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    KELOWNA BC 2009


    TOPIC: Attracting and retaining staff MODERATOR: Phil Fredette

; many staff changes in a short time

    ; seems to be younger people we’ve asked why? Salary? Vacation time?

    o vacation time seems to be the largest issue for turnover ; hours and scheduling seem to be a problem

    ; some have made changes to schedules

    ; employees work 40 hrs per week

    ; have offered $2000 signing bonus - $1000 up front next $1000 after 3 month


    ; allowed the staff to have input for solutions to weekends and O/T issues ; overtime is paid in some locations

    ; advertising in trade magazines

    ; offer a bonus to staff that recommend a new staff member

    o paid $300 after 3 mo. / $500 after 6 mo. Probation

    ; hospice graduates asking to do jobs around the funeral home ; support staff are difficult to keep, seem to leave after they are trained ; try to retain staff by having staff socials, staff anniversaries ; anniversary bonuses

    ; beginning of each season have a $50 staff draw

    ; when funeral home hits their target month in calls they get a case of beer, bottle of

    wine, spirits or gift card for dinner

    TOPIC: Green Funerals and their Implications

; “Haven’t had a family ask about them” – Toronto Firm

    ; “A lot of families ask about them” – West Coast Firm

    ; Offer an opportunity to choose from our “Green” product line or our original

    product line in binders

    TOPIC: Technology in Funeral Service

; Use computers in arrangement office Interactive with family less data entry


    ; Family’s sign off on obituary notices and memorial/prayer cards

    ; One firm has Blackberry’s for staff for scheduling and other information and


    ; Get cell phones in December offers best deals

    ; E-mail and text messaging helps communicate important issues and scheduling

    that we did not have in previous years

    TOPIC: Pre-Planning Issues

    ; Guaranteeing funerals How long are we going to continue to lose money on

    guaranteed funerals?

    ; We created it. It started when aggressive sales forces started to sell ; Some or most have stopped allowing pre paying of disbursements ; Sales forces are telling people the importance of pre paying The family doesn’t


    ; We guarantee to compete.

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