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    Lythic Solutions Revolutionizes Concrete Polishing with Cleaner, Greener, Faster Densifying Chemistry

    VANCOUVER, WA: “The next generation of concrete polishing chemistry has been

    launched,” it was announced by David Loe, president of Lythic Solutions, Inc. Lythic? Densifier, made with colloidal silica, speeds up the process of concrete densifying and is a more eco-friendly material than conventional densifiers, saving both money and the environment. Lythic Densifier is one element of a suite of Lythic Solutions products designed to create and maintain high-performance, low-maintenance exposed concrete floors.

    “The Lythic line is dedicated to improving concrete polishing and maintenance,” said Loe. “As a veteran polishing contractor, I am acutely aware of the need for

    better and greener densifying products. Lythic Densifier and its sister products, Lythic? Protector and Lythic? Cleaner, offer major advantages to the industry,

    reduce our environmental impact, and bring polishing customers a faster, better result. We are very proud to bring this advancement to our craft.”

    Lythic Densifier is a low-pH formula that changes the way concrete floors are densified. Conventional densifiers contain silicates that must be scrubbed into the slab for an hour, allowed to set overnight, and then scrubbed off to remove a gelatinous, caustic residue. That residue has a high pH similar to that of lye, disposal of which creates a significant environmental burden. Inadequate removal often leaves an unsightly surface deposit called whiting, which causes additional work and delays. Only then can polishing start.

    Lythic Densifier cuts steps and time from the process. It is spray-applied until the concrete surface is saturated for fifteen minutes. There is nothing to scrub off, and no wet residue to dispose of. An hour after application begins, the slab is ready to polish. Its ultra-low sodium content means there is no whiting.

    “We brought this product to the marketplace because of our own positive experiences with the material," adds Lythic Solutions’ general manager, Brad Sleeper. “It requires less time and fewer workers to densify, and there is no

    scrubbing machine to purchase and maintain, all of which translate into cost savings. Eliminating the scrub-in, set-time, scrub-off, and disposal steps speeds up the job to such a degree that it can have a significant impact on the bottom line. It allows a contractor to book more jobs closer together with no compromise in quality.”

    Cleaner, Greener, Faster 1 Lythic Solutions, Inc.

    Lythic Densifier produces an equivalent or better polishing result, and is comparable or lower in materials-cost per square foot. The densified slab becomes virtually impermeable to liquids, increasing stain-resistance. The surface of densified slabs is also more abrasion-resistant than undensified slabs, reducing the potential for dusting and wear.

    Lythic Densifier is a green product. It eliminates the environmental burden of waste disposal. It also releases no volatile organic compounds (VOC's), improving indoor air quality. It is shipped as a concentrate, reducing shipping-related energy consumption and pollution, as well as saving contractors money on shipping costs and storage space.

    Polishing contractors who've used Lythic Densifier attest to its time- and money-saving properties, and are enthusiastic about the result they achieve. “I can start

    polishing as soon as it's dry,” relates Mike Henry of NW Supply, Portland, OR. “It

    cuts a lot of time. I get better results, especially when refinishing marginal-quality concrete slabs.”

    The colloidal silica formula contains nano-particles of high purity amorphous silica in a water suspension. The solution has a pH of 9.5 to 10.5, making it ten to 100 times less alkaline and safer to handle than high pH conventional densifying solutions. Because the silica is pure rather than in a compound form, it is more readily available to chemically react in the concrete slab. Reaction begins in 1-2 minutes. The silica molecule has a large number of reactive sites, and produces a high uniformity of result.

    TM Protector is a colloidal silica-based conditioner designed to apply after Lythic

    polishing. It places additional silica in the concrete surface, and adds a clear TMpolymer layer to provide additional resistance to stains and mild acids. Lythic

    Cleaner is a long-term maintenance product that combines colloidal silica with a cleansing agent. It is designed to enhance the silica content of the slab with every cleaning. All three colloidal silica products are available nationwide and can also be used on unpolished and burnished concrete floors to improve density, impermeability, hardness, and performance.

    About Lythic Solutions: Lythic Solutions, Inc. ( is a concrete

    technology company formed by veteran concrete polishing professionals. The company is dedicated to bringing to market advanced products for concrete polishing and other concrete finishing applications.


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