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    Ladies and gentlemen:

     How are you? It is my honor to

    have the chance to speak to you!

    Please drink tea and listen to me

    carefully. Thank you!


     Chinese Name: Pang Bin

     English Name: Peter

     Sex: Handsome boy

    .Date of Birth

     The lunar calendar :September 14 ,


     So I just want to say: Thank you, mum!

    Thank you for giving me life! . Hometown

     Yudu, Ganzhou,Jiangxi,China

     These pictures show that the Long

    March starting point of the Central

    Red Army is in my hometown.

     Please come to Yudu and I will pay for


    .The special local product : navel orange (赣南脐橙)

    About navel orange

     Guangzhou location suitable climate,

    good soil, good navel orange growing,

    high-quality, popular.

     In my childhood, my family has a

    garden of navel orange.

    . My Childhood

     Sorry! That is a secret!!

     But if you applaud for me, I will tell


    1. Always played with girls. Do you

    envy me?

    2.I was child cowherd

    3. I can cutting rice, can you?

     In my childhood, I am good at cutting


     From my perspective, labor is the

    loveliest people!

4. I am fond of dreaming.

    .About Education

     Changzheng Primary School is my

    first school.

    1. Middle school

     2003----2008:NO.3 MIDDLE SCHOOL OF


    2. Jiujiang University

    I think Jiujiang University is a fabulous university. Because there are too much memory in our alma mater . About Hobby

    1. My favorite book

    A Dream in Red Mansions

    The Book of Changes

    2. Superstar

    Eason Chan

     Lonely Christmas

     He is crazy and has a lot of


    Andy Lau

     He is my favorite superstar.

     Handsome and hardworking . The movie I love

    Cherish Our Love Forever

    I know women heart

    . My favorite TV play

     Just When We Were Young Pioneers

    Home Cooking

    . Which I like best?

    Sinology (国学)

    The government of China is also investing in Confucius Institutes abroad to promote Chinese culture. Now I am the President of Sinology Association. Welcome to our association.

    十一. About Love

    I hope one day I find a girl like Goddess Of River Lou . 十二. My dream

    I hope I could live in Daguanyuan.

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