Societal problems

By Amy Gonzalez,2014-10-31 16:41
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Societal problems

    Abortion - A Societal Problem

    "When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society ?so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged."

    Mattie Brinkerhoff The Revolution ?1869

Abortion. 人流;坠胎

    Every woman's right?

    A fundamental freedom?

    The solution to sexism, discrimination and poverty?

For some, abortion is accepted without scrutiny as necessary for women advancement. But a growing number

    of women are giving abortion a second look, and reconsidering whether it has fulfilled the many promises made to us.

    Abortion rights activists promised us a world of equality, reduced poverty. A world where every child would be wanted. Instead, child abuse has escalated, and rather than shared responsibility for children, even more of the burden has shifted to women.

    Women have sought real solutions since we entered the workforce. Women want economic empowerment through equal opportunities for pay and position in the workplace. Flex time and job sharing. Comprehensive health care. Maternity benefits and parental leave. Affordable, quality child care. Shared parental responsibilities. Child support.

    By promoting abortion instead of working for social changes that would make it possible to combine children and career, abortion advocates have betrayed a majority of wage earning women who want to have children.

While members of the 70s?women movement continue to promote abortion, another movement is going

    forward with real solutions. This movement, a renaissance of original American feminism, is built on a progressive ethic that challenges the status quo.

    Pro-life feminists recognize abortion as a symptom of, not a solution to, the continuing struggles we face in the workplace, at home and in society. Like Susan B. Anthony and other early American suffragists, today's pro-life feminists envision a better world, where no woman would he driven by desperation into the personal tragedy of abortion:

A world in which pregnancy and motherhood are accepted and supported.

    A structured workplace that supports mothers rather than forcing them to choose between their children and their careers.

    A society that supports the role of mothers and values the role of fathers, and helps fathers provide both financial and emotional support for their children.

A culture where "stay-at-home moms" are afforded respect.

    Since both sides of the abortion issue agree that no woman wants to have an abortion, it is a cruel hoax to call abortion a woman s "choice." No woman should be forced to choose between relinquishing life and career plans or suffering through a humiliating, invasive procedure and sacrificing her child.

Abortion is a last resort, not a free choice.

    Societal problems facing today's youth

    A major factor that has no baring on economic levels is the lack of the personal commitment that parents have for the supervision of their children. Basically, not spending time they should nurture their children. All of these problems have lead to a direct effect on the juvenile justice system, which is already a heavy burden. In most cases, this effect is due to too low on funds, large numbers of juveline offenders, the lack of facilities and poorly trained officials who are pressed hard as what to do with these juveniles.

    On major problem that creates hardened criminals is the fact that status offenders are housed with the hardened delinquency, causing institutionalization, undesired behavior and ineffective treatment.

    Television has also been a major factor in the behavior of today's youth. By watching television, juveniles get a lot of information, including violence. Kids grew up with the idea that it is okay to be violent to others. The impact of televised violence gives the already frustrated juvenile that their feelings of being powerless are worked out via the television screen. It is a fact that violence triggers aggression in children and by watching televised violence it provided them the excitement and danger that they miss in their daily life. Some juveniles therefor are incapable of separating reality from fantasy. Video games have been the major factor in the negative behavior of juveniles. Most of the games that these youngsters are exposed to are very much violence related. It give the kids the chance to be the gunman and therefor to be the hero.

    Socializations had also be a major issue for the youth today. One of the major factors is more of a economic effect. While decades back the mother stayed to home to tend her offspring, today's mothers have to work to support their family. There is a high divorce and teen pregnancy rate which is to blame to the high economic needs. Some of the major problems caused by this are the young children who are looking after themselves. Families are disrupted through divorce, separation, desertion or death. Despite these problems some families learn to cope with these changes stated above. Some families that are malfunction learn to compensate for loses of family members or the lack of the amount of time one or both parents have to spend with their children. Without stability and a set pattern that children can depend on, and the lack of love and nurturing, children can easily become involved in delinquency.

    Homophobia does effect today's society too. Men seem to have less tolerance against homosexuality then women do. Men seem to feel more threatened against the whole homophobia issue. Men have the fear of gay people try to hit on them, while most gay men try to be friends. Men also have the fear of being labeled as homosexual if hanging out with gays or lesbians.

    It seems almost impossible to have a gay friend for men without the chance of being labeled by one. For some juveniles, there is a substantial hate against the homosexual society and they become violent if these people come around. Although society has been very accepting of the homosexual in recent years, there is still a small

    percentage of youth that have no tolerance for gays and lesbians. They take it upon themselves to hurt and humiliate these people by this taking their rights away. Let us not forget the story about Matthew Shepard in Wyoming in 1998. Beaten and tied to a fence, he was left there to die. Homosexual teens have become frightened by the actions their once friends are making against them.

    Looking at the big picture, a juvenile who runs away from home, has problems. Their problems might be caused from just being rebellious to sexual abuse. Juveniles and especially younger children have the fear of telling others what the problems at home are. Mental and sexual abuse can be a big factor in run away and behavioral issues. The child is scared and doesn't know who to trust or to go to. The juvenile system has taken a big step in protecting these children. When a child is scared at home, juvenile justice system has proven that there is help for them. If juveniles are caught being intoxicated or under influence of alcohol or drugs, the system has intervened and has provided services to these kids. While decades ago, juveniles were locked away leaving the parents free of consequences of what they done, today parents are looked at as a suspect. The system has turned around and has been paying attention to the child's underlying problems.

    If we warehouse juveniles, we will end up with more problems then before. Warehousing them actually means putting them away without further treatment. Let the system provide help and services for those kids so they will know how to function in society!

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