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econ3400论文要求;WTO Dispute Settlement Briefs Near the end of the semester,

    students will take part in simulated panel proceedings of current WTO dispute settlement cases. Students will be randomly assigned to participate in several recent dispute settlement cases. For each case, students will be assigned to one of two groups: complainant or respondent. The disputes are listed below. Students will be expected to research and become very familiar with the details of their particular case, including relevant international/domestic trade rules and other legal or political issues. Additional information about the simulation will be available on blackboard. Students will work together in a group to write their country position paper and present it to the class. To ensure that students are preparing and following through, each group will submit a report at mid-semester and with their final paper detailing their team responsibilities and progress. Keep in mind, since you will be graded as a group, it is up to you to make sure individual team members are following through with their responsibilities and are keeping the professor informed about your progress. At the end of your presentations, students will have a chance to evaluate their individual team members which will be taken into consideration when calculating final paper/presentation grades.

    For each presentation, the class will act as the WTO dispute panel and will be responsible for asking questions. They will also be asked to vote and justify their vote in favor of the complainant or respondent. Students will be graded both on the quality of their written briefs/decisions and on their in-class presentations. Students will also be evaluated by their peers in terms of the quality of their in-class presentations.

    List of Current WTO Disputes

    1. DS 399 Measures Affecting Imports of Certain Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Tires from China (Complainant: China; Respondent: United States) 2. DS394 Measures Related to the Exportation of Various Raw Materials (Complainant: United States; Respondent: China)

    These cases and additional information on these disputes can be found on the WTO’s website at

    In preparation for the briefs/presentations, students should go to the WTO website and familiarize themselves with the system of dispute settlement. See: Understanding the WTO: Settling Disputes


    In some cases, the dispute you will be assigned to may have already been resolved or decided by the end of the semester. (DO NOT MENTION THIS IN YOUR PAPER ). Feel free to change history; write your paper and summary as if the case had not been decided (i.e., try to convince others that your country you are role playing is in the right!!).

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