I love my family

By Jeffrey Anderson,2014-07-07 13:49
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I love my family

    I love my family

    15 years ago, someone was born in a happy family, she is me Jodie. There was a handsome

    father, a gentle mother, grandmother and nanny in

    my family, all the family were so happy for the birth of me. My younger sister and brother were born for five years. I am so lucky God can let me grow in such good family. Now I want to say that I love my mum, my dad and my sister and brother. I love this family very much.

     Every member in my family works for his or her own trade. We always try our best to do

    everything. My grandmother and nanny do housework every day in my home such as cooking doing farm work and take care of my sister and brother. My parents are the employer of the factory, so they

    are very busy. They are busy with some meetings

    and the business circles, and they can’t spare

    themselves, they must work hard, so they are very laborious. I am proud of them, but sometime I very worry about their health. My sister and brother

    are in kindergarten, I am a student of junior high school, so our mission is work hard in school.

    My family was full of warmth and happiness.

     We always have a parry at the weekend. Such as eating outside, watching matches, playing sports.

    That is my family. All the members in my family live in harmony. We love each other devotedly.

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