International Conference on the Environment Survival and

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International Conference on the Environment Survival and

     28 March 2006

Dear Colleague,

I would like to invite you to the International Conference on “The Environment: Survival and

    Sustainability” which will take place on 19-24 February 2007, at the Near East University in

    Northern Cyprus. The language of the conference will be English and there will not be any translation during the Conference.

    Founded in 1988, the Near East University has successfully organized 10 international conferences on various subjects (i.e. water, earthquake, environment, education, and Cyprus issues) in addition to many local and regional conferences and seminars. The University has expanded her infrastructure and today has excellent facilities for such conferences.

    The Conference aims to bring together around 2000 scholars and researchers from over 90 countries around the world to discuss environmental issues from a variety of perspectives. Relevant UN and EU Agencies as well as other international/regional organizations will be invited as sponsors or technical and organizational assistance providers to the Conference.

    Recently, degradation of the environment, pollution, dwindling fresh water supplies, and particularly a series of natural mega-disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and landslides have refocused the world’s attention on the urgency for more research and practical steps on environmental issues. Consequently, worldwide debate on environmental issues in recent years has shifted from discussion of theoretical perspectives and concepts to developing result oriented specific policy proposals and analysis for the policy-makers.

    The main theme of the conference will be the urgent need in taking steps by the international organizations, states, local authorities, and non-governmental organizations to move forward a sustainable environment. In this way, the Conference will aim at making a contribution to the worldwide debate and effort on strengthening the bridge between theory and practice in meeting environmental threats/challenges.

    There will also be an effort to create a multi-disciplinary discussion forum where experts from various disciplines, from academia as well as policymaking/implementation from countries the world over (i.e. developed, developing, small island countries, large continental ones, resource rich, resource poor and the like) will be discussing environmental issues. The focus will be to produce policy-relevant approaches and analysis to provide a better understanding of environmental issues and useful material for decision-makers. During the Conference; panel sessions, poster presentations, workshops, and seminars will also be organized.

Companies around the world producing various products related to the environment such as

    water treatment plants, green products - will also be invited to display their products and make technical presentations in an exhibition to be organized.

    All the proceedings from the Conference will be published by the Near East University. Selected

    papers will be published by some leading scientific journals around the world with which

    agreement is about to be reached to do so in their regular publications and/or in their special

    conference issue publications.

    There will be most up to date communications facilities available and local and international

    media organizations as well as specialized publications on environment will be invited to send

    their representatives to cover the Conference.

    The preliminary list of the major topics is attached and we would welcome any suggestion you

    may have.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Please don not hesitate to drop me a line if any other

    information is needed.

     Yours Sincerely,

     Prof. Dr. Hüseyin GÖKÇEKUŞ


     Conference/ Organizing Committee

     (Vice Rector of the Near East University)

    Please direct your questions and/or suggestions to:


    Tel: +90 392 2235427; +90 392 2236464/460 Fax: +90 392 2235427

    Address: Near East University- Nicosia -Northern Cyprus- MERSİN 10 - TURKEY




    Nicosia, Northern Cyprus

    19-24 February 2007


; Conservation and Management of Biodiversity

    ; Environmental Science and Technology

    ; Environmental Knowledge and Information Systems ; Environmental Organizations: Roles, Problems and Prospects ; Global Warming: How Much of a Threat?

    ; Integrated Water Resources Management

    ; Energy and Development: New and Renewable Energy ; Cultural Heritage and Environmental Factors

    ; Natural and Man-Made Disasters: Emerging Link and Challenges ; International Relations and Environmental Issues ; Green Factor in Politics

    ; The Role of Media : Problems and Challenges

    ; Environment and Health

    ; Business and Environment : Redefining Interests ; Environmental Awareness, Education, and Lifelong Learning ; Economics, Development and Sustainability

    ; Environmental Law and Ethics

    ; Seas , Ecological Balance, and Sustainable Environment

    ; Social and Psychological Dimensions of Environmental Issues ; Pesticides in the Environment and Food Commodities


    Near East University was established in 1988 and grew to become one of the fastest growing universities in the world setting itself the strategic goal of joining the “top 500 universities in the world”.

    The University has 150,000 square meters of covered area, halls of different sizes with a total capacity of 5,000 persons. It has over 2,000 staff, of which 700 are academic personnel. 12,000 students from 44 different countries are attending 9 faculties and 34 departments at the university. There are also 13 dormitories with a capacity of 4,000 students but the constructions of new dormitories are also planned.

    With the opening of the NEU Grand Library in December 2005, the University has passed a new and critical mileage stone entering truly the information age. The Grand Library is fully computerized and linked to many major world libraries, research institutions throughout the world. The library is open 24 hours a day serving not only the university but the whole community. The University has to date organized 10 International Conferences & Congresses and many local and regional conferences, seminars and panel discussions on variety of subjects.

    Near East University believes that the role of the University is not merely providing formal education but to establish close relations with the wider community. As such it places special emphasis on strengthening and developing Campus-Community relations.

    The University set up Life-Long Education Centre (YABEM) and provides a wide variety of adult education courses. University also makes available to the public the use of its facilities for cultural, sports and recreation activities.

    For more information:

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