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Ron Bates ...

     Ron Bates

    Search Consultant

Ron Bates is a Managing Principal and Search Consultant with the retained executive search firm

    Executive Advantage Group, Inc. He joined the firm in 2001 to help grow the practice. Possessing +11

    years in retained executive search, he is actively involved with Board of Directors and Executive level

    searches for pre-IPO, private, public, and multinational companies. Prior to Executive Advantage

    Group, Ron was with Heidrick & Struggles where he was a Partner in their based in their Sand Hill

    Road, Menlo Park office. Prior to joining Heidrick & Struggles, Ron Bates was a top performing

    Managing Director with the retained executive search firm StratfordGroup (Division of Spherion -

    NYSE: SFN). Ron has successfully executed Board of Directors, Executive Management,

    Manufacturing, Operations, Customer Service, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Business

    Development searches across the following industries:

    Application Service Providers Electronics Mobile Marketing Aerospace Financial Services Networking Equipment Aeronautical Food & Beverage Packaging Automotive Fuel Cells Print Advertizing Business Process Reengineering Healthcare Power Generation Business Process Outsourcing Hi-Tech Manufacturing Search Engines Capital Equipment HRO Semiconductor Classified Military Programs Internet Services Software Clean Room Internet Marketing Sterilization Business Appraisal Services Insurance Systems Integration Consulting Communications Management Consulting Telecommunications Computer Marketing Platforms Vacuum Filtration Content Distribution Networks Material Handling Video Encoding Data Management Meat Packing Video on Demand Document Control Medical Device Voice over IP

    With 27 years of industry experience, Ron’s management background includes full P&L responsibility, sales management and consulting management, hardware and systems product development

    management roles with Hewlett-Packard, TRW, Raytheon, Mentor Graphics and Computer Vision. He

    has sales and engineering experienced in hardware and systems development, process assessment, IC

    and DSP design services, IP Core deployment, DFT/verification/emulation, semiconductor automated

    test platforms, custom automated test platforms, and design software consulting.

Half of Ron's career has been in sales. He's been trained in Miller Heiman's Conceptual and Strategic

    Selling; Hannon's Consultative Selling, and Competing on Value; Rackham's SPIN Selling; Holden's

    Power Base Selling; Target Marketing Systems' Target Account Selling and Executive Level Selling;

    and Value Vision's Value Based Selling. Ron has also developed, sold, and taught Critical Path Selling,

    an Executive level solutions selling and Executive sales call planning course. Ron has also coached and

    mentored from a sales management perspective the execution of deals that ranged in size from $100K -

    $10M via many of these techniques especially in his roles managing consulting sales at Mentor

    Graphics and Computer Vision prior to getting into Executive Search.

    Executive Advantage Group, Inc.

    1250 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 210 ? Sunnyvale, California 94085 ? E-mail:

    Phone: 877.777.2644 ? Fax: 408.904.4935 ? Cell: 408.206.4580

In addition to his sales management and consulting management background, what is most unique

    about Ron is that he possesses a deep technical background spanning a broad range of hardware and

    software technology disciplines. After obtaining a degree in Physics from the University of Oregon,

    and co-authoring “Far Ultraviolet Laser Resonance Raman Studies of Electronic Excitations”:

    Advances in Laser Spectroscopy, Vol. 3, 1986, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Ron worked for companies

    such as Hewlett-Packard, TRW, Raytheon, Mentor Graphics and Computer Vision. From 500 MHz 45 GHz, he has been responsible for multi-million dollar development programs ranging from

    waveguide, stripline, MMIC devices and antennas for satellite communications, secure military and

    covert satellite reconnaissance systems, threat identification, anti-missile electronics counter measures,

    and radar jamming systems. He has developed verification strategies for MMIC T/R modules, High

    Power analog, mixed-signal, ASIC, and 50 MHz - 1.5 GHz digital IC and MCM semiconductor

    devices used in wireline and wireless terrestrial and space based Telecommunications applications.

    Ron has also designed custom automated test platforms for airborne radar, electronic counter measure,

    avionics and flight control systems, in addition to having developed antenna characterization and

    production test strategies for satellite, ship and airborne antennas. He has delivered product

    development process assessments for technology clients engaged in Concurrent Engineering and

    process/workflow product development Reengineering programs. Ron has also provided product

    development and DSP design support to clients engaged in applications of CDMA and TDMA

    communications technology; JPEG, MPEG video; voice compression, electronic surveillance, PDA,

    paging, embedded IP and programmable core applications. He has also provided LAN/WAN network

    performance assessments, network design/optimization/integration services, remote network

    monitoring, customer premise equipment installation & maintenance client services.

The following is a partial list of public sector clients Ron Bates has had the opportunity to provide

    service to during his 27-year career.

    Advanced Auto Parts Fujitsu National Semiconductor Tandem Computers Agilent IBM Northrop Grumman Teledyne AMD Hewlett-Packard Oracle Texas Instruments Amdocs ICG Communications PeopleSoft Trimble Navigation Boeing Intel QUALCOMM TRW Cisco Kaiser Electronics Raytheon Vitesse Semiconductor Deloitte & Touche Kodak Rockwell Semiconductor VLSI Technology DivX Lockheed Martin Sharp Western Digital ECI Telecom LSI Logic Schlumberger Xerox Ericsson Medtronic Siemens Yellow Book USA Ernst & Young Motorola Sun Microsystems Zhone Technologies

With +44,000 direct contacts on on-line professional networking platforms, Ron has been referred to as

    "the most connected man on Earth", and he is the most connected person in the world out of over +40

    million business professionals on His networking profiles can be viewed on

    LinkedIn and Ecademy.

    Offices in Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest

    Executive Advantage Group, Inc.

    1250 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 210 ? Sunnyvale, California 94085 ? E-mail:

    Phone: 877.777.2644 ? Fax: 408.904.4935 ? Cell: 408.206.4580

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