Suspense Thriller Document

By Justin Tucker,2014-02-13 09:19
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Suspense Thriller Document

Charles’ Old Bands ;

Suspense Thriller was (left to right) (left to right):

    Chris Burke Guitar, Vocals

    Charles Trippy Bass, Vocals

    Adam Wieser Drums, Vocals

    Travis Martin Guitar Vocals

    Download The Albums For FREE ;

    Download the Suspense Thriller The Entrance EP (FREE):

Bonus Download (FREE):

    “Perfect” – W/ Travis Clark of We The Kings

    Download Funny Looking Kid Delirium Theorem (FREE):

Download Funny Looking Kid Wish In One Hand (FREE) Danny Duncan from We The

    Kings first band:

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    - Thanks!

    Menu (click on song) (1) The Entrance

    (2) Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

    (3) Checkerboard Changes

    (4) Heaven

    (5) Switzerland

    (6) The Lurk

    (7) Declaration

    (8) Jamais Vu

    (9) Waskomed!

    (10) Hey Majesty! (Beatles Cover)

    (11) Perfect (w/ Travis Clark of We The Kings)