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Supreme God is dead_82


    Won the first battle, the sea soldiers family has not relieved, even heavy hand, heart.

    ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ said: "This is just a racial ability Siren, their abilities will be other races. They have a strong client group, in particular, sea dragon, able to fly in the air."

    Just then, ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ suddenly terrified look ahead. Chu Tianshu ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ along the line of sight and saw the set off in the moonlight, the sea suddenly launched into a dark three strange things. The three strange things forty-five m wingspan, circling a week after launch, when it reaches one hundred meters above the ground, when suddenly, like lightning, like a black stern to the Pearl rushed.

"Quick get on the ground, the dragon is coming!"

    ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ Warriors to the stern of the two octopus shouted. Octopus Warriors quickly climb on deck, the three monster skimming and over the stern, the air came the screams of several more soldiers crabs. Chu Tianshu see, this is not a sea dragon, but three skates. General rays are living under the sea, which was able to skate three glide in the air, indeed beyond the scope of the general understanding of the sea family, it is no wonder they call the dragon.

    Chu Tianshu ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ a punch in the head and angrily shouted: "coward, I stand up. If you fear that a few rays, please bring your octopus once they leave my pearls No, go back to the city of coral. I do not like you cowardly Rodriguez warrior! "

    Just then, the three rays in the air of a roundabout, the ED also rushed to the bow. Chu Tianshu swords with both hands, stared at the front of a skate. When the rays from the Chu Tianshu this only four or five meters, when Chu Tianshu suddenly roared loudly, brandished a knife and cut Meng, click, bang, the left half of skate wings is Chu Tianshu an ax blow opened a large hole . Rays few times in the air screaming, shaking Zaijin the sea.

    ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ by Chu Tianshu yelled angry, suddenly reached out with four tentacles, the other two were entangled in the skates. Although the skate's body looks great, but he is a thin, there is not much weight. The two rays after being ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ entangled, even had no chance to struggle to be ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ abruptly fell to the deck. Swordsman swords

    Lianhui several Medusa, skate chop were dashed to pieces immediately.

    Chu Tianshu Hengdao in hand, said: "This is my warrior."

    Rays are Zhanla after being returned to the sea calm, except for the distant Ruqirusu song they still, the only sound of waves lapping the ship's side. Chu Tianshu went aft, asked, knowing there are three crab clan fighters were flying fish captured. Three seventy-eight kg weight crab clan fighters in return for three hundred kilograms of the flight to skate fish, the round is still Chu Tianshu the upper hand.

    Chu Tianshu to Natasha and ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ all together, pointing to the deck of the two rays bloody corpse, said: "legend is not entirely true, they are not dragons

    Chu Tianshu just saw ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ catch rays, Medusa brandished a knife and even cut, skate with a chance to fight back, not to be reimbursed. And he commanded: "The octopus every warrior, and the four formed a group of Medusa Swordsman. If the recurrence of fighting, octopus tentacles wrapped with an enemy warrior, Swordsman Medusa beheaded in the side to help."

    ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ just now captured two rays, confidence, and stand up and loudly said: "Your Majesty, I now completely understand, under your leadership, no courage to challenge any sea Pearl family. Siren is not terrible They are not invincible. "

    Chu Tianshu said: "the fighting has not ended, they still have to be vigilant, no matter what, close to Pearl, who dared, should be shoot to kill. Ordered two electric eels are located in the bow and stern, put your energy accumulated, Upon receipt of my order, immediately to the water discharge. as long as the passed tonight, tomorrow we'll be safe. "

    Chu Tianshu two electric eel is seconded to the shrimp after, normally they are lying on the bottoms to sleep, at this crucial moment was shouting up. With the help of two electric eel, Chu Tianshu siren is no longer afraid of large-scale offensive to the Pearl.

    Chu Tianshu hand swords, heads held high standing in the bow, song-oriented direction coming, shouted: "Siren, a daring you to come over it!"

    At dawn, when the first wipe from the sun rising from the sea level when the siren's song has stopped.

    Pearl surrounded by a cloud of fog, the fog condensation on the sea motionless, as if the curing of the general. Chu Tianshu know that this must be the siren out of the ghost, perhaps is a racial ability. Every morning, the sea and ultimately, a layer of fog, but never had such a mist, as if surrounded by Pearl is designed only to produce.

    Patiently waiting for over an hour, the fog has not dispersed, and have actually piled thick with meaning. Chu Tianshu range, the command weigh anchor sail siren song of last night came toward the direction of moving. Chu Tianshu had intended to leave at dawn to set sail for the mysterious monster, instinctive plan at arm's length. But the siren actually emit fog, let Chu Tianshu leave, which provoked Chu Tianshu about anger, since you will not let me leave, I'll go directly to your lair, fight to the death in broken say.

    Pearl family of soldiers lost in the sea on the alert. Bottoms there are fifty Medusa boating, deck two thousand Crab hiding in every corner of the soldiers motionless. Ten led each of four octopus Warrior Swordsman Medusa composed of ten teams, three groups of the bow, stern four groups, the other three groups in the back and forth. One of two elect

    To lead the way as if Chu Tianshu, Pearl, just one anchor, the bow direction of the fog began to disperse, revealing a passage. Chu Tianshu not hesitate to wheel a turn, directly into the channel. Pearl slowly sailing in the channel for about an hour, appeared in front of a huge black shadow, Chu Tianshu immediately ordered stopping.

    Fog rapidly dispersed, exposing the true colors of the shadows. This is the wreckage of a ship, a huge boat had sank to the bottom, only a bow also unyielding floating on the water. Degree of view from the rotting hull, the ship has sunk ships for many years. Deck full of holes, it seems that fall apart at any time, an unknown seaweed uniform coverage over the Ship, a wreck coated with a green coat.

    The top of the wreck, sat two beautiful women. These two girls are only seventeen-year-old age, my body filled with an energy of youth. Supple black hair hanging behind, sea breeze, flying recklessly. Their skin white and delicate, in the sunlight glittering exudes mellow luster. They are extremely graceful figure, even better is their face, the appearance of two people is almost a mold from the inside out, dark eyes, small straight nose, pink little toot lips, mouth with a trace sweet smile.

    This is the siren ah! No wonder the man saw the wreck siren will lead to happen? A long-term sailors sailing in the ocean, and if suddenly saw this stunning beauty, if not tempted simply impossible.

    "Hee hee, my sister, they have come." Said a siren, she said, is the sea family of languages.

    "Yes ah, my sister, all three decades, can we wait until a ship." Siren another answer, she said, is human language.

    "Oh, so strange a member of the ship." Sister said, "They have a crab, with octopus, a Medusa, there is still a human yet. Ah ... well ... looks like this handsome man Oh, sister, while on the give me something to eat. "

    Sister said: "Where he is human, you do not feel from his body and silver shrimp, crab clan family atmosphere?"

    Chu Tianshu the bow of a large fish with a fish kill on the foot of the spring gun, gunpoint until one of the siren, the use of sea family of languages, said: "Siren, quickly get out, or I will attack a. "

    "Said the sea-family of languages, appears to be a relatively successful evolution of lobster or crab." Siren use human language the two said, "He's nucleus must be very nutritious, and my sister, you have to body, I want to nuclei. "

    "The sea voyage from home, ah, you ever miss your hometown, the vast boundless sea, ah, when can return?" The sister began to use human language to sing.

    Sister also use human language to sing: "The sea voyage from home, ah, you may have missed the girl

    Clear and loud voice, tunes sorrowful sad, if not just listening to their dialogue, Chu Tianshu be really homesick they evoke emotion. But now is different, Chu Tianshu family not only the language of the sea, he would human language, the dialogue heard sirens, fire from the heart.

    "Kraken, do not cries out." Chu Tianshu this time using human language, "will not give you my body, I will not give you the nuclei. If you re not to open it, you The body will be my hands of soldiers food, you will be my collection of nuclei. I count to ten, if you still come to their senses, I'll launch. One, two ... ... "

    Two siren stopped singing, stood up in amazement. "Wow, you're a man Yeah, hee hee, you do not want wife?"

"Three, four ... ..."

    "Wow, would say that the language of the human family of the sea, you are the greatest explorers, handsome young man, I'll give you a wife can do?"

"Five, six ... ..."

"Brave explorer, you see the two of us beautiful?"

"Seven, eight ... ..."

    "We meant no harm, do you really want to hurt us? Ah ... ah ... do not!"

    "Bang", Chu Tianshu pulled the trigger, more than five meters long fish gun Jishe out. Chu Tianshu or move compassion, it ??ÈÌÐÄÉ˺? two small girls, the fish side of the gun a little bit stuck in the middle of the two Sirens aboard. Ship decay of sea water has long been unbearable, where experience had such an impact, "click" sound, flying wood chips, planks were punctured a large hole.

    Chu Tianshu force behind a drag rope spear gun, spear gun again fly back to the ship, press the spring, re-filling is completed.

    Sunken ship that moan a few times, and finally can not continue to maintain the integrity of form, disintegrated.

Two sirens screamed, leapt to their piece of wood.

"Abominable human, you actually destroy our homes."

    "Your behavior has aroused our anger, your ship will be our new home."

Chapter Harbour vortex (1)

    Siren jumped into the sea was gone, Chu Tianshu command set sail, but the two warriors and four octopus Swordsman Medusa no matter how hard, just can not turn the anchor winch, anchor seems to fall into the gap in the reef can not be moved.

    "Nerd, you alert on board, Natasha, with dozens of Medusa go with me to see."

    Chu Tianshu finished, hand-held two swords first jumped into the sea. Natasha and other Medusa although there are some fears, but they are unafraid to see the king, also have jumped into the sea. Chu Tianshu has been submerged more than thirty meters, quickly find the key to the issue, not the anchor was stuck in the rocks, but by a tightly wrapped round the plants lived. These seagrass as crazy as a section of the growth of Python, the anchor wrapped around a circle has been formed with a diameter of three meters and more thick rope, no wonder can not anchor it.

    Chu Tianshu apart from anything else, lift up sword on the red in the past. Weird things happen, a

    "Hee hee, handsome, how ah?" Two Siren appeared, standing in the anchor, his hands clutching the chain, violent flow of water seems to have no effect on them, "spiral oscillation, this is Dragon racial abilities. Come on, you come to kill us ah. "

    Chu Tianshu anxious hearts, but no way. Ordinary sea water below the vortex is because there is a huge funnel, caused great loss of water, the rotation direction is inward rotation. But this vortex, by contrast, seems to anchor a large number of manufacturing into a sea monster, constantly spewing out water, and therefore external rotation, from the vortex closer, the faster the water flows, could not close to a half step.

"Haha, we have a new home." Siren Sister twisted waist.

    "Ah, I smell, the taste of beef jerky on board." Siren Sister Qiaoqi a thigh.

    Two siren wanton frolic in the sea, do not looked down on the Chu Tianshu. Finally, two sirens actually singing and dancing up and singing like a graceful hypnotic effect.

    Chu Tianshu a sudden surprise, has been in the tens of meters deep underwater is so, and if to the sea, how it would be a huge vortex ah! Bad, Pearl had to be sunk! Chu Tianshu surfaced hurriedly led the Medusa. Sure enough, the sea has been turned upside down. A few hundred meters in diameter is crazy huge vortex rotation, Pearl, to anchor the center, and the stern sank, bow stilts, are fast rotation, the danger of sinking at any time.

    Pearl has been chaos into gruel, all the soldiers are desperately looking for something to seize, grasp instability there continue to be thrown

off the deck of crab.

    Chu Tianshu U.S. Medusa back to the ship, panic eclipsed the ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ shouted: "Your Majesty, how do?"

    "Abandoned anchor!" Abandoned anchor which is now only a choice, just cut off the chain, Pearl can get rid of the shackles of anchor, relying on the power flow from the vortex centers left out. But when Chu Tianshu rushed to the edge when the winch, could not help but stand in amazement. Anchor chain is crafted of steel thickness of the arm, and one closely linked to a ring, could not cut off. Winch is mounted on a iron plate, dozens of rivets and thick roots of convergence tightly deck, not three hours and can not removed.

    Pearl tilted more powerful, enough to tilt the bow thirty degree angle.

"Discharge, fast discharge!" Chu Tianshu ordered.

    One of two head into his electric eel in sea water immediately, another one in the tail into his water, while releasing all the stored energy in the body. Several large arc channel appears in the sea, the sea formed the bodies of countless fish shrimp. However, the

    Faced with this situation, Chu Tianshu Xinyi Heng, once again jumped into the water. This time, clutching Chu Tianshu chain into the water, braving strong currents, Yibubuxiang laid down. Started going to the water when the water is like an avalanche, the impact of the Chu Tianshu steadily. Chu Tianshu bite the bullet, step by step persisted, ten meters when the dive, the flow rate slightly eased some. Chu Tianshu slightly stabilized the body, looking at the sea, and soon he saw the two sirens. They saw the same as drunk, is hanging chain shake to and fro, it seems, the current electric eel is not without work. Siren has been corona, but is still struggling to create the vortex in the sea.

    Chu Tianshu rapidly approaching one of them sirens, waved swords hand to her head cut off. While Chu Tianshu the swords to make siren split in half when the bird siren suddenly opened his eyes, facing Chu Tianshu reveal a sweet smile. Chu Tianshu the heart seems to be something a little thorn, a soft hand, swords close to the siren's head slipped past.

    Chu Tianshu secretly surprised ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ that can control other people's soul siren, it seems remark is true. Must be quick, otherwise the siren control of the heart is, no doubt that Pearl will sink. Chu Tianshu live disc firmly anchor legs, hands hold a knife, once again

the head to the siren went full split.

    Like the previous one, sirens started again Chu Tianshu a charming smile, and uttered a groan. Chu Tianshu atrial again shaking a little, hold a knife in his hands and soft. But this time, sirens are not so lucky. Chu Tianshu forces used too early, with inertia, swords, shot sideways in the Siren's head. Surge of bright red blood ejected from the mouth of Siren, Siren unable to release the anchor chain.

    Stunned a siren, the stream of the sea suddenly reduced by half. Chu Tianshu not stop, once again dive a few meters, a knife to another one siren beat halo, the sea was absolutely calm.

    Large corporations which feel like a dangerous seaweed comes, suddenly let go anchor, crazy over the Chutian Shu Chung. Chu Tianshu hands hold a knife, chop and cut hard to the left, a section of seagrass leaves are cut, green juice to water is dyed green. Chu Tianshu hacking continuously for four or five minutes, seagrass finally retreated. The soldiers on board also felt the changes in the sea, immediately turn the winch, anchor out to sea to sea level rise.

    Done, Chu Tianshu hand back to the ship carrying a siren. Chu Tianshu toward ground lost to the Siren, the command said: "Find two ropes, tied me to them." Siren looked around the seaweed body only, once again ordered, "to my cabin to find two sets of women's clothes, give them another tie to wear. "

    Chu Tianshu Antonio to prepare a hundred sets of girls clo The fog has dispersed, Chu Tianshu finally see clearly the waters. This is a reef area, looking ahead, you can see the reef, large or small. In order to prevent running aground, Pearl sailing very slow. Steel Hill led the soldiers in front of more than one hundred crabs swim from time to time report to the Chu Tianshu submarine situation. Walk and sail more than three hours, only five or six forward kilometers. Noon the anchor Chu Tianshu orders to rest.

    Chu Tianshu cook, potatoes, beef stew made of a dry, took two bottles of wine, and Natasha sat on the deck drink and chat.?ÅÀï???ïÌØ because they can not drink, can only sit on the side of her face hard breathing hard, expect to capture as much as possible the smell in the air.

    Chu Tianshu secretly looked at the two Sirens, found that although they closed his eyes, nose and throat, but they occasionally softly moving about and know that they have been awakened, "it has caused us the loss

    of two Siren crab seven soldiers, again we have drawn this to a reef area, you talk about, how should I punish them? "

    "It's as simple as the king gave the order, I can in fifteen seconds so that they become very fine." Natasha took a sip of wine, pretty little face powder, toot.

    "Why does such a trouble." ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ really could not resist, so he took a piece from the largest pot of beef, said, "Let us deal with them sucker octopus warrior, not five minutes, they will be turned into a share of bloody, even the bones would not rest scum. "

    Steel Hill is not happy, and hobbled siren went two in front of a large pliers siren out a leg, said: "You have eaten, how do we soldiers crab? Two thousand soldiers per person a small mouth, eat while we enjoy their screaming, it can be called fun. "

    Chu Tianshu shook his head: "You eat are too brutal, and do not appreciate the taste of beauty. Such beauty should be cut into meat, marinated with spices cooked together, as our future snacks to eat a long time. "

    Two siren could not and had opened his eyes, while screaming: "mercy, ah, do not eat us!"

    Chu Tianshu laughed, holding the glass in front of the Siren went: "Ha ha, two girls, four of us eat a total of four, which one do you choose? Rest assured that we will absolutely respect your opinion, start fast and hard, painful look on the past. "

    "We can not, and please, spare us." Siren Sister tearful.

    "We are bitter and astringent flesh, and little, if you put us, we give you two great whales to catch." Siren sister is also the face of the prayer.

    "Release you? Bad, you are too vicious, and if then how do they attack our ships

    "Hum ... ... king, you will let us, we'll give you a wife it really do!"

    "Hum ... ... Your Majesty, you have evolved into human shape, but certainly did not enjoy the pleasure of human beings, right? The two of us but the most beautiful woman in the eyes of mankind, we will let

you enjoy the ever happy."

    Chu Tianshu joke enough, drained the cup of wine, turned back to the bow, the command set sail. However, this reef area is very large ships stop and go, into a dead end, can not find exported.

    Chu Tianshu anxiety, the command said: "Natasha, you have the fastest Medusa, immediately to the sea, be sure to find the exit before dark."

    However, Chu Tianshu behind Natasha has not heard the answer, but came a few times deep breathing. Chu Tianshu suddenly turn around, shocked to see Natasha eyes exposed fiercely, holding the four swords, seems to want to Chu Tianshu Zhancheng meat, but it is hesitant to face an extremely painful.?ÅÀï???ïÌØ two huge tentacles are out, staggered in the air, is not hesitant to Chu Tianshu wrapped pieces. Tied to the mast on the exposed face at the moment two Sirens charming smile, his lips trembling rapidly, it seems that the issue of a silent command.

    Chu Tianshu cold sweat scared out a cry, imprudent, sirens can control other people's minds. Fortunately, they chose Natasha and ?ÅÀï???ïÌØ, the two fighters will power is strong, if it was any other fighter, Chu Tianshu how the dead

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