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Test for M1U1Test,for,M1U1,m1u1,test,For

    Test for M1U1 (5A) My birthday

    Class _____ Grade ______ Name ______ ( )

    一、 听录音选出说听到的单词。 10%

    1. ( ) A. sure B some C share

    2. ( ) A. be B bring C begin

    3. ( ) A. we B wear C were

    4. ( ) A. wait B white C write

    5. ( ) A. pear B pair C peel

    6. ( ) A. fan B fun C from

    7. ( ) A. parrot B parent C present

    8. ( ) A. well B come C welcome

    9. ( ) A. smart B small C smile

    10 ( ) A. eight B eighth C eighteenth

    二、 听问句选出正确的答句。 5%

    th1. ( ) A Its Friday. B Its 2011. C Its Sept. 20. 2. ( ) A Thank you. B OK. C Happy birthday. 3. ( ) A At home. B On Monday. C At 2:00 p.m. 4. ( ) A No blue things. B A blue hat. C OK.

    5. ( ) A May. B June. C July.

    三、 听录音判断是否与所见的数字相符。 10%

    1. ( ) nineteen 2 ( ) fifth

    3 ( ) twenty-fourth 4 ( ) thirtieth

    5 ( ) seventh 6 ( ) twelve

    7 ( ) sixty 8 ( ) twentieth

    9 ( ) fourth 10 ( ) ninety

    四、 听录音将短文填写完整。 10%

    Mr. Hatter ______ hats. He is _______ very ______. But Mr. Hatters son,

    Tommy, has no hat. He is very _______. It is ______ at night. Mr. Hatter

    is very _______, but he is ______ working. The ______ morning, Tommy

    thsees a ______ new hat on his bed. Today is the 4 of _________. Happy

    birthday, Tommy!

    五、 以正确方式改写下列句子或写出答句。 10%

    when is peters bithday its on the nineteenth of october


    六、 判断划线部分发音是否一致?一致的写T?不一致的写F 5% fourth first ( ) sad hat ( ) night this ( )

    see sea ( ) drill easy ( )

    七、 选出最佳的答案。 15%

    1. Whats the date today?

     A Its Sept. B Its Sept. 7th C At 8:00 a.m. 2. Do you understand?

     A Yes, I see. B Dont do it. C Why? 3 Can you wear your pink dress to my party?

     A No, I dont. B Sure. C Thank you. 4 What time does the movie begin?

     A Its begins. B At 8:00 p.m. C Tomorrow. 5. How many months are there in a year?

     A Twelfth. B Four. C Twelve. 6 What are you wearing?

     A A pair of glass. B A glass. C A pair of glasses. 7 Which floor is your classroom on?

     A On the fourth floor. B On the four. C On fourth floor. 8 Lets have some fun!

     A OK. B Thank you. C No, thanks. 9 What does your father do?

     A A policewoman. B A policeman. C A superman. 10 What is he doing?

     A Hes reading. B He reads books. C He reading books. 11 What season comes after;之后, summer?

     A Autumn. B Spring. C October. 12 How many _____ are there in the vase? About four.

     A flour B flowers C flower 13 What _____ is it today? Its Monday.

     A day B month C time 14 Look, the bus is here. Lets ______ the bus.

     A get on B get off C get our 15 Whats your favourite food _____ dinner?

     A of B in C for

    八、 时态填空。 10%

1. It’s late at night. My mother is still _______ (work).

    2. Look, the fish ______ _____ (be swim) in the river. 3. Can the boy ________ (ride) the bicycle? Yes, he ______ ______ (be ride) now.

    4. _______(do) Ming ______ (like) his hard cushion?

    5. Its half past eleven. Its time to _______ (have) lunch.

    6. Class ______ (begin) at eight oclock in the morning.

    九、 写出正确的答句。 10%

    1. When is your birthday?


    2. What time does the first class begin? (8:40 a.m.)


     3. What orange things do you have? _______________________ 4. What’s your favourtie colour? _______________________________ 5. What white things can you bring or wear? _____________________

    十、 阅读。 10%

    A. 阅读短文判断?正确的用T, 错误的用F表示

    American schools begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms in a school year. The first term is from September to January, and the second term is from February to June. American children begin to go to school when they five years old. Most students are seventeen or eighteen year old when they finish high school. After high school, many students go to college. Many college students work after class.

    ( ) 1. American schools begin in spring.

    ( ) 2. There are two terms in an American school year. ( ) 3. The second term is from February to June.

    ( ) 4. American students begin to go to school when they are five

    years old.

    ( ) 5. College students dont work after class.

B. 读短文选择?用A BC表示

    The Greens like to go out for a trip on Sundays. This Sunday they want to go to the West Hill. Jack and Mike, their sons, get up very early in the morning. Jack puts on a shirt and jeans, and Mike puts on a T-shirt and jeans. They also put on their sneakers. After that they help their mother do the housework around the house. They put bread, meat, eggs and

    some fruit in a basket and carry it to the car. Mrs. Green also takes four

    tins of coke with her. The little dog is running after her. It wants to go

    with them, too. They are all very happy.

    1. On Sundays the Greens like _______.

     A to stay at home B to watch TV C to go out for a trip

    2. Jack and Mike wear _________.

     A jeans and B coats and C jackets and jeans

    sneakers trousers

    3 They take _______ with them.

     A apples and B bananas and C meat and bread

    oranges pears

    4 They can have _____ each.

     A two tins of coke B a tin of coke C four tins of coke

    5. They also take ______ with them.

     A the little dog B the little cat C the bird

    十一、 作文。 至少五句?三种句型 5%

    _______s birthday

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