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Download File - Pearland Farmers Market

    Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market Application

    In order to become a Vendor at the Pearland Farmer’s Market, you must complete the application and submit it to the Market Manager along with Annual Membership fee, Applicable Market Day Fees, Signed Indemnity Form and Signed Market Rules Contract. Forms and Fees need to be mailed to Bay Area Homesteading c/o Cassie Mitchel at 5707 Tyler Street, Pearland Texas 77581 or dropped off at the Market Manager’s Booth on Market Day. You will be notified within 14 days

    of submission of application status. Fees will be returned if vendor does not receive approval. Once Approval has been received, please submit Health Permit Application to the City of Pearland. All Food Vendors must submit Health Application even if permits and/or fees are not required.

    Name of Company/Vendor: ____________________________________

Contact Name: _____________________________________________

    Daytime Phone: _______________ Evening Phone: ________________

    Email: _____________________ Website: _____________________

Address: _________________________________________________

    City: _________________________ State: TX Zip Code: __________

Please Check One:

    ? Grower/Farmer ? Value-Added ? Crafts/ Artisans

    ? Seller’s Agent Vendor

    ? “Green” Products ? Non-Profit

    Please list the products you will be selling:




    If you decide to sell additional products, they must be approved by the Market Manager prior to sale.

    Submit Market Day Annual Membership fee of $25.00 with application. This will entitle you to receive an Ad in the Quarterly Market Day Newsletter, Ad on Website, and cover application processing fees.

    Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market Application

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Farmer’s Growing Practices: *please check one

    o Conventional o Sustainable/Naturally

    o Certified Organic Grown

    o Free of Synthetic o Hydroponic


Please refer to the following website for definitions:

Please list and Emergency Contact:

    _________________________________ ________________ Name of Contact Phone


    Please list the names of people whom may act as you representative:

    1. __________________________________

    2. __________________________________

    3. __________________________________

Please list any *documents you are submitting with this application and expiration date.

    1. _____________________________________ Exp. Date:__________

    2. _____________________________________ Exp. Date:__________

    3. _____________________________________ Exp. Date:__________

    4. _____________________________________ Exp. Date:__________

    * You are responsible for having any licenses and/or permits that your product requires

    you to have. Example: Sales and Tax Use Permit, Food Manufacturer’s License, Scale and

    Balance Permit, Perishable Commodities License, Etc. We advise that a copy of all permits

    and licenses be brought to each market day due to possibility of random checks from the

    City of Pearland Health Department and the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Vendor Market Day Sign-up:

    ? 3 Months $90.00 6 Market Days ($15.00 each day)

    ? 6 Months $180.00 12 Market Days ($15.00 each day)

    ? 9 Months $216.00 18 Market Days ($12.00 each day)

    * $3.00 per day discount for full season lease of booth

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    Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market Application


    Vendors must be current on Market Fees before they will be allowed to set-up on a market day. Please Check the Dates You Would Like to Participate:

March tho Saturday, Mar. 13 August ththo Saturday, Mar. 27 o Saturday, Aug. 14thApril o Saturday, Aug. 28 tho Saturday, Apr. 10 September ththo Saturday, Apr. 24 o Saturday, Sept. 11 thMay o Saturday, Sept. 25 tho Saturday. May 8 October ndtho Saturday, May 22 o Saturday, Oct. 9 rdJune o Saturday, Oct. 23 tho Saturday 12 November ththo Saturday 26 o Saturday, Nov. 13 thJuly o Saturday, Nov. 27 tho Saturday, 10 tho Saturday 24

    Would you prefer the market to be year-round or seasonal? ____________________

Date Application Submitted: _____________

    Signature of Person Submitting Application: ______________________________

Printed Name of Signee: ___________________________________________

For Market Use Only:

    Application Approved: Yes No Applicant Notified: Date_______________

    Contract Length: 3 mo. 6 mo. 9 mo. Amount Paid: $_________ Type: ___________

    Contract Expiration Date: _____________________ Booth Assignment: #_________

___ Post Vendor on Website

    ___ Create booth placard

    ___ Add Vendor Ad to Quarterly Newsletter

    ___ Add Selected Market Dates to Calendar

    ___ Other:________________________

Pearland Old Townsite Farmer’s Market Managers:

    Cassie and Ron Mitchel-

    Phone: 281-804-4211 Email: Mailing Address: 5707 Tyler Street, Pearland Texas 77581

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