently near the top each week. This time it’s the SEA Def-Sec that gets the ink. They shut down a team that’s trying to vie for the division crown and looked pretty impressive in the process. Seattle never let Arizona get into the end-zone with their passing game all day, shutting out the Cardinal WR’s for zero passing TD’s. They held the Cardinals to just 114 total passing yards and were stifling in allowing only 36% pass completion percentage. Seattle gave up just 3.5 yards per attempt making the field very long for the opposing offense and they picked the ball stoff once for good measure. The Cardinals were able to only generate six passing 1

    downs the entire game, just over 1 per quarter, and there’s no way a team wins a game when they are given nothing in the air by a secondary like Seattle’s.

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    Pass O-Line Run O-Line D-Line Def-Sec Rank Team Unit Rank Team Unit Rank Team Unit Rank Team Unit 1 1 1 1 Bengals Raiders Raiders Seahawks 2 2 2 2 Bills Chiefs Redskins Saints 3 3 3 3 Dolphins Vikings Browns Titans 4 4 4 4 Falcons Falcons Seahawks Raiders 5 5 5 5 Giants Rams Bears Buccaneers 6 6 6 6 Saints Giants Chargers Bears 7 7 7 7 Chiefs Ravens Giants Packers 8 8 8 8 Packers Buccaneers Titans Panthers 9 9 9 9 Panthers Bills Panthers Redskins 10 10 10 10 Chargers Browns Eagles Chiefs 11 11 11 11 Steelers Dolphins Chiefs Cardinals 12 12 12 12 Ravens Saints Steelers Browns 13 13 13 13 Raiders Chargers Dolphins Chargers 14 14 14 14 Eagles Eagles 49rs Rams 15 15 15 15 Vikings Jaguars Patriots Giants 16 16 16 16 Bears Cardinals Vikings Bills 17 17 17 17 Cowboys Seahawks Cardinals Patriots 18 18 18 18 Jaguars Bengals Packers Broncos 19 19 19 19 Buccaneers Packers Rams Jets 20 20 20 20 Browns 49rs Bills 49rs

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