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Pcounter 5doc

Pcounter 5 Documentation and Installation Guide

    Welcome to Pcounter 5 - An overview

    This version of Pcounter includes NLMs which track printer usage of queues and NDPS printers located on Novell NetWare file servers. Features include:

; Counts pages on PostScript, PCL, Epson ESC/P, and ESC/P2 printers.

    ; Tracks plot size on PostScript and HPGL/2 plotters.

    ; Maintains user account balances using the bindery or NDS. Keeps a log file of all print


    ; Windows users may have a popup window for billing print jobs to clients/job numbers. ; Generate reports on printing activity - by user, group, printer, queue, print server, paper

    size, or client code.

    ; Rules based printing for load balancing based on maximum and minimum byte sizes

    and/or page counts - jobs can be deleted, moved to the end of the queue, or moved to

    another print queue.

    ; Global (print job configuration) settings for queues: Notify, Form feed, Banner print,

    Automatically place jobs on hold; Delete old held jobs.

    ; Individual prices can be set for different paper sizes on the same printer, and print jobs

    can be discarded, which use an invalid paper size.

    ; Banner pages containing all information about the print job, including the page count and

    account balance. Banner/separator pages can be custom designed.

    ; Reject incorrect print job types and incorrect paper sizes.

    ; Automatically pause all jobs if desired.

    ; Works with all versions of NetWare 3.11 and later, including NetWare 5.

Software/Hardware requirements

Software requirements for PCOUNTER.NLM (NDS queues)

; NetWare 4.10 or above.

Software requirements for Win32 utilities

; Windows 95, 98 or NT

    ; Novell Client 32

Software requirements for Win16 utilities

; Windows 3.x, 95, 98, or NT

    ; Any (Novell or Microsoft) NetWare client software

Installation File Locations:

    Pcounter 5 can be found on all file servers in the Pcounter.510 directory under Vol1:progs\standard\pcounter.510

    The Pcounter 5 NLM - Pcounter.nlm can be found in the SYS:System directory

The Pcounter License file UCT_T.LIC resides in the SYS:System\Pcounter, as well as the

    Pcounter Log file. This file must renamed to PCOUNTER.LIC in order for the Pcounter to be


How do the Pcounter queue-based NLMs work?

There are two Pcounter 5 printing modes viz., a] Qcounter monitor mode and b] Active

    printing mode.

    Qcounter mode is the mode we use because it counts the print queue associated with it, whereas the Active printing mode is directly connected to the server not recommended

    causes server overhead.

    Pcounter NLMs only work with queues that are located on the file server where they are running. For multiple file server support, it is necessary to run a Pcounter NLM on each file server where queues are defined.

    Pcounter requires its own print server object so that it can login to the server and access other network objects such as queues and users. Do not use a print server, which is already in use - it should be unique for Pcounter. This will prevent conflicts such as with passwords.

    Pcounter will set the form number to 999 and 998 during processing of print jobs. It will restore the original form number when it is finished.

A] Queue monitor mode

    The Pcounter NLMs can monitor queues which are already setup for printing and are being serviced by other print servers, making it easy and convenient because it fits right into the current printer setup. (This is functionally equivalent to QCOUNTER.NLM from Pcounter 3.x and 4.x.)

Pcounter intercepts print jobs before other print servers can print them.

    If no other print servers are available to service print jobs (attached to the queue), then Pcounter will stop accounting for jobs until another print server attaches to the queue. When print servers are active, Pcounter releases print jobs one at a time so that they will not be accounted for if they haven’t been printed.

    How Pcounter handles banners: If a banner template file is configured, then Pcounter will include a nice-looking banner with the print job and turn off the banner flag of the print job. Otherwise Pcounter will turn on the banner flag of the print job, and the print server that services the job will print the banner the way it normally does.

Pcounter active printing mode

    The Pcounter NLMs can send data directly to printers on the network using protocols such as AppSocket (raw TCP/IP) and LPR, to another queue, and also to parallel printers on the server. This can enable (with AppSocket) Pcounter to get page count and printer status data directly from the printer. This also saves on licensed server connections, as this method does not require other print servers to login to the server or to even have NetWare specific support. (This is functionally equivalent to PCOUNTER.NLM from Pcounter 3.x and 4.x.)

    This mode is more efficient than Queue monitor mode and uses less CPU overhead.

    For each Pcounter printer it is necessary to assign a port, which tells Pcounter which protocol to use and up to 16 queues to service.

The Pcounter NLMs have a limit of 128 printers.

Pcounter 5 Installation Procedure:

A ] To setup Pcounter5 on the server:

    1. Remember to harvest/reset the Pcounter.log file from the SYS:System\Pcounter

     directory, before installing Pcounter 5, because the Pcounter log file has

     different entries.

    2. Also remember that Pcounter 5 is based on the Novell 5 printing model, which

    requires a Pserver.nlm, with Print Queue attached to the Printer Object, in order

    to count the Print queue. This needs to be setup in Novell’s NWAdmin, if not

    already running on the Server.

    1. Start by running the Pcontrol utility from M:\Pcounter.510 directory 2. Then open Pcontrol and create the Pcounter by clicking on configuration tab. 3. Then select the option Create Pcounter from the name drop-down box and create the

    new Pcounter.

    4. Then select the Printing tab and add the Print Queue under the Queue monitor mode

    by right clicking and adding the print queue previously defined in NetWare

    Administrator to enable the counting of the Print Queue.

    5. Next select Configure queue and then set the type of Accounting and printing types.

    6. Now click on the Prices Tab and set the Allow Paper Size/Price (price per page) and

    the Default Size/Price (default paper size).

    7. The Pcounter Popup can also be modified with custom client codes, but normally we

    leave it set as default.

    8. One important point to remember is to install the server files first from the NLM Status

    screen and then once everything has been configured for the Pcounter, Load the

    Pcounter.nlm onto the server.

    To Deposit/Add Print Credits please use the Rbroker from the Server Broker PC.

     B] To Setup Nprinter.exe on PC:

    1. Create a VLM bootable disk and in the Autoexec.bat file call the files Nprint.bat and

    Blank.bat that calls the Nprinter.exe software from the server and sets up the Nprinter

    display message.

    Eg., @call Nprint.bat Name of Pserver Pserver Number

     @call Nprint.bat ITS_PS_NLM 2


    Eg, @call Blank.bat Pserver name Printer Name Printer Number Print Queues

     @call Blank.bat ITS_PS_NLM HPLJ1100 2 Test_Q

2. The following files are required on the File server in the SYS:LOGIN\Print directory:

    NPRINTER.MSG (4.10)

    NPRINTER.HEP (4.10) - only required for context sensitive help

    SCHEMA.XLT (4.11)

    NWDSBRWS.MSG (4.13)

    TEXTUTIL.MSG (4.05)

    TEXTUTIL.HEP (4.02)



    And the following Unicode files:

    Country 1 and code page 437:





    3. Now create the Pserver.NLM on the file server, as well as the Printer Object and Print

    Queue. And remember to attach the Print queue to the Printer Object and the Printer

    Object to the Pserver.NLM.

4. Then Load the Pserver.NLM at the Server Console viz.,

    Load Pserver ITS_PS_NLM This will automatically load all attached Nprinters via

    the Pserver.NLM.

    5. All that is left now is to insert the Configured Nprinter Boot Disk in the PC and load it

    and check the printing via the captured Network Print queue and also to check the

    Pcounter.NLM screen to see that the selected Print Queue is being monitored via

    Pcounter’s Qmonitor.

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