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Executive Team Biographies

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    All-Metal Cabinetry Available in Stainless Steel and 23 Powdercoated Colors

GREENWOOD, Miss. (April 11, 2008) St. Charles Cabinetry, an American icon, announces

    the production launch of this frameless, full-overlay line of cabinetry, available in brushed stainless steel and 23 colors of powdercoated cold-rolled steel. St. Charles Cabinetry, a division of Viking Range Corporation, will be available to consumers during the second quarter of 2008, and will be manufactured in Greenwood, Miss. in facilities adjacent to Viking Range Corporation plants.

“St. Charles Cabinetry offers homeowners, architects and designers high-quality cabinetry that is

    colorful, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic,” says Jim Gregory, general manager, St. Charles Cabinetry, a division of Viking Range Corporation. “St. Charles Cabinetry celebrates a new

    generation of contemporary cabinets featuring a modern selection of colors, sizes and configurations, providing a fresh and memorable cabinetry design statement.”

    Capitalizing on the ultra-premium product manufacturing expertise of Viking Range Corporation, this U.S. designed and built product line provides a unique combination of aesthetic choices and sustainability attributes. Exclusive to the cabinetry industry, St. Charles has now developed the line in 23 powdercoated color finishes and stainless steel.


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    This chic color palette features both matte and iridescent colors in designer shades such as chocolate, lemonade, mint julep, cobalt blue, racing red, black, biscuit and cotton white. When designed in combination with ultra-premium luxury appliances, St. Charles Cabinetry enables homeowners to seamlessly incorporate personality into their kitchens.

    St. Charles boasts a record of high-quality product and design, concentrating on the upscale residential market from mid-century through today. Established in 1935, St. Charles has been a leading manufacturer of upscale cabinetry for decades. Through its innovations over the years, St. Charles has positioned itself as a leader in custom kitchen design and production. Welcomed by such famed mid-century architects as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright,

    thwho featured St. Charles Cabinetry in their legendary 20 century homes, this timeless brand

    represents the very best in American cabinetry.

    “In addition to its timeless design, St. Charles Cabinetry has set a new standard, featuring European design influences with state-of-the-art American engineering and fabrication,” says

    Thomas Newhouse, design consultant for the cabinetry line. “St. Charles provides ultra-

    premium designed products that are aesthetically appealing, intuitively functional and have the lowest possible environmental impact in its manufacture and use.”

The St. Charles frameless product line utilizes “soft close” hinges and tight-seamless joints to

    create a sleek and contemporary appeal. All cabinet doors have three-way adjustable soft-close hinges and all drawers include soft-close slides. A unique all stainless-steel drawer divider system adds intelligence to the full extension drawers. St. Charles wall cabinets have integrated interior lighting and under-cabinet lighting, as well as adjustable shelves in tempered glass with integral stainless steel edges. Exclusive to the cabinet hardware industry, certain St. Charles Cabinetry pulls can be individually powdercoated in any of the 23 colors to provide a distinctive monochromatic look. To further customize the kitchen, cabinet façade options include tempered glass doors in a variety of patterns.


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Eco-friendly & Hypoallergenic

    Steel cabinetry results in a "green" product that is made with approximately 70 percent recycled content and is nearly 98 percent recyclable. The cold-rolled and stainless steel cabinets provide consumers with long lasting, durable and perpetually recyclable products.

    The stainless steel and powdercoated finishes are ideally suited for hypoallergenic interiors. The cabinets are non-porous, and easy to clean and sanitize. Due to the use of powdercoated colors, these cabinets do not “off-gas” Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the environment, thus

    improving the interior air quality of the home. In addition, powdercoating does not emit VOCs during the manufacturing process.

    St. Charles Cabinetry features pre-engineered lighting in an innovative energy-efficient manner using compact fluorescent light sources that are lower in energy use and heat conduction. St. Charles has proven its commitment to the environment by developing an eco-friendly product that is both recyclable and hypoallergenic.


About St. Charles Cabinetry

    St. Charles Cabinetry, an American Icon, is a division of Viking Range Corporation. This line of frameless, full-overlay cabinetry is available in brushed stainless steel and 23 colors of powdercoated cold-rolled steel. Made of high recycled content, the stainless steel and powdercoated steel cabinets are ideally suited for hypoallergenic

    environments and are 98 percent recyclable. This U.S. designed and manufactured product line provides a unique combination of aesthetic choices and sustainability attributes for architects, designers and homeowners. St. Charles Cabinetry will be sold through a network of premium cabinetry dealers and is manufactured in Greenwood, Miss.

    To request product information, please contact St. Charles Cabinetry at 662-451-1000 or visit the Web site at

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