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By Justin Tucker,2014-02-13 09:19
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Suspense Thriller Document

Charles’ Old Bands ;

Suspense Thriller was (left to right) (left to right):

    Chris Burke Guitar, Vocals

    Charles Trippy Bass, Vocals

    Adam Wieser Drums, Vocals

    Travis Martin Guitar Vocals

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    Download the Suspense Thriller The Entrance EP (FREE):

Bonus Download (FREE):

    “Perfect” – W/ Travis Clark of We The Kings

    Download Funny Looking Kid Delirium Theorem (FREE):

Download Funny Looking Kid Wish In One Hand (FREE) Danny Duncan from We The

    Kings first band:

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    Menu (click on song) (1) The Entrance

    (2) Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

    (3) Checkerboard Changes

    (4) Heaven

    (5) Switzerland

    (6) The Lurk

    (7) Declaration

    (8) Jamais Vu

    (9) Waskomed!

    (10) Hey Majesty! (Beatles Cover)

    (11) Perfect (w/ Travis Clark of We The Kings)


#1 The Entrance

    We shot down replications, shot down by education Praying to stop the bleeding, calling out for healing If we don’t stop them now (we’ll guess what)

    Then nothing ever will, chances none

    So kill the lights, left in the dark for hours Defending higher powers

    Deciding who’s left out, tonight we fight

    I can still see through the brick wall An exit is only as far as the entrance I’m coming out, and they came in

    And it’s about they showed up

    Empty handed, what’s with your head?

Against mine, you have no face. It’s disappeared in my admiration

    That’s spinning right, with a passion

    Can’t be duplicated, forces like you should be

    Replicated (in mass production) Until you build something that doesn’t exit (or you destroy it)

    Wake up

    I can still see through the brick wall An exit is only as far as the entrance (Back To Menu)

#2 Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

    In a moment I’ll be sorry

    For everything I’ve said

    Then I’m out when I lay your eyes upon me

    You wanna see me dead

Doctor, Doctor I’ve got a pain in my chest

    Oh my lord song your insides are a mess Diagnosis bleeding heart, clear cause is lying Go home and get some rest and if you’re lucky you’ll be dying

    Where is love? Dying in an ally next to me Die love, die.

Thinking to yourself I’ve got this game won

    Even good girls die for breaking hearts for fun

    Where is love? Running away from you. Just like me. Run love, run.

    (Back To Menu)

#3 Checkerboard Changes

    The skies are blue, with no sign of you.

You’re so low, You’re so low

    You’ve got no, Place to go

    (follow you down, follow you down)

    Burning to the ground, to the ground

    Hide the matches and gas as they come to the door

    You got your fame from feigning cries But I can see your lies in your deceitful eyes Do you still find joy in this plain surprise? Watching as your integrity dies

You were the pig, I pinned you again

    To try to hide truth when I call you a liar

    Everything’s alright in the act of desire

    You can’t hide smoke when you started the fire


    Disappear into cinders as the flames are burning absolute Your shadow pours like gasoline into the night lit street Your fading blue sky dies, fading to skies of grey Your light chased them away

I’m the water for your flame

    I’m the waking to your dream

    I’m sticking to, To watching you

    Melt down

    Hey, self destruct

    I’m the water for your flame (you’re so low, you’re so low)

    I’m the waking to your dream (you’ve got no, place to go)

    I’m sticking to, (follow you down)

    To watching you (burning to the ground, to the ground) Melt down (hide matches and gas as they come to your door) (Back To Menu)

#4 Heaven

    The rains fell from the heavens that you call my eyes On to this worn out sanctuary

    As we stare into heaven, I saw something (or maybe it was just hell Or maybe it’s me walking away

    Or maybe it’s me walking away

    (Don’t let me leave without saying good-bye)

It’s no wonder I’ve lost faith

    In anything about these single words you seem to Wield like knives

    And after a life of pure regret, an eternity of your echoing slander Sounds all but glorious.

    (Back To Menu)

#5 Switzerland

    Shattered to pieces and swept under the rug

    Never to find, pick up the pieces

    And put them back together, and throw them all away (I don’t have any idea what Chris was yelling LOL)

    We may never know

    We may never pass this bridge again

    Dead. I’m fucking, dead. I’m fucking, dead. I’m fucking, dead. I’m fucking, dead.

    At heart

    Are we now or were we ever finished playing the games Tag, I’m always it.

    (Again, I don’t remember what Chris was singing)

    So impressed by what you have done, done with this place Depressed is the smiling world captured in this photo-case I must confess that you are not as beautiful as the catastrophe you start

    To see eye to eye

    Are we now or were we ever finished, playing your games. Tag, I’m always it.

This time

    Photographs of us standing in the places we were Places where snow capped mountains

    ‘Cuz we are Switzerland to the world, And always were. Always were.

    (Back To Menu)

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