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    This manual is designed to help you install the MaxPlus? 231 Option Spindle amplifier.

    Unpacking and Inspection

    Carefully unpack the amplifier and inspect it for visible damage. Check items against the

    packing list. Report any missing or damaged items to your supplier.

    Warranty and Service

    The amplifier is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period

    of two years from the original shipment by MTS Automation.

    During the warranty period, a defective amplifier unit will be repaired or replaced as outlined


    Before requesting return authorization, please try to verify that the problem is within the

    amplifier, and not with external devices.

    To arrange for repair or replacement, please contact:

    MTS Automation Customer Service

    (507) 354-1616

    (800) 967-1785

    MondayFriday, 8:004:30 Central Time

     You must provide the model and serial number from the labels on the amplifier.

     You must provide an explanation as to why the unit is being returned.

     You will be issued a return authorization number which must be marked on the return shipment

    and on all correspondence.

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    Warranty and Service (continued)

Service Under Warranty

     Return your defective unit, freight prepaid, and it will be repaired and returned within two weeks of

    receipt via regular UPS, freight prepaid.

     Upon request, a factory-repaired replacement unit will be sent via regular prepaid UPS, within 4

    working days. Next day shipment for overnight delivery, freight collect, is available at an

    expediting charge of $100. The defective unit is to be returned via regular UPS, freight prepaid,

    upon your receipt of the replacement.

Non-Warranty Service

     Return your defective unit, freight prepaid, and it will be repaired on a time and material basis and

    returned within three weeks of receipt.

     OR contact your local distributor or MTS Automation Customer Service for a factory-repaired

    exchange unit, which is available at a flat rate price, assuming the defective unit is in repairable

    condition and is returned freight prepaid. Next day shipment for overnight delivery, freight collect,

    is available at an expediting charge of $100.

General Provisions

    Except as specifically modified by this warranty statement, all MTS Automation Conditions of

    Sale and Warranty shall apply.



    The 231 Spindle Amplifier was designed to be used with the MPM1094R-1092 spindle motor.

    This motor is wound in a WYE configuration with four windings in each leg of the WYE that

    are connected with a system of relay switches mounted on the side of the motor that change

    the motor KE and KT. This allows up to 20 horsepower in four speed ranges, eliminating the

    need for any complex mechanical gear reductions.

    The TAC output of the amplifier is scaled to the speed ranges as follows:

    Low Speed 1 690 rpm TAC output = .69 volts

    Med Low Speed 2 1630 rpm TAC output = 1.63 volts

    Med High Speed 3 3300 rpm TAC output = 3.3 volts

    High Speed 4 6600 rpm TAC output = 6.6 volts

    The amplifier features overcurrent sensing which will cause the amplifier to shut down and

    produce an overcurrent fault if the continuous current rating of the amplifier is exceeded by


    The amplifier also has an I/O selectable orient feature which causes the motor shaft to rotate

    at a fixed 1 rev per sec rate in a CCW direction viewed from the shaft end of the motor.

    Ramping of the command input signal for a time period that is user selectable using DIP

    switches from 2 to 10 seconds, can be enabled and disabled through the I/O connector.

    An analog dc voltage output that is proportioned to the output current.

    The CONT (continuous) horsepower is available continuously. The INT (intermittent)

    horsepower is available for 3-5 minutes. Operation above the CONT rating will result in a

    motor thermal fault condition. The ratings indicated are for motors applied with fan cooling. If

    the fan is not used, the ratings have to be deteriorated by 20%.

    Spindle Sizes Available

CONT INT Required Amplifier Input Required

    Amplifier Voltage Motor

    13 24 MPA-75-SPN 230 Vac MPM1904R-1092

    * This combination of amplifier and motor require the insertion of external inductors in the RST leads of the motors. These inductors deteriorate high speed torque. On the high speed winding, horsepower

    ratings are typically 1/2.

    There are other 230 Vac amplifiers and motors, but they must be configured as factory




    Parameter Specification Operating Environment:

     Temperature 0 to 45?C (32 to 113?F) Maximum, Ambient

     Humidity 0 to 95% noncondensing Input/Output Interface: Analog Signals

     Velocity Command Input Differential input 0 to ?10 Vdc(15 Vdc Max)

     Velocity Output 1 volt per 1000 rpm

     Current Output 10 volts = Rated Current 24 Volt Logic: Enable





    Slow Output (open collector)

    Fault Output (open collector)

    Note: +30 volts open circuit; .15 amps max when ON

    Fault Protection: Shorts (Stator)

    Amplifier Temperature

    Feedback Resolver Tracking

    Motor Thermal


    Encoder Simulation: TTL Differential Output Plus Index

    Phase Quadrature

    Line Count - 1024 Adjustments:

     0 to Rated Current Limit (CL)

    Response (RESP)

    Auxiliary (AUX)

    Signal (SIG)

    Balance (BAL) Speed/Torque Regulation ?5%

    Max Speed 6600 rpm Encoder Signals:

     Resolution 1024 lines


     Resolver Cable Length: Max. Error:

     15 foot ?20 minutes

     25 foot ?20 minutes

     50 foot ?30 minutes

     100 foot ?40 minutes

    Motor Inductance:

    .5 mh inductors must be installed in each of the R, S, and T

    phases of the motor. The following inductor is available for

    this application: